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Remember your Angels are Watching

Saturday, March 11, 2017 a special day!!!


First up Meat luvers buffet...
you know I'm a cat and I don't do veggies!!
Stay tuned there will be more food!!

Fruit and Veggie  luvers and
all with a sweet tooth

In celebration of this most Momentous occasion...
(I am the oldest pet my peeps have ever had, Toto the mighty mini dachshund was 10 1/2 when he went over the bridge and Milky-Way  their first cat was 14 1/2.)

We have a special number(s) in our minds.. yes it takes 2 minds now to do things!!

Once that number(s) have been determined we will tell you the rest of the celebration on Monday 3/13/17!!


My birthday cards.....

My first card was delivered by *Not Earl our mailman
(if you don't know about him we have the story at the end)

It was royal mail  from all the way across the big Pond
from  the one and only
Princess Leah.  
Mom made a collage out of my photo session.

A very festive eCard from....
My Ginger Angel Sammy and his darling little
Ginger Brudder Teddy K!!!

OMCs Back in September 2016 when my peeps 
went to visit their friends, Mrs. S and Mr. G in the mountains
they met Charlie.  He was a stray very friendly.  Mrs. S and Mr. G
were feeding him and had made him a bed. Since September,
Charlie has become their cat.  He has been neutered and has all
his vaccines and is living and loving life. 
Charlie is also Mr. G's # one assistant in his
grape vineyards. He loves walking around out there
inspecting the vineyards.
Charlie wrote in the card, what is a birthday what will you do?  
MOL Charlie

From Mom and Dad
I was sleeping like a baby when this arrived
via hand mail from mom!  You would'a thought she could have waited to delivery. MOL

If you don't know about  Not Earl here is the story.  
He is one fine mailman!!

*Our mail man story:  Not Earl has been our mailman for nearly 30 years. Until about 10 years ago, my peeps thought our his name was Earl.
One week Not Earl was gone for some time. Dad finally asked the substitute mailman if Earl was sick?  He said, do you mean Tony?  Dad said, Oh, His name is "Not Earl"?
The substitute said no it is Not Earl, it is Tony.
From that day forward the peeps still call him (not to his face) "Not Earl"!
My peeps don't think he looks like a Tony.
Every time mom tells this story I ask her what a Tony looks like.
I never get an answer.

Friday, March 10, 2017

This Moment, See Beautiful

Today we join Sugar in celebrating

Last week we had some of the most beautiful cloud formations.
Mom made a collage of our favorite ones.  These are all
straight out of the camera without any editing.
In the middle of the collage you will see ME...I'm staring at an
itty bitty sunpuddle trying to figure out how to get in it.

If you can, please drop by tomorrow for a very special announcement.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic and Thankful Thursday

 Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy

Today's poetry is brought to you by the letter

M should be a no brainer letter for a poem.
After all, we are Madi and Mom.
The M with thumbs said no ma'am
We will not do the obvious or obnoxious.
Lets MEANDER down the path
Take a gander at the possibilities
Stop and smell a few posies.
For sure if we follow our noses and are observant, 
we might find a fun word
About which we can write a prose or two.

 I am also very Thankful to BRIAN
Thankful Thursday mom and I are thankful for each and every friend who visits us and makes us laugh.  I am thankful to say I had nothing to do with this attempt at poetry. 

Wordless Wednesday post
To those of you who guessed that I was about to
help Dad shave you were 100% correct. 
I must tell you though I'm a little more cautious 
jumping up since the bathroom was remodeled.
The new counters are taller than the old ones.
Head hung in shame as I tell you,
first time I tried it my calculations were wrong!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Tale from my Past: Driving Part II

If you missed Part 1.... please click here

We left off in the summer of 1967...with me promising myself I'd learned to drive
a 5 in the floor aka manual transmission.
Fast forward to 1973.  We had been married 3 years
Hubby had a Buick auto transmission.  
Hubby knew of my desire to learn to drive a 5 speed.
I sold my Mustang after our daughter was born because it has bucket seats which did not accommodate a baby seat.  He decided to sale his Buick.  We bought a Saab 5 speed.  The color was a cross between Army Green and avocado.

Since I was not working,  this was our only car so I had to learn how to drive it...
quickly.  My hubby was a wonderful teacher and very patient with me...even when
I didn't completely engage the clutch while changing gears.  However, it turns out
I had a natural gift for driving a 5 speed. However, I would remiss, if at this point, if I did not
mention the one FACT. There was one time, early in my lessons, I forgot to put it in park or set the emergency break.  The good news is our drive way was fairly flat but the car did roll down into the back yard.  I don't remember exactly what stopped the car, possibly a sandbox.  Thankfully it did not hit the neighbors fence.  No children, pets or peeps were harmed...just my pride...but I learned a lesson!! This was a good car but had a lousy paint job.  I guess the Southern summers were no match for the Swedish paint.
If you rubbed against the Saab you were covered in a greenish powdery substance.
After this car we had a Honda Prelude, 5 speed and  Ford Explorer 5 speed.
Now we have automatic transmissions but a 5 speed is like a bike once you learn you never forget.

Which is the rest of this driving story.
Before I went back to work at NCSU in 1988, I worked in private industry.
at a Hollow metal manufacturing company from 1984-1988.
(I will tell you more about that next week)
 I was one of four women in the front office of the hollow metal company.
There were probably 10 or more metal workers and installers in the shop.
One day shortly after lunch there were two of us up front  and one man in the back.
All of a sudden the man came to the office with his hand wrapped in a rather bloody towel.
He had a cut his hand not horribly but he needed to go to the ER for stitches and could not drive.
He asked if one of us could drive him in his truck.  It was 5 speed and I was the only one there who
could drive a 5 speed.  So my determination to learn to drive a 5 speed came in handy.
I guess I can thank those crazy drunk skunks in 1967 for making me see the
need to learn to drive a 5 speed.