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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tuesday Tale: Charlie and Freddy

Charlie was quite a gracious host he even brought me gifts to the door.
LOL  He was my first experience with 100% out of doors cat.

Some of the print is too small here
top left:
Hello friendly visitor, I have come bearing gifts from the creek, Freddy Frog
top right:
Don't move Freddy Frog, I'll be right back so we can play leap frong
bottom left:
Ummm you smell good...what do you mean you don't like frogs
bottom right:
Leaping frogs while I was distracted with food, someone helped Freddy Frog leap away

Update on cataract surgery RIGHT EYE!!
First off we have a funny ophthalmologist.
When he came into see hubby before surgery,..he said ok today is your 2nd eye.
I'm sorry I can't offer you today's 3rd eye discount..  LOL
He wrote hubby's initials above his right eye.
We waited longer for the procedure (2 hours we could've slept in longer)
I hope not to see O'Dark 30 again for a very long time.

Different symptoms w this eye.
It was running like a faucet. I engineered a solution.  I taped gauze under the eye to catch the running so he would not have to keep removing the clear shield.  I don't want him rubbing at that eye.  His throat is very dry from drinking nothing since 8pm last night until 10:00 this morning.  I bought a 1/2 gallon of Edy’s Neapolitan ice cream to help soothe all of the above symptoms.  Of course,  I will also eat some too in solidarity.
 Post op today at 8:30
 Hugs Cecilia


  1. Ice cream is the universal cure for EVERYTHING.

  2. a third eye discount would be not bad LOL, but we hope the ice cream will do the trick and it helps hubby to feel much much better soon...

  3. Ice cream? Now that's my kind of nursing!

  4. Ice cream is the answer to everything!

  5. I love the idea of a third eye discount! MOL! My human loves frogs, BTW - let Charlie know.

  6. Ice cream was a great idea! So was your fix for the water works. Glad for you both that it is all done. Fingers crossed for a good post op appt.

  7. Oh good idea with the ice cream. That will fix everything. It so helps me get through the day. Hope he is doing all right today. Have a good one.

  8. Of course, solidarity is very impawtant! We're glad it went well.

  9. let me know how the post op goes and if the eye is still leaking and what the doc says about the leaking... love your outdoor kitty kat

  10. is there any ice cream left????

  11. We're glad all is okay, except for the leaky thing.

  12. We're glad to hear the surgery went well. You are very clever to figure out how to wipe hubby's tears for him. We have our paws crossed that all goes well with the recovery.

  13. hari om
    A fix and a cure-all - what a fabulous nurse!!! YAM xx

  14. Momma says that ice cream ALWAYS works. Hope it works real quick!

  15. Ice cream cures everything. Mom says she could deal with Charlie bringing her a frog. Now a mouse would be a totally different thing.

    Hope the post-op was good. Ice cream makes everything better. Well, Lightning says almost everything:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. Better safe than sorry; I'd use a Sharpie and write "THIS EYE!" just to make sure!

  17. We are glad all of this is behind you and we know you are too. We hope the ice cream did the trick!

  18. I'm definitely giving you a call the next time I need nursing...Ice cream does cure all that ails you ;-).

    POTP that BCat heals quickly!

  19. Maybe we should have some ice cream, too. Just to help.
    We hope it heals well!

  20. It sounds as if you are a perfect nurse... especially eating some ice cream in solidarity!!! Sending healing thoughts.

  21. YAY FOR NURSE CECILIA! Sounds like your patient is doing well with your inventive ways of handling the post-op situations. Especially the ice cream "just to keep him company"...tee hee...Atta girl! Here's to a speedy 100% recovery - now what about that third eye?

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. two mannee spellin errorz above... even for uz !! :)

    C;.....all the best to B ~~~~~~~ a full N speedee ree cover ree

    charlie; dood, ewe iz one total lee kewl outside de houz panther !! :) ♥♥♥ & NOE, frog doez KNOT tastez like...CHCKN !!!!!!!

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

  24. I suspect the doctor wrote hubby's initials over his eye to be sure they operated on the correct eye ! When I broke my kneecap, they marked it similarly, even though it was so swollen it would've been hard to miss.

  25. We purr that the recovery goes well...but with ice cream, it should. :)

  26. Hope the post op went well! Glad he has such a good nurse. We will tell mom about the healing Ice Cream cause of course if she has ice cream she has to share with us
    Hazel & Mabel

  27. oh yes, ice cream can cure a lot of things and you must join in because you have suffered too right?

    Charlie, you are a beautiful kitty cat

  28. The hubby is lucky to have such a creative and helpful wife. Of course, any reason is a good reason for ice cream, right? We enjoyed the pictures and adventure of Charlie.

  29. That was awfully nice of Charlie to fetch a frog for you. LOL! Ice cream should be a prescription for any type of surgery.

  30. I am glad the surgery is done and hope the post op went well. I was going to say that I hoped the ice cream helped. Silly me! Of course it did!
    That was thoughtful of Charlie to bring you a present.

  31. I hope the cataract is now gone and the eye is better!
    And Kozmo is the Frog catcher in our family! He always brings them LIVE!
    And trying to get them out of the house...not a whole lot of fun!
    Love Barb


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