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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Caturday Art

Welcome to  Caturday art hosted by Athena
See more Caturday Cat Art HERE.

We used
Lunapic: Art drop down and
floating and escher

Tomorrow 4/9/17 we will show you the original photos.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Flower Friday with Dory and Special Announcement

Today is the first Flower Friday blog hop of Spring 2017!!
Our favorite little Posie Dory is hostess!!

Today's Collage pictures were taken on March 23...the last of our daffies were blooming
so pretty and a hard frost was predicted for the evening so we wanted to be sure
you saw them.  They are new this year.  Of course there is my Madi flag  right behind them.

TO JOIN UNTIL 4/16/17.  Below is a special button designed by Oz and his Mom for 
the event.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic THursday

 Today we join
Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy
at Sammy's Poetry Corner

Today's letter is 

We were in a Quandary when we
remembered P was followed by Q.
Mom asked, Madi what ever will we Do?
I told her I knew not and bide her adieu.
To which she replied mind your P's and Q's.
The meaning of that escapes me I have not a  clue.
However, I know I must be Quick to pick up on it
before she gets a stick or gives something a kick.
Maybe if I'm patient Mom will just Quietly

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wordless Wednesday


We hope you will enjoy a day at Pullen Park with us during Spring Break.

If you would like to attend this fun event send us a good
picture of you either standing or sitting via email to 
Please put Park in subject line 
 Mom will take care of everything else.
ABSOLUTE deadlion for submitting a photo is
April 17.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday Tale from Mom's Past by Madi

Today I, Madi(son) D Cat will tell this Tale on Mom...
because I love to poke fun at her and she is slightly
a shamed!   

Some of you might remember this from June 22, 2015 when we submitted it for Boffin Bertie's...Darwin-Lite Award Competition
Breaking news 4/4/17:  Bertie's Gail was in St. Petersburg Metro at the time of 
the explosion on 4/3/17 . She and Yvonne were evacuated and very shaken up but not injured.  They are probably back in Scotland by the time you read this.

Let me give you a little background.  This TRUE story happened in the summer of 
1974, B.M. (before Madi). Characters involved were my very smart human Sissy who was 3, her friend Christy and my mom (who as it turns out was not very smart).  There are no pictures  but thank goodness for the internet we grabbed a few for dramatic affect.
It was a hot summer day, Christy came over to play with sissy for the day.  When Christy arrived, she was wearing sandals similar to these.

However, they were just a tad too big.  The girls wanted to go out to play but Christy  needed shoes.  There were no more holes in the straps to make them tighter so mom decided to put an extra hole in each strap.  Being inventive, Mom decided one of her small crochet hooks like this would be purrfect (not).  The hook end of the  hook is on the left of the picture as you can see it is very small

Sooooooo mom takes the sandal strap in her left hand and the hook in her right...starts slowing pushing through the goes through the strap AND INTO MOM'S LEFT THUMB.
Thankful she didn't panic or faint!!

MOM REALIZED SHE WAS IN deep do do.  The itty bitty hook on the end was just BIG enough to keep Mom from being able to get it out.  Mom could not let go of the sandal because it would dangle and cause a ton of pain.  MOM needed help...she could not
remember the phone number of the closest neighbor who was home.  So she told Sissy they needed to call Dad who was at work to tell him what had happened.
Thank goodness my Sissy knew numbers and loved talking on the phone. Mom told sis to push a chair up to the phone.  Mom told Sis Dad's phone number one digit at a time.  Sis dialed it perfectly. (Dad worked about 35 minutes from home).  When Dad answered, Sis said hey Daddy,
Mommy has a hook in her hand.  Then sis hung up the phone.  After all, mom just said to tell Dad what happened.  
Thank goodness Dad was SMART he called the nearest neighbor to ask her to go to our house lickety split.  When she arrived, with her 2 children, she called Dad back.  Lo and Behold they decided that she would drive Mom, Sis, Christy and her two children to the ER and he would meet her there. The ER staff were very curious as to how this happened and are probably still talking about the dumb 
lady who thought she could repair a shoe.
Yep the crochet hook had to be cut out of mom's thumb...and she had to get a tetanus shot...which was also painful for days.
 Mom said the shot to deaden the thumb hurt worse than the hook when she pushed it in her thumb.  After it was out, the smarty pants ER doctor try to give it back to Mom....she gave him her best Mom glare while telling him to

So peeps and critters the moral to this story is leave shoe repairs to the professionals!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

4 M's

Monday Magical Madi Moments
aka Betwixt and Between
I think I heard someone ask, "Madi what are you doing"?
That is a very good question and I'll tell you.
This is the landing at the top of our stairs.  
It is the purrfect spot for a kitty to keep an eye on the goings and comings of her peeps.
It is Betwixt and Between mom and dad.
Mom is in the blog office to my left working her fingers to the bone.
Chop chop mom no breaks today!!
Dad is downstairs doing Dad stuff  I can see him when he passes through the foyer and
I can hear if he opens the pantry.  
Dad give me our secret sign when you open my treat bag!!

AND FYI:  I still do not sit on the floor in the office.  No matter what type
of bed or blankie I don't like sitting in there.  I love the new carpet though


We hope you will enjoy a day at Pullen Park with us during Spring Break.

If you would like to attend this fun event send us a good
picture of you either standing or sitting via email to 
Please put Park in subject line 
 Mom will take care of everything else.
ABSOLUTE deadlion for submitting a photo is
April 17.

There will be a ton of fun on 4/24/ sure to reserve your seat on the

Here is a list of events!!!!
  • Mr. Bailey will be taking us along on his vacation with Dory,
  •  Oreo is going to snoopervise surfing, 
  • Murphy and Stanley are going to take us underwater for some fun
  •  Madi is going to transport us to a fun park !
  • Blogville Caterer, Abby Lab will also be on hand with some delicious foodables!
  • We are also going to see if Ruby can teach the paw-tender to make her famous Ruby-ritas! the sun goes down, Mabel and I are planning a Beach Blanket Bingo Pawty!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Shades and Plates

It is a little bright today which shades do you think I should wear?

(?? means we had NO CLUE)
We thank our guest plate spotters today
Toby ad Leia

H82GTUP, hate to get up...
every kitty needs that one

2. XFITRAL, Crossfit Raleigh
3. SMLLFRY, Small Fry
4. SPINEDOC, Chiropractor?
5. NC ST@TE, NC State University Fan
6. SLOWOWL1, Slow Owl 1???
7. VBAWIZRD, something wizard
8. 83*KEYS, ??
9. UDIDNTNO, You did not know
10. FSURN, Florida State Nurse?
12. MYHOTTIE, on a bright green Camaro)
13. A8TMINES, About Mines? 8 replaces B
14. WOFFPAC, NC State Fan there are 
87 zillion versions of NC State or Wolf Pack here)
15. ITCANFLY, On a Tesla
16.  ILUV2FISH, I love to fish
17. SANDFEAT, Sandy Feet?
18. OBEYHIM, Obey him
19. WOOLFIE, on red hot Audi with an 
NC State Sticker on it
22.PATHS, on NC Zoo Plate
23. F4NG10, Fang 4 replaces A
On  a Maseratti
24. THIRTYA, Thirty eight
25. FIR3HAWK, Fire hawk, 3 replaces E
26. NOEL3
27. TANAKA 3?
28. SEMENOLES, Seminoles mascot for Florida State U