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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Saturday Selfies

A few more of the 167 pictures I took while on my mini vacation the week of 
October 2 and 3 while attending the Dixie Classic County Fair.
My great Uncle Percy was a farmer.  He had pigs, cattle, grew tobacco, his own vegetables
and he had a huge chicken barn where hundreds of chickens lived and laid eggs.
I learned a lot when I visited the farm. I milked cows...or attempted to do so,
I learned how to hand tobacco, I experienced my first fall pig pickin' there
but mostly My Mind's eye/nose recalls the smell of the chicken house.  No matter where you were on the farm the pungent smell of the hen house found its way to your nose.  As far as I know back then there were no show chickens like these pictured below.  Uncle Percy's were all white.  But then I never took a tour of the chicken house because of the smell.
About 10 years ago it became very fashionable in Raleigh to have back yard chicken condos in the city.  Raleigh even has a Tour  D' Coop, click on the link to read all about it. One registers to be on the walking tour and folks come to see your chickens.  Of course there is a limit to how many chickens one can have in one's backyard but My Mind's Nose still recalls the smell.  

Friday, October 12, 2018

Flower Friday

I'm joining my niece Rosy SassyPants, Mayor Arty and Jakey today's pictures taken in and around my friend's yard in Yadkin Co., North Carolina

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thankful Thursday and Thoroughly Poetic Pictorial Thursday.

Be Safe [1].png

I join 

I have so much to be thankful for namely all of YOU our friends and your love and support
for 9 years of blogging and ESPECIALLY after my dear Sweet Diva went OTRB.
On Tuesday we rec'd a package from Hidden Valley Animal Hospital and our beloved Vet. Dr. Szabo. Everyone there loved Madi as much as we did.  This is what was in the package.

A beautiful "In Memory Of Madi" crystal ornament and card.
Currently it is hanging on my favorite photo of Madi.  It will have a
special place of honor on our Christmas tree too.

inside the card.

Today we join Two  SPOILED CAT 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.


Family fun

Invigorating fun

Victorious fun

Exercise fun

Smiling and having fun

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What was he thinking Wednesday

More fun from Dixie Classic County Fair in
Winston-Salem, NC October 3, 2018
Even in the farthest reaches of My Mind's Eye I cannot imagine why
anyone would do this. 😱

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tuesday Tale: Charlie and Freddy

Charlie was quite a gracious host he even brought me gifts to the door.
LOL  He was my first experience with 100% out of doors cat.

Some of the print is too small here
top left:
Hello friendly visitor, I have come bearing gifts from the creek, Freddy Frog
top right:
Don't move Freddy Frog, I'll be right back so we can play leap frong
bottom left:
Ummm you smell good...what do you mean you don't like frogs
bottom right:
Leaping frogs while I was distracted with food, someone helped Freddy Frog leap away

Update on cataract surgery RIGHT EYE!!
First off we have a funny ophthalmologist.
When he came into see hubby before surgery,..he said ok today is your 2nd eye.
I'm sorry I can't offer you today's 3rd eye discount..  LOL
He wrote hubby's initials above his right eye.
We waited longer for the procedure (2 hours we could've slept in longer)
I hope not to see O'Dark 30 again for a very long time.

Different symptoms w this eye.
It was running like a faucet. I engineered a solution.  I taped gauze under the eye to catch the running so he would not have to keep removing the clear shield.  I don't want him rubbing at that eye.  His throat is very dry from drinking nothing since 8pm last night until 10:00 this morning.  I bought a 1/2 gallon of Edy’s Neapolitan ice cream to help soothe all of the above symptoms.  Of course,  I will also eat some too in solidarity.
 Post op today at 8:30
 Hugs Cecilia

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Stunning Stables....

During my mini vacation last week we attended the Dixie Classic Fair in 
Winston-Salem, NC.  One of the highlights of the trip was seeing
these gorgeous horses.  It was crowed and very hard to get all of these gentle giants in one photo..
The collage below is of pieces and parts of them.
Rolling Hills Percherons

3024 Sell Rd
Winston-Salem , NC 27105 

Phone: (336) 399-3837

The first pair of registered Percheron draft horses came to Rolling Hills Percherons in 1938. William W. Sell purchased two mares, Pat and Queen, to farm a 50 acre tract of land. He had a herd of Holstein dairy cows and raised tobacco, corn, grain and silage. He farmed and gardened with his Percherons. He plowed his garden with his Percherons hours before his death in August of 1994. That fall, William W. Sell was inducted into the Percheron Horse Association of America Hall of Fame.

William W. Sell's son, Robert, carried on the tradition through the 70's, 80's and 90's with the help of his daughter Robin, her husband Jerry and son Jeremy. The family raised all of of their own grain and hay to feed their horses up until 1994. Today they still raise their own hay. The grain for the horses is provided by the Walkertown Mill, Farm, Lawn & Garden Inc in Walkertown, NC owned & operated by the Hancock family.

Today Rolling Hills Percherons has over 20 head of Percheron draft horses housed on the original farm. The family is still dedicated to showing, breeding, selling and promoting the Percheron breed across the US. 

A 4th generation farm dedicated to the promotion of the Percheron draft horse

The farm features a fenced outdoor arena, a newly renovated barn with 13 box stalls, 3 ties stalls & 2 wash stalls, 4 large turnout lots, a large pasture and ample acres to drive horses.

Percherons can range in height from 15-19 hands. The average height for the breed falls between 16.2-17.3 hands, which makes them one of the taller breeds in the world today. They are also above average in weight, with some Percherons topping out at 2,600 pounds. In comparison, that is about the same weight as many Clydesdale horses.

Breaking news:
Tomorrow, Monday, October 8th,  we have to leave home at 
O' dark 30 for  cataract surgery in hubby's right eye.
 We'll be gone most of the morning. Back on Tuesday