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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday: Cat's Bill of Rights #12

I have the right to assist in any changing of bed linens and to chase the phantom creatures that hide beneath the sheets.  Mom is off shopping....she asked me to make the bed....MOL
I think I'll take a nap first.
As listed in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving our Cats

Friday, November 19, 2010

A big day on Saturday....

Happy Friday Furends!!! 
Turn your ears to the 'puter, I would like to tell you about a very exciting event....
I, Madi, am participating in Jazzi's 2nd Annual Christmas Gift Exchange.
We want to thank Jazzi and her Mom organizing this event again this year!!
Since all of us could not fit in Jazzi's house, she and her mom drew the names for us.
Tomorrow Mom is going to get all dolled up, get on her magic Mom-Ped to head for the mall to shop for the name Jazzi drew for us!! Are you ready to see who that is?

The most handsome Newfoundland in the USA
We were thrilled to see we have the name of our dear, sweet, adorable, gentle friend
Remington (and yes you do Steal our Hearts every time we see your handsome face).
Since we have never been Newfie shopping, Mom asked Ms. Beth, Rem's mom, for gift suggestions.
Ms. Beth said, 'Don't buy anything that will fit in Rem's mouth, he will swallow it.  Nothing with stuffing, he will destroy it then swallow it... other than that he will LOVE anything you send him' MOL Ms. Beth you are a funny lady!!! 
Mom said she would not come home until she has the purrfect gift for

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Theme Song: Let's Twist Again.....

We thank Hootin' Anni for sponsoring today's Theme Song Thursday
We'll let you look at the pictures first to see if you can guess the name of today's song.
The pictures are older than dirt so I, Madi, can assure you I am not in them.  However,
someone who wishes to remain anonymous, IS in one of them.  The party was for Mom's 
13th b-day.  Her Dad made the record hanger on the wall out of pegboard with nails for the records.

If you guessed "Let's Twist Again" by Chubby Checker you get a gold star

it was written by Kal Mann and Dave Appell
"Come on everybody clap your hands
Now you're looking good, I'm gonna sing my song and you won't take long
We gotta doe the TWIST and it goes like this
Let's TWIST again like we did last summer......"

So get up on your feet, hit the play button on the Youtube video below and Let's twist

After the video is over, we invite you to twist on over to visit  the adorable K9 Mr. Pip's blog
Madi and his cat sister Rosie da Boss are about to embark on a grand adventure.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MOL I received the Doggie Blog Award!!!

Well let me say I, Madi, proudly accept this Doggie Blog Award from Olive.
Why my feline friends are asking?

Well BECAUSE without Doggie Blogs, I, Madi, would not be here!!! First of all, Mom had no clue 
about blogging..then she meet Ms. K and her bunch at Dog Daze  Mom faithfully read all about the adventures of Buddy, Sassy and Zack each day.   Lo and behold, in early Spring 2009,  Ms. K said you and Madi should have a blog??!!  WHAT Mom exclaimed, I can't make a blog.  Well Ms. K said yes you can (that is the teacher in her).  I'm here to answer any questions.   So we jumped in the blogging pond feet first with lots of determination.  Here we are 17 months later blogging our hearts away and loving every minute of it. Over the last year we have met so many puppies and kitties and their two leggers who were very kind and friendly.  Everyone offered lots of help and encouragement and we thank each and everyone of you for your friendship.
The rules are simple:
1.  Say thank you to Olive!!!
2. Name 10 things about us --creative, weird, enticing, etc.
1. You were right Olive, Madi is a dog at heart.  She will eat absolutely anything!!
Most recently she surprised us by eating a dab of baked sweet potato. 
 Her favorite snack is Feline GREENIES...she gets 4 every night at 8 pm and she will remind me!!!
2. Madi has never met a stranger...once she decides to grace them with her presence.
3. Madi doesn't know she is 8 years old and should be cranky...she is full of vim and vigor.
4. She secretly wants to be known as Madi the Chef not Madi the Diva. From her favorite spot just across from the island in the kitchen, she can snoopervise all meal prep....but she never interfers. 
5.  Madi has a darling little patch of gray fur on her back left paw about the size of a medium pen point.
I often try to get a picture but she is very protective of her pet spot.
1. Loves to watch people when she is out and she isn't a stalker. She just finds it interesting to watch people and how they interact with each other.
2. Her favorite weekday lunch sandwich is tuna salad toasted on 7 grain bread from Zoe's Kitchen
with a side dish of Braised white beans she has a 10 gallon  32 oz. refillable Zoe's cup that she always fills up with their delicious iced tea.
3. After last Friday's posting of the ice cream machine, I'm sure no one will be surprised to learn
Mom is an ICE CREAM FREAK. No she does not share because she is selfish says it isn't good for me!!
4. She is an avid reader...she will read anything that does not walk away from her. 
5.  Mom is a die hard fan of The Amazing Race.  Do not call her between 8 and 9 pm on Sunday night unless you are bleeding profusely.

We are supposed to select 10 bloggers to pass this onto but we'll just say if you haven't done it and would like to please feel free.
Madi and Mom

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Tuesday......

Mom and I are very thankful for a smart young man who knows all about computers at her work.  Last weekend (11/6) Big Gray started giving us crazy messages.  Then it would start a fancy, fast, countdown on the percentage of the drive it was checking. It was still running but Mom figured it might be getting sick. She was very glad she had prepared 7 days of post ahead time. Mom was finally able to write the entire message.  On November 8th she gave the message to a computer geek very smart young man at her work. He said lots of words that sounded like we might have to kick it to the curb have a memorial service for the Big Gray. She became rather frantic and must have looked faint because he said bring the Big Gray to him so that he could give it a physical exam run some diagnostics on it.
When it comes to the innards of the Big Gray, Mom is clueless and I take a naps.
She worries enough for both of us.

I'm happy to report the Big Gray is A OK.  Here I am, once again, helping Mom
 connect the dots cables to the right port.

Mom this one is purple it goes in the purple port not the yellow port.

Mom and I are very happy to have our life line to blogland back home safely!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday pictures

Happy Monday...we hope you had a nice weekend.  It was absolutely GORGEOUS in Raleigh this past weekend. When Mom and Dad returned from taking all of the pictures below, they found me enjoying the day as only a campanion cat napper can do....

All of these pictures were taken on November 14, 2010.
Leadmine Lake is just a few blocks from our home....and it
was in full fall splendor yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard in Water colors.  No trick photography at all.  Just luck and a beautiful day.
Last week our friend Squirrel Queen aka Ms. Judy aka Cindi Lou's Mom
had the most amazing picutres of water and fall colors on her Through a Squirrels Eyes and
The Road to here.  Ms. Judy Mom thanks you for your inspiration.

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard Ms.
We still have a ways to go to get our water right but we are determined.
What a beautiful Maple in our neighborhood.  It looks like it is on fire.
There are lots of homes down near the lake. They used to have a lot of trouble keeping the
geese in the lake, thus the sign.  We all know what geese do when they aren't in the water.
 Mom was snapping pictures when all of a sudden Dad said that looks real....
she looked down and squealed like the girl she is.  It is fake but we don't know what in the world it is; however, since we didn't see one Canada goose we expect it scares the beejeepers out of them too.
 this is the picture Mom was trying to get when Dad saw the above....
 Isn't this just the prettiest leaf.....
Thanks for allowing us to share the beautiful fall colors in our neighborhood.
Madi and Mom

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Special Sunday post to all our friends.....

Mom and I recently found out about about the 2nd Annual World Wide Moment
from our Beautiful Bonnie Basset's Martha and Bailey 

They linked up to Fergi and Jake @ Two Special Wires 
We aren't exactly sure who started it but we are very proud to
participate today, November 14, honor of ALL our blogging friends.

Madi and I would like to say a BIG Kitty thank you to all of our Kitty and Puppy Friends in Blogland.  Each and everyone of you are very special to us.  We will also be remembering those who are no longer with us and the pets who have graced our family and extended family over the years, Toto the mighty Mini Doxie, Milky-Way the SPCA kitty who patiently taught us all about feline love, Cali, Grudrin and Ursala also very special kitties