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Friday, January 28, 2022

Final Fiction, Nature, Feline and Fill in Friday

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In May of 2021 Seaboard celebrated their 30th Anniversary 
Seaboard Café is located on the back side of Logan's Garden shop.

I can honestly say everyone visiting here frequently or infrequently knows of our love for Seaboard Café!!  Rick the owner and his staff are like family and we have made many memories there.  Rick is absolutely crazy fun.  Almost without fail every week he asked as if we have reservations.  Sometimes he will come to our table to tell us we are "sitting in the no clothes required section".  It always cracks me up!! About once a week, before I retired, I'd send out an email Physics Grad students telling them I'm going to Seaboard Café today come by my office if you need a ride.  In the mid 1990's most of the grad students were young men.  (By the time I retired we a good mix of male and female). One Saturday, after a month or two of arriving at Seaboard with about eight or nine young men Rick was in rare form.  He said to my husband, "do you know she is bringing carloads of handsome young  men  to lunch every week?"  My husband replied, "yes I know and there is not one thing I can do about it."  Each one of the handsome young men always ordered the Café special Hamburger.  It was and still is a huge!!

Logans owns their building and the land where it sits.  The remainder of the shops in the area rent their physical locations. The owners of all the shops were quietly told their leases would not be renewed.   Early last year Seaboard 18 a fancy restaurant was the first to be demolished.  Out of the ground this sprung up.  

It was not near Logan's so we didn't worry.  The construction traffic was a challenge.  At the stop sign one turns left to get to Logan's/Seaboard area big trucks are in and out of the area.

Below is the view from Logan's parking lot.

We are on Logan's Mailing list for sales etc and valued customer deals.
Late last fall we received an email telling us that they sold their land to the developers but not their business. THEY WERE given a year to find another location.  THEY WOULD STAY in their location until then.  However, they found out this building will be 7 stories high and there will be a twin building behind it. These high rises will block all the sun off Logan's garden center. 
All the shops you see below will eventually be torn down to make room for the second 7 story tower.
This first building is going up quickly.  I expect the second one will too.
So in closing Logan's and Seaboard have been partners for 30 years. Of course, Seaboard will have a spot at the new location, if  they want it.  We know that enough land for Logan's is not available anywhere near their current location.

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Many of my past Nature photos have come to you from Logan's 
Where the sun is always shining...but alas with all the development
  We expect it will be some distance away.  Seaboard's owner Rick, is trying to decide if he wants to find a location on his own, move with Logan's or possible retire.
No matter what decision Logan's and Seaboard make...the
peace and tranquility will be LOST.  However, the memories are ours.  
For now we'll hope a location can be found that is suitable for our dear friends at Logan's and Seaboard Café.  Until then we'll continue to make memories.
I will keep you posted.

 No sun on the beautiful plants and shrubs.

Feline Friday 
Mom of Kat and Rocky sent this to me.  She saw it on FB

Friendly Fill-Ins 

I thank hosts, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs and Ellen at 15 cats

1. I get my gift of Gab and *love of coffee from all the women in my Mom's family.*I added this
2.  It’s a good thing I enjoy walking, because I like to eat.
3. My decision to teach myself to quilt required me to muster a lot of courage.
4. My younger self would be proud to know that I learned how to drive a stick shift.  Thanks to my husband teaching me when I was 28. Many years ago I worked in the office at a hollow metal company.  One of the shop guys received a very deep cut.  All of the other men were working off site. He needed to go to the ER.   I was the only female in the building who could drive the stick shift shop truck. 


  1. we love the story and we love that special section... perfect for us, we go nekked but hard for the staff hehehehehe

  2. It is a shame that Logan's and the Seaboard Café have to move. High rise buildings are ever encroaching on the peaceful places and extending the concrete jungle. That is progress I suppose, but we could do without so much of it.

  3. Hari OM
    Oh my word you have excelled yourself today, Miss C!!! Loved this remembrance of special times at Seaboard/Logans and now we are on tenterhooks for you (and them) as a time of great change comes upon the businesses and their customers. YAM xx

    (PS - the link you gave up top only goes back to your own blog again... THIS IS MY LINK. Yxx)

  4. Change and progress are good things but when they take away a precious place like Seaboard and replace it with ugly, generic buildings it is a sad thing. At least you have all your memories. No matter where they go if they open again, it will never be quite the same place.

  5. What a shame that progress will ruin so much beauty. Thank goodness for all of your wonderful memories.
    I was forced to learn how to drive stick shift too and I'm glad that I did.

  6. Hoping that all works out for Rick and Seaboard. I will miss your posts and emails about lunch at Seaboard. My gal pal taught me to drive a stick after my Mom and Dad surprised me with a turquoise VW Beetle. I still prefer a stick shift.

  7. I know how you love the Seaboard Cafe. I would go with you if I could. Love the fun banter with the owner and love it that you were stepping out with your handsome students. Such fun.

    Love all your fill-ins and especially #4. You rock, but I've always known that.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big hug. ♥

  8. Those developers must have made Logan's an offer they couldn't refuse. We're sorry to hear your beloved garden center and cafe will have to move and hope you can visit them on occasion. Our dad taught our mom how to drive a stick shift way back when but now she's glad most cars are automatic.

  9. So sorry to hear this sad tale of your seaboard Cafe, I have always wanted to visit it each time you showed us different things and you know burgers are my favorite food. loved the story and it is sad because no matter where they move it will never be the same. about your fill in and the stick shift. I was 22 when I learned and you have given me my next story to tell. I so hope Logan got a lot of money, maybe he will retire, if so. I would.

  10. How sad about Logan's. As you wrote, the memories are yours and it sounds like you have many. That is funny about him telling your hubby about you bringing carloads of young men there. :) Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Glad you were able to drive a stick to help that worker. I never learned to drive one. You did an excellent job teaching yourself to quilt. XO

  11. Lots of good stuff in this post. Too bad about Logan's. We thought the story about the handsome young men was a hoot.

  12. That is sad news about your favourite cafe. We regular readers feel we know it so well we might almost have dined there!

  13. I am so very saddened to hear that Logan's is moving...and I do hope they and Seaboard move together to a new sunny location! I have always loved the fun finds you have found during your lunches at Seaboard!

  14. Dang, that wonderful place is moving, double dang. Those were good fill-in answers though!

  15. That's sad about Logan's. Hope they find something near you.

  16. "progress" can be good....and it also can be bad ~~~~~ we had...HAD... a farm market here that
    drew crowds from cod noes where and was terribly sad when they closed ~~~

    the art piece is the best !!!!!!! ♥♥☺☺

  17. Progress? I wish folks would save some open space for us to breathe! Love you fill-ins- especially #4!

  18. Things change. It is too bad that sometimes change affects te good things. Logans and the Seaboard are good places that are being affected badly. We hope they do continue and thrive. I love your art piece for Nature Friday and I also LOVE the tabbys tobogganing! Purrfect!

  19. Sometimes time would be best to halt, in this case for sure. What a darn shame, so much history of fun and good food and friends. Darn it!:-(
    Take care & stay safe,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  20. Gosh, I am so sorry about Seaboard's. Your comment that no matter what "the peace and tranquility will be lost" seems to be a theme in the modern world. I'm glad that you have such wonderful memories from years of enjoying Seaboard's.

  21. I lost a favorite place like that. It is a sign of getting older. All your favorite disappear.

  22. So sad about Seaboard....I hope Seaboard and Logans both survive somewhere in a sunny location - some things just DESERVE to keep going in spite of "development" and places like this are certainly two businesses that bring joy and fun to so many. Two big high rises might make "business" sense but they sure take away from the FUN FACTOR. Hopefully something will be worked out.

    Hugs, Pam

  23. Great post ~ sorry to hear about big construction taking over ~ way of the world right now ~ greed ~ sad ~ Xo

    Wishing you lots of love in your day, and a big hug to Angel Madi ~ ruff! ruff!

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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