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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Happy Birthday to Dad of Angel Madi

We started celebrating on Tuesday April 24th with a delicious breakfast at

Day one of pre Bday celebrations

How convenient for someone who loves BACON to have their bday on
Bacon Saturday

We both ordered the Traditional Breakfast 
2 eggs scrambled, bacon, hash browns, toast and coffee

Day 2 of pre bday celebrations were with B's brother and his wife aka
Pie Queen.  We joined them for lunch at Seaboard Cafe and as always she
came with a bday pie:  this year it is blueberry.
It is twice as good as it looks
K makes her own pie crust

Day 3, 4 and 5 were celebrated with a Baskin Robbins I SCREAM Cake
The Baskin Robbins store we have used for 30 years closed last April.
This cake was made at a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donut store.
Yep both in one store with separate counters.
In the past we have always requested vanilla ice cream as the outer
color.  This cake was ordered online (new procedure) I did not get a choice on outer flavor.
The blue is icing not I Scream
Inside it is chocolate I Scream with white cake

We will cut it later.  The birthday boy requested my special Rib Eye Steak in the Skillet with mushrooms for supper, a salad and red potatoes.

YEP When you get to be as old as dirt (both of us) your bday is about FOOD.


I went thru some of my past bday post about Dad of Madi.
Madi was all about a good part-ee
April 2017, was one of my favorite photos I have this photo
(w/o the hat and presents) framed.  It shows all of her best features
It sits by my printer.

A few years ago I wrote this poem:

Today is a special day you see
It is the birthday of the hubby of me.
As I took a walk down the drive way,
I was deep in thought about this day
I glanced at my own house, to surprise him
no multicolored lights would be on display.  
 I'd do some more decorating,
it would be simple and fresh just like Spring.
My friend and neighbor, is quite clever.  
Give her a theme or a favorite color
She will plan an event like no other.
While this may be true dear hubby of me,
I know your ideal birthday theme is low key
filled with Ice Cream (cake) sunshine,
and snuggles for your Bonsai Bunny Madi and Me.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Final Friday Fiction and Nature all in 1

First of all I'd like to wish our Hostess, YAM-aunty, a very very very  happy birthday, she is celebrating DownUnder and I send her lots of "Capital L's" !!


My prompts are from Proof of Life, by J. A. Jance
line 8:  leading a hardscrabble life
line 12:  the same direction
line 16:   derail

Chip D. Munk
as seen in My Mind's Eye

Once upon a time there was 
a wee little Chip who was *leading a hardscrabble life.
Every time he came out of his burrow, located just under the red maple,
there sat a Edgar Eagle high up in the pine tree. Edgar had his eagle eyes
looking in the same direction as Chip's burrow below the maple.
Chip, and his family of three, were hungry; however, careful he had to be.
Then one morning Chip's luck changed.
He was thrilled to see the his friend Fanny Fog had accepted his invitation to Dew Drop In for a
visit.  Fanny arrived in the middle of the night.
She hovered over the tree tops with ease.
She casts a soft damp blanket over the ground. 
Fanny's visit was sure to derail Edgar's hunting.
Chip was full of glee! He had the perfect chance to scurry about in Mother Nature's store. 
  His natural camo matched the pine straw. With Fanny's help, Chip ran to and fro as fast as his 
wee legs could go. He found seeds, nibbled on daffie leaves and filled his Chippie cheeks
with groceries to stock his pantry. Life was good and Chippie was at ease.
He thanked Fanny for visiting told her to Dew Drop In when ever she pleased.

I don't recall ever hearing this word but it is quite descriptive
*hardscrabble: involving hard work and struggles

FFF is a blog hop click here to read other fun stories

Hosted by my Niece Rosy, and her 2 brudders Arty and Jakey HERE
The fog and the chippies make this Nature Friday too
A couple of Fridays ago I showed you my Huechera 
which (on the left) which was showing signs of flowering AGAIN.  Photo on the right shows all the delicate pink flowers.  I snapped this photo before the BIG wind and rain that was predicted for Friday 4/19/19 

Dew Drop Inn tomorrow if you can.  All this week there have been pre bday celebrations going on
for Dad of Madi.  Tomorrow is the unveiling.
Hugs Cecilia

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thoroughly Thankful Poetic Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is our photo challenge

One Day

Two little girls with big dreams
Dressed in tutus, meeting for the first time. 
One on her tippy toes stretching
 barely touching the pole
One standing flat saying put your hand right there.
No worries little friend One Day you too
will be taller.
One day you will learn to prance and dance
just like me.

by Angel Madi
Little girls reaching high
fancy tutus
standing on tippy toes.

I am also joining Brian and family for

Monday night I rec'd a 
momentarily scary correspondence from Kat.  
It nearly made my heart skip a beat

Dearest Aunty HiC
Someone once said, “If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it never was.”  I snuck out of the house today, and Mom totally freaked out; but guess what? I came to her as soon as she called me. This former stray kitty is adorable and smart! 
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew 

After I regained my composure, I replied:

Ohhhhhhh my word dearest nephew I almost fainted I can only imagine how mom felt.  
Whew thank goodness you recognized her precious loving voice.  No more road trips please❤️‼️
Your thankful and loving Aunty


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Tuesday Tale

Hosted by Comedy Plus

Dearest Aunty HiC

Can you tell I’m thrilled, ha! 😹
Pup is very proud of his new purrr-sonalized collar.
He needs daily reminders that I AM STILL THE BOSSMAN!!

 I guess that means he’s really found his fur-ever home here. 
❤️ Kat Your Feline Nephew

That is okey dokey fine by me Kat...Mom loves us all equally!!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Sparks Monday

are all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

left to right: Heart the Teddy,  Topo the Mouse and Spring Angel Madi's twin Bunny
They are all excellent guests and very helpful with chores.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Flashback Easter Hunt 2014

What a fun idea and we hope you enjoy 
Mini Madi, Madi and friends on their hunt.
Mini Madi tracked these giant paw prints 
 to a huge petrified egg but it was too big for her mini mouth
  Her keen kitty sense of smell then lead her and her two mini
pals to a duck with a multicolored egg but the 
duck was not ready to lay her egg  so
Mini Madi kept sniffing and searching until she
found a teeny tiny Easter basket full of 
teeny tiny treats just for her.  She was happy,
finally something she could eat.

 I, Madi, was taking itty bitty kitty nap.  When 
lo and behold, I awoke to find
eggs everywhere and no clue who laid them 
or why they laid them....hopefully it wasn't me!!
 All of a sudden this critter, of unknown 
origin, appeared with a basket of eggs...surely I
must be dreaming
 But another sniff and a blink and I was
joined by mini me showing me her goodies
Such nonsense, I refused to pawticipate.
There was something very interesting outside
When I turned back around I found a 
Purple Peter Cottontail.  Now I'm sure I'm dreaming....

I shook my head and slowly opened by eyes
and was delighted to learn it was indeed a dream
all the mini critters, baskets, petrified eggs,
the critter of unknown origin and Purple Peter Cottontail
were gone.  That new nip is stronger than I thought....I
must use it sparingly from now on.