Saturday, March 11, 2017 a special day!!!


First up Meat luvers buffet...
you know I'm a cat and I don't do veggies!!
Stay tuned there will be more food!!

Fruit and Veggie  luvers and
all with a sweet tooth

In celebration of this most Momentous occasion...
(I am the oldest pet my peeps have ever had, Toto the mighty mini dachshund was 10 1/2 when he went over the bridge and Milky-Way  their first cat was 14 1/2.)

We have a special number(s) in our minds.. yes it takes 2 minds now to do things!!

Once that number(s) have been determined we will tell you the rest of the celebration on Monday 3/13/17!!


My birthday cards.....

My first card was delivered by *Not Earl our mailman
(if you don't know about him we have the story at the end)

It was royal mail  from all the way across the big Pond
from  the one and only
Princess Leah.  
Mom made a collage out of my photo session.

A very festive eCard from....
My Ginger Angel Sammy and his darling little
Ginger Brudder Teddy K!!!

OMCs Back in September 2016 when my peeps 
went to visit their friends, Mrs. S and Mr. G in the mountains
they met Charlie.  He was a stray very friendly.  Mrs. S and Mr. G
were feeding him and had made him a bed. Since September,
Charlie has become their cat.  He has been neutered and has all
his vaccines and is living and loving life. 
Charlie is also Mr. G's # one assistant in his
grape vineyards. He loves walking around out there
inspecting the vineyards.
Charlie wrote in the card, what is a birthday what will you do?  
MOL Charlie

From Mom and Dad
I was sleeping like a baby when this arrived
via hand mail from mom!  You would'a thought she could have waited to delivery. MOL

If you don't know about  Not Earl here is the story.  
He is one fine mailman!!

*Our mail man story:  Not Earl has been our mailman for nearly 30 years. Until about 10 years ago, my peeps thought our his name was Earl.
One week Not Earl was gone for some time. Dad finally asked the substitute mailman if Earl was sick?  He said, do you mean Tony?  Dad said, Oh, His name is "Not Earl"?
The substitute said no it is Not Earl, it is Tony.
From that day forward the peeps still call him (not to his face) "Not Earl"!
My peeps don't think he looks like a Tony.
Every time mom tells this story I ask her what a Tony looks like.
I never get an answer.


  1. Hari OM
    O.M.C...... HAPPY MEWDAY MADI!!! That snuck up behind, eh? I helped myself to some of that wally melon. Yum!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. HAPPY, HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY MADI!!!! We hope you have the bestest birthday EVER!!!!
    Love and hugs!!!!
    Dory, Arty, Bilbo and Jakey
    (Mommy and Daddy too!!!)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday sweet fifteen!!! have the bestest Day ever... and maybe tonight Raz will invite you for a dinner for two?

  4. Happy Birthday Madi! Fifiteen years - that is AWESOME! Proof positive (Gail says) that older ladies are every bit as beautiful as their younger counterparts. My very scientific theory is that it's all down to the meat and fish only diet.
    Toodle pip!

  5. 15 ........ Crikey Madi ......... NO ...... you can't be 15. You don't look a day over 5. 15 ..... WOW!!! What's in the water over there???? Happy birthday to the dearest, sweetest, best feline friend a bloke could ever have. Crikey Madi ..... 15!!! Fair dinkum?????

  6. Happy 15th Birthday, Madi! This calls for a huge celebration and I'm in!

  7. Oh Madi, you are still a young lady. We sure wish you a very wonderful birthday and many many more. We hope you have a fantastic day. That food looks so yummy. Big hugs to you.

  8. Happy Birthday Madi! That is wonderful - fifteen years old and still pert and sassy. I believe the sun is a youth potion so keep napping in those sun puddles and enjoy many more birthdays!

  9. Happy, happy birthday dear Madi! We know your peeps are going to shower you with lots of love and treats!

  10. May this be your happiest purrs-day ever, sweet girl! No ... may it be the next one, and the one after, and ...
    Happy Happy All! Love from Zoey and Dougie Dog.

  11. Happy birthday! So many years of training, and retraining, your people.. what great work you've done. We think you can be proud of your efforts. Enjoy your special day.

  12. Happy 15th Birthday Sweet Madi! May you have the most wonderful of days!!!

  13. Happy Big 15... you have the best furriends of all. presents and cards and then a birthday dinner to die for... yummmm love that out stretched paw..

  14. Happy 15th Birthday to the most beautiful LadyCat in the world!

    Love and Hugs,
    your guy Raz

  15. Happy purrday Madi - I do always enjoy hearing about Not-the-Earl

  16. Happy Birthday beautiful Madi!!! You are such a special gal and we hope you have a special day!

  17. Gratulerer med dagen!! Van harte gefeliciteerd!! Buon compleanni!! Bonne anniversaire!! And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    We hope you have a fantastic day with a lot of fantastic presents.
    Love and a big klem from Mara, Brom and Miss Oswin in Norway

  18. Oh Madi....Fifteen is a magical number! I still have two more years to go to get there. Me and my pack and my Mommy all wish you a very Hap-Pee Yap-Pee Birthday with many many more to come. :)

  19. Happy birthday, Madi.
    I have a Not Earl story now as well, but mine is Not Pete.
    My mum and dad go to a local pub restaurant every Monday for a roast meal at their carvery. A few weeks ago the head chef who also carves the meat wasn't there. My dad asked where he was and was told he was off for a while because his wife was having a baby. Next week dad asked if Pete's wife had her baby yet. The server said she didn't think so but looked a bit confused. Dad asked every week and thought it strange that no-one knew if Pete's wife had her baby. Last week a different chef was there so dad asked again. He asked dad who Pete was. Dad said, "You know, the usual chef. His father's a farmer." the new chef said, oh you mean Dave. His wife had her baby a month ago. He's working different days at the moment. So dad asked him who Pete was and he said he didn't know because as far as he knew they didn't have anyone working there called Pete. So Not Pete is really Dave!

  20. Happy Burfday Madi, I is hoping you have a WONDERFUL day filled with lots and lots of luffs, sun puddles and TREATS and all the thingys that make you happy!
    Oh and I still laffs at the 'not Earl' story
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  21. Happy birthday, Madi! My human always laughs at the Not Earl story.

  22. Happy, happy birthday sweet Madi! We're so glad you have broken the record for longevity in your home.

    Love the Not Earl story.

  23. Happy Happy Birthday, Madi!!! Our Roxy just turned 12 on March 8th! I know you're having a wonderful day!! Hugs to you from all of us!!!
    funny story about your mailman! Our mailman's name back in Orlando was Dennis and my dad's name is Dennis Earl and Tony are years apart for personality. lol
    happy happy happy day to you all!!
    hugs & kisses to the birthday girl!

  24. Happy Happy Birthday dearest Madi!!! 15 is fabulous just like you are! We love you and so cherish your friendship! Have a wonderful wonderful day
    love and hugs
    Mr B, Hazel & Mabel

  25. WOW - its sure IS a very special day, Madi!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! We say you should get to celebrate all weekend, more tuna tomorrow:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  26. Happy Birthday Medi!!! You don't look a day over 5. XO

  27. Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!! Hoping you are having a most pawesome day and wowza what a great pawty!!! Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love you!!!! xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  28. Happy Birthday, Madi! We love your cake. We are definitely FISH eaters....and we don't like vegies, except the occasional cooked carrot. We hope you have a wonderful sun-puddl-filled weekend...and year.

    Oh, just be glads you can't hear Ma singing...I thinks it would start you 'singing the song of your people' fursure!!! I knows I'M howlin'!
    I still can't believes that you are 15!!!! Holy crap gurl! I thinks you have a painting in your attic, don't you?!!! yuppers!
    Oh, and can I have a little nibble of that tuna?? Ma doesn't gives me fishes....
    Ruby ♥

  30. A very special happy birthday to you Miss Madi! 15 sure is a big number to be celebrating. Much love and nose kisses to you.

  31. Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday, Madi!!! 15! Wow! First of all, you don't look a day over 5. Second of all, does this mean you get your driver's license now?!? If so - think road trip to Kansas! Seriously! How cool would that be?!?!?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  32. WOWZERZ Madi - HAPPEE MEOW-DAY 2 U!!! munch munch munch, thank-u fer the muchiez 2 - my mom sez I iza equal opportunitee food aholik - meanin'I eat meat AN'veggiez AN'fruit AN'whatever else iz in front of me. So thank-u nom nom thank-u sluurrp thank-u fer all this glorius food. You r such a grashush hostess. You iz proof that gittin'older IZ gittin'better!
    Lady Shasta

  33. Very happy birthday to you.

  34. My dear sweet friend, happy birthday and may you celebrate today and many more to come!

  35. Happy birthday, Madi ! And many more ! Purrs.

  36. Woofs! Indeed a very very special day. Hope we are not late .. Happy Happy Barkday!!! May we suggest that you celebrate for 15 days, BOL!!! Golden Love and Woofs, SUGAR

  37. Happy Birthday, Madi! May you have many more!

    Today's Ernie's 11th Gotcha Day! He thinks it's cool you and he share this special day.

  38. Happy Birthday, Madi! We were late to the party, but we are having fun!

  39. We are glad you had a nice Purrday Madi, we hope you have many more to come. Sorry we were late with our birthday wishes. That is funny about Not Earl.

  40. Happy Birthday Madi :-) Wishing you many more to come - nose licks and love from Moth xx
    PeeS my peeps loved the story of Not Earl too :-)

  41. Happy late birthday Madi. You know I don't tend to internet on the weekends. Didn't hardly look at that i-phone this weekend. We were in the road all day Saturday. On Sunday, we worked, worked, worked.

    Happy B'day again! AND, many more.

  42. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Hope it was wonderful. XOXO

  43. OMD, I'm so sorry we missed this post! Happy happy happy purrday to you, Madi! 15 is a big milestone! My kitty sister Pigeon is almost exactly two months older than you!


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