Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Theme Song: Let's Twist Again.....

We thank Hootin' Anni for sponsoring today's Theme Song Thursday
We'll let you look at the pictures first to see if you can guess the name of today's song.
The pictures are older than dirt so I, Madi, can assure you I am not in them.  However,
someone who wishes to remain anonymous, IS in one of them.  The party was for Mom's 
13th b-day.  Her Dad made the record hanger on the wall out of pegboard with nails for the records.

If you guessed "Let's Twist Again" by Chubby Checker you get a gold star

it was written by Kal Mann and Dave Appell
"Come on everybody clap your hands
Now you're looking good, I'm gonna sing my song and you won't take long
We gotta doe the TWIST and it goes like this
Let's TWIST again like we did last summer......"

So get up on your feet, hit the play button on the Youtube video below and Let's twist

After the video is over, we invite you to twist on over to visit  the adorable K9 Mr. Pip's blog
Madi and his cat sister Rosie da Boss are about to embark on a grand adventure.


  1. Oh Madi
    My mom loves the twist but she must admit that it was before her time. It was her sisters time and she is old as dirt too BOL


  2. WOW! It made me twist! What a wonderful Thursday Theme Song!

  3. Hey I song mom knows, how come your not twisting Madi!! mind you its not good for your back, that just mom saying, its an age thing lol!!!
    See Yea George xxx

  4. You should see me twist Madi! The people in the peeks look like they are having a lot of fun!


  5. Singing and dancing! I guess this make me older than dirt too, huh Madi! Love this song. That looks like a fun party to celebrate your sweet thirteenth birthday.

    Let's Twist again!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  6. Round and round and up and down we goooooooo, again!!!!! Just twisting, like we did last summer.

    You betcha!! Love the photos, being black and white like these are makes for a very vintage post. Love it.

  7. Yep! Those pics sure did look old! lol We don't do twisting here anymore.............not sure why though.

  8. Oh boy, now Rosie is blasting this song on the plane stereo! Confused? Pop over to our blog and see what's going on.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Rosie! Turn the music down!

  9. Madi,

    Twistin' looks like so much funs, kinda like da wiggle butt dance dat I do!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. Before my time, but love it!! Looks like Mom had some "moves"

  11. WOW, Mom has a great dad to do that for her. Momma told me they went to a concert when I very little. She said I got up and did the twist in the aisle. The person on the stage saw me and told them to bring the little girl up.

    She said I was a ham and cried when they tried to get me back.

  12. Whoa! Loved these pictures! Go, Mom, Go!!! What a great dad you had!

  13. Well, I guess that makes me older than dirt. Been around since before the earth cooled. Because I remember the song, I remember doing the twist, and I even entered a twist contest which I almost won. My mother heard the judges talking, and they were talking about me. LOL
    Great choice for Thursday Theme Song, and the pictures are great! Reminds me of my youth.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  14. Wow, there sure was some strange music in the olden days! :)

  15. Oh, oh, OH!!!!!!!!! Our mama is standing in the middle of the room making some mighty strange moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is telling us that she's a teenager again!!!!!!!!! This hit the airwaves when she was a Sophomore in high school!!!! MOL

    Madi, we saw you on Pip's blog with Rosie......what fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We love ya, Madi and Mom.

  16. Bwhahahahahaha...I thought da fotos was from da internet...hehehehe! What is truely shocking to me is dat they hads music back then and to think they was BIG circles. We has little circles now, they is called CDs...hehehe!
    We loved Pip's post and I thinks he purty much nailed you and Rosie to a T.


  17. Twist again like you did last summer....good song!

  18. We twisted! We twisted! That was fun! (Was that your mom in the second picture? She looks like she was having fun, too.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. Mom is a bit young for that but she does love the song!

  20. Oh my Mom is old enough to remember all of this Madi!


  21. Blog Mom is old enough to remember this all very well and twist parties and all that stuff. She's very, very old.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  22. That one got us dancing and singing, Madi!!

  23. miss madi,
    i twisted so much, my paws are all tangled up! BOL! i like the pictures from your mama's birthday pawty when she was a youngin'!
    my mama wants to know if your mama's zoe's is always super duper crowded? my mama can hardly ever get a table there, so she usually winds gettin' her food to go!
    oh, my mama also says that the TAR peeps don't tell you why they didn't pick you...they just say that they will keep your audition "on file"...whatever that means! the TAR peeps like drama and big personalities, so mama thinks that she and daddy were just a smidge too square. heehee.
    anywho, we were rootin' for miss kentucky and her daddy, so we were super sad when they got the boot last sunday. the doctors are our second most favoritest, so we are rootin' for them now! oh, and at first we thought the home shopping ladies were gonna be annoying, but they are growin' on us!

    the booker man

  24. Twist!
    My mom loves to watch old musical movies that contains twist moves!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. I know I'm dating myself, but that was a great dance, you couldn't goof up doing the "Twist"!!

    Thanks for the memory, Madi and Mom!

    Course, being a die hard Beatle fan, I loved their version, too!

  26. That got our mum singing! We always suspected she was older than dirt, now we know she is.


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