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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Photo Hunt

We love Saturday Photo Hunt click
here for a list of words
Today's word is....

Friday, August 26, 2016

Flower Friday with....

I'm happy to hop on Dory's Flower Blog hop today

Today we are showing our ornamental Pepper Plant again.
It first appeared (#2) as a Purple Pepper Plant 7/15/16
Now about a month later it is a Red Pepper Plant (#1) 8/5/16
The Lantana is blooming again bottom 3 photos.
Mom loves all the colors of Lantanas.

Oh my word this is not a flower collage but we are sure you will love it
Sunday night (8/21 about 7:30 pm) mom noticed an unusual glow coming through the front door transom window.  She ran for her camera and look what she saw...
The most amazing sunset...she was madly snapping toward the west when all of a sudden
she looked behind her to see a double rainbow that was quickly fading..but she snapped some of it
She was using night portrait and night landscape settings on Niki!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thoroughly Poetic THURSDAY


Today's poem is brought to you by the letter 
When I was a kitty, my future was iffy.
I was in a not so niffty cage with my sissy.  
There was a sign on the cage that read 
Kitties L and M
born: March 11, 2002.
We were tiny and trying to make sense of our noisy existence.  
When it got dark, we purred and purred for perseverance .  
As a new day dawned on May 11, 2002,  
we hoped someone would see two pitiful kitties and say...
"Hello kitty would you be mine?"
Lo and was our lucky day we two
itty bitty kitties were adopted.  
Our hearts were filled with glee, as into the arms of our future we darted.

Photo taken on 5/11/02 which happened to be the day before Mother's Day!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Even after yesterday's accusations...I've found a way to win mom over.!!

I have some news about new things I learned/started doing during the construction here at the house.  Mom thinks they are precious BUT she is prejudice.

Lots of lap sitting.  I especially like this photo.
I think my furs look purrty with mom's capris

I've always liked to explore the peeps closet but now that it has
new fresh carpet I've been napping there too

I told mom variety spices up this kitty's life

STARTED JUNE 20, 2016, ENDED AUGUST 21, 2016
Only one small glitch...the cabinet company made
the guest bath vanity 2" too wide.  They are making 
a new one.  It should arrive in 3 weeks!!
But it will be just an itty bitty inconvenience

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday (tattle) Tale Tale!!

I have had my cat stump (it is too short to be a tree) for eons.
It has been in the peeps bedroom by the window.  Every so often I'd hop up for a look/see out the window BUT
since it has been in this new location I've been caught.......

I have been wrongly accused of something during the time my cat stump was here...Worst of all the person formerly known as my Dad tattled on me!! See if I help him shave anymore!!!

Thankfully Ernie the attorney has agreed to take my case. 
Click here to take the tram over to the Court of Common Fleas.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Madi Mews

This diva is absolutely pleased as plum punch at how much fun everybuddy had at the Pawlympics.  The Wrap up pawty at Dory's was ......well just let me say what happened there stays there. There could have been twerking, nipitinis and margaritas involved...just saying'


Mom is slowly adding knick knacks and family collectibles to her new cabinet.
Most of the glassware belonged to my Dad's Mom.
I must admit to being just a tad freaked out the first time I noticed the stuff at my eye level.
I don't know what I thought it was but good grief did I slink up to it with caution.
Of course there was no camera to capture the event.

TODAY  we have odds and ends and touch ups scheduled which should
finish up our Construction saga. Main one being some painting in my
blog office.  We might be off line for a few hours this morning.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


There have been rumors of all kinds of shenanigans and crazy goings on!!
Remember what happens at PWUP stays at PWUP!!

Click on link below it is the magic door bell to the 
Our hostess is  DORY  and her handsome guy Mr. Bailey

Pawlympics: Closing Ceremony

I have been asked to give a short closing speech recapping my thoughts on 2016
Pawlympics....I can be rather chatty but I'll try to be brief
First may I take this opportunity to thank the 
Organizers, Arty, Christmas and Lexi
and each and every host to an event and each pawticipant. 
The reason this event was so successful was because of 

As some one famous not me once said, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Since I could not make a collage of all 87 million event photos I
would like to  present a collage of all the beautiful sunpuddle pals
each one represents each of YOU!!  
I thank each and everyone for every event you are all
Gold Medalist!!

If you haven't already collected your medal, here it is again.

Thank you very very much to each host for
 so kindly awarding this senior Diva Kitty a Gold Medal...

Now it is my honor and pleasure to introduce Frankie and Ernie.
Since they are vertically challenged, their speech will be very short...MOL MOL MOL
I am just pulling your walking string good buddies.
please click here to be magically transported.