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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Easy Sunday and Plates

Mom says she sure did love that I gave her a gift for MY birthday
::blushing::  I'm just a giving kinda gal

She was sitting in the chair playing WWF on Friday 3/10/17...when all of a sudden
I jumped up on the arm of the chair.  I think I was doing the Hokey Pokey
'cause I put my front half in her lap and I put my back half on the arm of the chair.
Mom switched the iPad to camera and OMCs I let her take several photos.
After about 2 minutes I hoped down!!

1. FELNFAN, Feline Fan
2. CANTWIN, Can't Win
3. WOOFPK2, Wolfpack 2 , NCSU Fan
4. ABTTIME, About time
6. RUNRGIRL, Runner Girl
7. HOUSBLUZ, on UNC car their primary color is baby blue
8. ITISWE, It is we
9. XTRAPOL8, Extrapolate
10. KISS24/7
12. clue
13. SEWGIRL, a gal who sews or she is So Girl
15. C-NC-1st, See North Carolina First
we agree we live in a beautiful state
16. ILUVECU, I love East Carolina University
17. TRI-STR, symbol for Mercedes Benz
18. Pa&Mimi, Grandparents
19. 8888AE, no clue
20. LVNMARLO, Loving Marlo
21. IEARNDIT, I earned it
22. 1TALIA, Italia
23. BPSURFER, ...some kind of surfer
24. TRIPKIDS, maybe they have triplets or 3 kids
25. 2BSOLOW, 2 be so low 
26. WARP8
27. OMGSCATS, Oh my gosh Cats
29. DOCTOR?, Doctor Who
30. #1HEIFER
31. OFF2SCR, off to soccer
33. NC4I, North Carolina for I
34. ILLINI, maybe former resident of Illinois
35. UILL, University of Illiois


  1. and that was a cute photo,xx Speedy

  2. An impromptu photo session. That is a gift.

  3. On a lap? Wow, you sure did give your Mum a lovely birthday present! I bet she was really happy with that. I think you're a good pusekatt!

    Mara from Norway

  4. oh that is a supergift!!! and with the phtotos your mom took, it is a gift fur every day and furever :o) #14 could be the plate for the mama... her way to drive a car like a tractor probably leads to an engine exodus once :O)))

  5. That's a really pawsome pic. You are so good to your mom.

  6. the funniest plate is the #1heifer but I would not want it on my car. LOL.. you were so kind and sweet to share yourself with mom for 2 whole minutes, and we got to see your sweet sweet face

  7. Madi, that is such a great picture. Glad the Mom got that one. You all have a fantastic day.

  8. Hari OM
    ...are you mellowing with age then Madi?! Oooohhh plates....

    #12 - I suspect initials of a couple and the year they married
    #19 - that's a HEX colour code...was the car that colour? Alternatively, an Iowa vintage plate sold recently...
    #23 - Have heard of a BF Surfer (particular model of VW Campervan) - BP? That one has me stumped too!
    #27 - The "S" in the middle confuses; could it be they have five cats??? (There is a Canadian candy company called OMG's - wonder if they have 'cats'?)
    #34 - the Fighting Illini are the intercollegiate athletics team of Uni of Ill. Am guessing the two cars (#35) are related!!!

    Fun as always Madi! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. So nice of you to let your Mom get that great picture of your cute Fuzz Face! Wow, haven't been plates for awhile! There are some goods ones there. Good Morning!

  10. Your selfie is super wonderful pretty Madi!

  11. What a great picture of you and how special that you decided to lay in your mom's lap.

  12. AWWWWWWW! Our mom says that's the best kind of gift!!!!!

  13. Super Selfie, Madi - bet Mom just loved it.

    Dimpy??? Seriously - what some people put on their cars really makes us smile:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  14. It amazes me how many vanity plates there are. I like Feline Fan :)

  15. What a wonderful pressie you gave your Mama...and us too, since we get to see all the beautimous pictures of you!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
    PeeEss-Pawsome plates this week!!

  16. What a cute pic, Madi. You made your mom very happy.

  17. Sweet. I know Mom loved the special lap sitting Madi.


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