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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday BAR update

Good evening my friends and thank you for reading my post on the BAR activities.
Today can be described as a DOUBLE  F day
First off lots of videos were made today by Dory and Arty's most talented mom
Each one very very special.  If you don't have Facebook you can click on the BAR blog link below 
To see them.  She hopes to gave them posted later tonight.

Today we met Frankie and Ernie in the furs...and let me just say they have soft furs!
They are 87 times more handsome in the furs.
Then lo and behold THE HANDS  took the Crabby Girls out of their Recreational Crabmobile. I was delighted and thrilled to hold them. They are both very beautiful and have such a delicate set of clackers.  Zoe and Whitney from A day in the life of Pugs brought THIER peeps Ellen and Gordon for the day.
Activities included a surprise bday PAWTY for the DOODZ  Assistant, A SCAVENGER HUNT. 
We played several games and exchanged the gifts we all bought that represent our States/countries.
What original and fun gifts too.  
Madi dad aka B-Cat received a bag full of deliciousness from Casey and Jessie's state of Texas.
Dr. Pepper, salsa and corn chips.
I aka HiC received a gift from illinois via Zoe and Whitney the Pugs,
Wonderful Lipman products
We had an awards ceremony.  Every person attending received an award.

Thankfully it was very pleasant in the morning for all our activities.  We adjourned at about 3:30pm today due to very very very hot weather.
Tomorrow we only have a half day....the BAR 2016 officially ends at Noon.

Each and every person and pet we met was exactly 100% as wonderful as we expected.
If you ever have and opportunity to meet a blogging friend in the furs
DO IT‼️‼️👏🏻👏🏻😻😻🤗🤗
B-cat and I will be heading home on Monday....back online w BAR photos by 
Over and out good buddies

FLAT UPDATE: Some of them were a little rowdy and giggly last night at Dory and Arty's slumber we split them up tonight.
Bertie, Charlie, Christmas, Madi and Raz are with us.  The others are w Dory and Arty.
I promised the Flats we would not tell their peeps who got rowdy and giggly.
What happens at the BAR stays at the BAR

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday at the BAR

TODAY WAS OUR FIRST DAY AT the Tulip Tree Shelter at Brown Co. state Park.
We were all thrilled to see the shelter nestled in a bunch of shady trees. It was very comfy.
The Doodz assistant gave us all nicknames like you get when you go to camp.
I have two,  Flip, in honor of the fact that I still have a flip phone and HiC a nickname that was given to me many years ago by my gal pals. Madi's dad is B-Cat.
Today Stella Rose, from 3 Little Pugs and Jester, from Calamity Acres arrived with their moms. All the way from Iowa and Kansas.  We had an informal program doing things to get to know each other. After lunch Dory and Arty'smom took looks of photos of the Flats.
Ruby your Stud Muffin gave you several smooches. Mabel Arty looked very manly posing w your flat self. It as getting really hot about 4 pm and Stella Rose and Jester needed to get out of the heat so we offered to guide them back to the Red Roof Inn.
 Frankie and Ernie and the Crabby Girls arrived after we needless to say we are eagerly looking forward to meeting them tomorrow.
The DOODS and Dory both posted several videos to the BAR Facebook Page.
Even one of all the pups barking every time hikers passed by on the trail.  It was funny and loud‼️
Exciting Flat News! That are all having a slumber party in Dory and Arty's room tonight.
Ok that is it for tonight. 
Hugs to you all 

Friday wordy BAR update

Greetings from Indiana.  Many comments from yesterday indicated posting pics on a post written from an iPad can be tricky.
So we are pictureless in Indiana

Last night after supper Oreo, his mom and Yamini, arrived at the official BAR hotel. 
Oh my friends it was so wonderful to meet them in the furs/flesh.
Oreo s a most handsome Dude.  Bertie, he has a high flying Terrier tail too and he proudly keeps it wagging.  Shortly afterwards We all met in the hotel lobby for a wonderful gabfest.
We had been there for about an hour when lo and behold The a boxers Jessie and Casey and their mom arrived....speaking of wagging tails goodness me those Boxers have some serious moves.
Who knew Boxers were such good kissers? Not me.  Their mom said they especially love to kiss ears. I put in an official call to the DOODS assistant. They are safely parked their Wheelie house at the RV pack.  They told us Hailey and Zaphod were there too.  Frankie and Ernie the Crabby girls are their parents will arrive today.  I look forward to meeting everyone today.

flat update: Charlie reports than Madi-dad snored so loud last night. Charlie had to move the comfy king bed to the ::gasp:: floor.

Guess what...Dory sat in my lap for nearly 30 minutes last night. 

Update from Madi's  sitter yesterday
"Madi was very cautious of me when I arrived.  She kept her eyes on me from afar!  
However, as soon as I put her food down we were BFFs" 
Woohoo that is my girl she is lives to eat!

Well that is it for today.  We have a busy day we aren't sure about Wifi at the park.
Hugs from all the flats and me
Pardon any typos...the print is small

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flat Madi and her Flat posse

Ohhhhh my stars, after 5 years of owning an iPad, I Have JUST  figured out how to post to the blog from MY iPad.  Below IS A PHOTO OF ALL THE FLATS  taken last night from our hotel in Frankfort, Kentucky. I am happy to report  Everyone slept well last night. NO SNORING FROM THE flats. Lol  The a/c in our room clicked all night..we all were up early had a go breakfast, a poop bags were needed...The flats are so well mannered.

we arrived at the official BAR HOTEL RED ROOF INN at noon.....everybuddy...guess who I met in the furs at 2pm?....DORY, ARTY A D THEIR SWEET MOM Beth.
Dory and Arty are 87 times cuter in the furs. I have not gotten my hands on them yet...but I will. I am trying to follow  good K9 etiquette. I heard Murphy, Stanley and Oreo will be by 5 ish,
Tomorrow will be a big day‼️💋🐱😎
Top row Bertie and Gail, Woo angels Thunder and phantom, woos Ciara and Lightning
Bottom row Raz, Madi, Charlie from DownUnder, Christmas and Robin, Amber and Max and Ruby, aka Murphy's Cherry Bomb aka Queen of Margaritas.

If there are typos remember auto correct is evil.   I cannot see the photo when I publish.  Please let me know in the comments if you can see it. I pasted the same photo twice.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016




the MAYOR PRO TEM of Blogville (THAT’S ME!) invites all Blogvillers who can’t enter BAR to a SECRET CHAOS PAWTY!

WHEN: JUNE 11 2016


FURST:  send me a picture of you with the addy of your blog  to: arttecforu AT aol DOTcom or tell me via mail that you want to come and that my momma can snitch a picture from your blog.
SECOND: there will be a dead lion on JUNE 9, so please grab your ticket till JUNE 9before it is toooo late…
THIRD: put your tail in the air on JUNE 11 and whisper the word: CHAOS, then you will be transported to the secret pawty location automatically.

Please come in droves, I have a lot of food and hot cold drinks and we will have a super time together… I’m sure…

Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Madi Flat MEWS!!!!

WooHoo Not Earl, our mailman delivered two more flats 
to us on Saturday.  The Flat Mobile is full!!

She sent this message to her Stud Muffin Mayor Murphy!!


Thank you to all the Flats who have arrived!! Mom will be sure you all have a ton of fun!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016