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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Saturday Symmetry on NC Art Museum grounds.

The Replogle Family Patio on the grounds of the 

NC Art Museum 

The name Replogle has been synonymous with globes since the company’s founding in 1930.  The company is named after founder Luther I. Replogle, a onetime school supplies salesman that saw a need for globes in every home.

Luther and his wife Elizabeth Replogle, known as “Rep” and “Bets”, started the company in their apartment and an adjacent basement with $500 borrowed from friends.  After a rocky start during the dawn of the Great Depression, the new company’s first big break came when the eminent Chicago retailer, Marshall Field and Company (Now part of Macy’s) selected Replogle to produce a globe for the Chicago Century of Progress World’s Fair in 1933.

Click here to read more about the Family 

What I am not clear on, is the Replogle family connection to NC Museum Art. Probably some donations made toward the construction. 

The rest of the Patio...the New Visitor's Center

I love the cup shaped rain gutters.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Feline, Nature and Flash back Friday: In honor Angel Madi's 20th birthday

  Nature Friday host LLB Gang  and Feline Friday  host Comedy Plus

First Nature Friday

I think this is a bird feeder.. but whatever it is it caught my eye.

hosted by
Dorothy Wills-Raftery
Author ~ PhotoJournalist
International Award-Winning Siberian Husky Blog "FiveSibes"

Because of Madi, I took a leap into the blogging world.
So I thank Madi and remember her each day.  

In celebration of today, I found a few post containing Madi  factoids about her 
Diva Self

1. I'm spoiled (I know that is a surprise)
2. I do not sit in anyone's lap!! Much to the dismay of Mom
(the first family kitty was 100% lap kitty)
3.I talk non stop
4.I was a wild child when the peeps first brought me home.
5. Mom lost me several times (in the house)
not to worry though I knew exactly where I was...sleeping in the master closet.
Once I wanted to 'help' mom.  I followed her in and out of the closets....but she didn't know.  When Mom finished, she and Dad went out to supper....not knowing I was in the closet.   When she got home she finally missed me...could not find me in my usual places. So she started bellowing as she walked around the house.  She kept hearing a knock, was me jumping against the closet door. Now I announce myself when I'm 'helping'!! I gave her my back of disrespect til time for a snack.

1.  Describe yourselves in 7 words
Madi: Diva, talker, love MOM, golden/green eyes, PhD in Sunpuddles, snoopervisor
2.  What keeps you up at night.
Madi:  Absolutely nothing...I'm a world class sleeper 20 hours of the day, a girl has to eat and prance about at least 4 hours
3. Who would you like to be?
Madi: Mom, all she does is eat and blog
4. What are you wearing?
Madi: A plush, velvety gray fur coat, a white vest and shoes  
5. What scares you
Madi: Plastic bags that are alive. They are ok when just sitting or hanging around and loud noises like the sucky monster.
6. The best and worst of blogging.
MadiBest:  My friends and their peeps. Worst:The flashy beast
7.  What is one thing I would change about myself?
Madi You can't improve on Purrfection....MOL
8.  Blankets: Yes or No

Madi: Yes only under me  and the more the better.  I don't like to be covered.

In case you haven't figured it out by now:  
I just wanted to clear up something.....
even though I have no thumbs
It is I, Madi, who is the driving force behind
Down Home in N.C./Madi and Mom blog.
As you can see, I literally sit at the 'puter
for endless hours

 Editing each and every post, examining all the photos to be sure my best side is shown.

I thank you all for putting up with the Madi-ness over the years
and for sharing your lives with us.💖💗💓

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday #60

Today I join Thankful Thursday 
in honor of Dolly, matriarch of Brian's Home host of Thankful Thursday
  I am  thankful to have known Beautiful Dolly and for her family for sharing her with us.  She was full of grace and kindness 

Dear Friend to all

Oh those eyes the color of sea glass


Lady full of class

You dear one will be so very much missed but never forgotten


Angel Sammy and Teddy find such inspiring photos for us

Here is today's inspiration

I studied this picture a LOT. Trying to get my mind's eye to open wide and to see what it Sees. As a rule I just can't do fantasy.  I have to really see something.

Angel Sammy I thank you for this challenge!!

Lush and green
a cool running stream
My mind's eye moves back and forth
All of a sudden, a lady
standing by the cauldron 
my mind's eye did see.
I asked myself
what could the cause be?

There was a glow in the night
Fairy dust falling around her 
Her shape formed by glistening 
from the fire light

I really and truly see a form of some kind by the cauldron. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Wordless Wednesday with Kat and Rocky


Thanks to our 

Please turn up volume
If you have ever been owned by a cat, you know what will happen.
If you have never been owned by a cat, you are in for a surprise.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Happy Tuesday: Seaboard Café


Today I'd like to share some happiness being served at Seaboard Café recently: 

I ordered:
Grilled Tuna Salad, Swiss Cheese and Cranberries Sandwich
A delicious combination of sweet and savory on Sourdough bread
Grilled to perfection.  Served with Raspberry-Dijon Past Salad.
I apologize for taking a bite before I took the photo.

My husband always orders 
BLT toasted on wheat. It is loaded with bacon too.
Somehow Rick finds the most delicious tomatoes all year.
 It comes with chips or you my order waffle fries which are worth the few extra cents.

Each day there are rotating daily specials.
Two of my favorite are egg salad sandwich on sunflower
 and crab cake which is usually on Fridays.

On Friday January 28th  I posted HERE
I posted about changing times at Seaboard.
We will enjoy every bite of their delicious meals
until whenever and hopefully be able to continue to do so
in the future.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Awww Monday with Mom of Kat and Sparks

 Thank you to our   

Host Comedy Plus 

 Me watching my cat, watching a dove and squirrel.

Happy for the distractions they provide
Friends please watch the left door carefully you'll see critter heads.

Oh my cats....that dove and the squirrel are doubling up on you Kat.
Auntie loves how low you are and the swish of you precious Kat Tail.
Lovingly your Auntie HiC