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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Caturday Art: Family Style

If it is Saturday, we are having fun with 

Mom used LunaPic: Embossed and frame for this family portrait
My nephew Frisco, niece Mia and family matriarch Madame Madi

This is the original sis sent to us last week. Mom photo shopped me into it.
Sis recently bought one of those crazy round automatic robot sucky machines
Frisco and Mia like to watch it.
Well according to Sis Mia likes it and Frisco does anything Mia does
she is the Princess of the house and he is the goofy lazy brudder

Friday, August 11, 2017

Vet UPDATE, Flower Friday and TM,SB

We interrupt our regular program for 
First of all I have GAINED 5 oz since Tuesday.
Today's weight 7.38 lbs...clapping wildly!!!!!!
WooHoo of course 2 hours before my vet visit yesterday the peeps
gave me 100ml of subq fluids. Most ladies don't like being weighed when they are retaining fluid....This gal was glad to have a little fluid retention. MOL Most importantly I have been eating like a 
piggy today.  My vet said my intestines felt a little less swollen but still kinda ropy which can be either IBD or lymphoma.  We are focusing on the positive.
He gave me a slow acting cortisone shot today.  It will help reduce swelling, increase my appetite and water consumption.  It will last about 5-6 weeks.
We 3 seniors will rejoice in each new day and not worry about tomorrow.
AGAIN...we thank you all for your support and loving comments and suggestions.
Now back to regularly scheduled programming

Happy Flower Friday

All these photos were taken at Logans Garden Shop earlier
this week.

Beautiful moments are most special and you should enjoy them and celebrate them.
Today we join, KORU Bear  for
 This Moment, See Beautiful.
I, Madison D. Cat had a very Beautiful Day on Thursday.
It was my best day of eating all week, albeit enhanced by an appetite stimulant.
Mom feels very sure it has jumped started my mojo and from This moment
forward we will seize each day to its fullest living and loving and having fun.
BREAKING NEWS as of yesterday the finest canned tuna $$$ can buy has become part of my diet.  I used to get it maybe once in a blue moon but is now a topping added
to all my food.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic and Thankful Thursday

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Angel Sammy has suggested one of these  I words:
imagine, idiot, iron, icky

I imagine when I was six I thought my life could get no better. 
I was queen of the house which is all that matter.
Mom had a friend who told her she was a blogger
to which mom replied a W H A Ter?
She gave mom her addy, into the WWW she did roam.
She wondered if here we could find a home.  
She looked and she read and she ponder each blog. 
She even became a stalker of one or two
She said Madi ...this I think we can do
After a few icky attempts, with all the kinks ironed out
Just a few months after I was seven
late in the evening she pressed publish.
Live we went on the WWW and hoped what we said was not rubbish.
Mom declared for all to hear I am an idiot 
I should have tried this eons ago!
We never looked back new friends we found.
Here we are eight years later, two senior ladies full of chatter
and mad as hatters.

Today we join Brian and his sibs for

Madi Mom here:
We have a lot to be thankful for always.  
Today we'd especially like to thank every furry buddy and their assistants for all
the  blog shout outs, emails, purrs, Jacquie Lawson ecards
 with koi fishes forming a heart, and purrty cards hand made cards with a red frame and red roses, barks and all around good loving and comfort you bestowed upon Madi when we requested your POTP.  It is amazing how much better you feel when you know you are surrounded by love.
Philosopher Phenny wrote he has an ocean scented candle burning for Madi...because as he said "the ocean is the heart of our planet"!

I have an update on Madi here

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

One sentence Wednesday


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday Tale and Health Update to update

I found a beautiful water fall where I could ponder life,
I tried to make friends but the natives were 

 I'm really not sure why?
I tried my best to assure them I was friendly.....

Dearest friends...I had a recheck at my vet yesterday for my kidney values
They actually were about the same; however, I had kind of a bad weekend with
big tummy distress (in both ways).  So my vet rubbed all over my tummy and 
actually felt that my intestines appeared to be a bit swollen.  There are many
things that could cause this but we are HOPING it is just from all my distress over the weekend.
Another big concern is I have lost some more weight...YIKES. In February at my senior check up I was a tad over 9 lbs.  Yesterday I was 6.5 lbs.  I have not stopped eating one bit..even with my
tummy distress.  Mom says she can handle the kidney stuff if we can just get the intestines
back to normal size and get some weight on me.
My wonderful vet gave me an antibiotic shot Monday (I've had tummy issues before kinda like IBD and the antibiotic solved it) and he gave me a nausea shot.  Mom is supposed to call him tomorrow to let him know how my night went.  If things go well he would like to give me a cortisone shot on
Thursday to help the intestinal inflammation.  Cortisone is not good for kidneys but as mom says we have to pick our battles.  Getting old is not for sissies but my peeps and I are really gonna 
try to nip this mess in the bud and most of all we would greatly appreciate
some POTP.   I'm not laying around doing nuttin, but I'm not 100% either
We truly thank you all from the bottom of our hearts 
Hugs two seniors Madi and Mom


Madi had a good sleep last night, no tummy distress.
We are giving her small meals several times a day.
This morning she has had 2 servings of fishy goodness.
I have 3 kinds of kibble here that she likes or has liked.
She has a kibble buffet fit for a Diva.
She has sampled all of them this morning.
We will continue with the Cerenia and call her vet back 
on Thursday with an update.  
Thank you so very much for all your meows, barks and prayers

Monday, August 7, 2017

National Lighthouse Day

Today is Ranger's calendar features Lighthouses
North Carolina is famous for her lighthouses

My peeps have visited and climbed (when allowed) 8 of them.

Mr. Kitty got a little cheeky with pizapped Madi
Mom's I'd have cried like a girl if he whacked me
with his daggers.  She said he had never had a mani-pedi

Cape Hatteras is Mom's favorite...check out the close up its RED base