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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I had a scary dream.....

last night about riding in a car early in the morning. A very strange man appeared wearing a weird hat. Do you think it was something I ate? Or is it an omen of bad things to come today? If you recognize this fellow below, please let me know who he is!! It could be he is wanted in several states for Cat-napping. I think it might be my Vet Dr. S coming to take me away to his torture chamber for my check up.

I would rather have sweet dreams with all my handsome manly furry men in them than scary dreams with strange wooden monk wearing a straw hat.
Note: from Mom this very nice Monk is the unofficial greeter at Seaboard Cafe...where Madi's Dad and I go for lunch nearly every Saturday.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Potluck Friday #2: WORDS

Welcome to Potluck Friday...
Let's see what Mom had cooking in the pot today....
No Madi mug today. Mom and I decided to show you this darling
little happy star face instead...

During Wednesday's Roast in honor of Puddles b-day, we noticed there seem to be two acceptable spellings for a Doxie nickname,

Weiner and Wiener...

they are both in the dictionary and actually reference each other. We are wondering
which spelling a Doxie prefers?

In preparation for today's potluck, Mom always had 2 hands on the wheel when the car was moving.
Mom absolutely loves names and words. Over the last few weeks she kept a pad and pencil in the car so she could jot down any crazy names or words she saw.
Some of them or license plates, bumper stickes and there is one cafe. Some are easy to figure out and some will leave you scratching your head. If Mom has been able to figure them out, she'll tell you at the end. Otherwise please feel free to tell us if you know what one means.

1. Purr More, Hiss Less

2. Wag More, Bark Less



5. LivinLovn

6. SunRep

7. Sox

8. Purpo$e


10. We Read

11. Westies1

12. IB-ET-SO


14. Carffty4

15. PackMac



18. Loriley

19. EZ Park

20. SummerLvr

21. ish time


Meanings as we see them:

#3. No Clue what it means, #4 & 6. must be a businesses reference, #7 & 16. ball teams?? #9. Educate Kids, #11 & 12. No clue what they mean, #14. Car Fifty Four (we love it), #15. N. C. State and Mac Fan??, #17. Forget about it, name of a Pizza cafe, #18. either the mythical character and there is also a Lady's a capella group at UNC called this, #19. license plate on a Mini Cooper, #20. Obviously a crazy person. This was a license plate on a convertible Audi, pretty car, but the owner's brains were baked. The top was down on a 98 degree day the humidity was 75%.
#21. Belongs to Mom's friend. They go to Key West a lot. When they are there, they have 'no schedule'. When they make plans, they always say they'll meet at 6ish...thus 'ish time'!!

Thanks for stopping by today. No telling what Mom will have cooking in the pot next week.
Madi and Mom

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've fallen and can't get up....

Mom came in the house squealing (what is it with the squealing), Madi you've got mail but then she showed me this cutesy card...who do they think they are kidding? I, Madi, did not just fall off the turnip truck. That is not mail that is an invitation to torture....
Nope not me I refused to 'schedule my on torture'
being the kind Mom that she is Mom did it for me.....
Thanks Mom, remind me to Paw it Forward for you soon.

Can you believe she scheduled it for 9 am on a Saturday? That is right about the time I'm taking my first nap of the day!!!!
So.....dear friends if you do not hear from me on August 1 please send out an APB.
Thank you Madi

Our header picture: We appreciate the very kind comments about it.
The picture was taken during Mom and Dad's Alaskan Cruise down the
Inside Passage in 2005. We put it up to help cool off this horribly hot July!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our first Wiener Roast

Mom and I are pleased to announce our participation in today's Wiener Roast in honor of
Puddles Duddles Rainwater, etc, etc, etc. birthday, aka Diva of the K9 world.
Ya'll thought I was the Diva of the South but hey I just have one name.
Below is a badge from Sam and Pippen, who are hosting this Puddles-a-Thon
Ok lets get started there is nothing better than a roasted doxie.

Frank(ly) (pun intended) there aren't many days when I, Madi, am wordless. Since this is a cookout with meat, I'm so there and so ready to chow down on some hot dog rump medium rare with a touch of Brazen red lips. I just met Puddles Duddles Rainwater, PDR, about two 'hot' dog months ago. I don't remember exactly how we met; however, I'm sure there was drama involved since there were two Divas at the meeting. PDR and her siblings, Albert and Whitney, live just South of us in the Palmetto state of South Carolina. We are pretty sure Puddles is on the run from the law. Why you ask? Well, it is due to the 'mouth' PDR has on her. She does not know the meaning of 'holding one's tongue'. She lets whatever is on her mind freely escape through her mouth. Trust me when I say PDR is pretty doggone smart;however, she recently learned a valuable lesson, do not play bitey face with spiders 'cause their bite is much worse than her bark. Her woff-a-tude on every subject from how to boil water, to how to rid one's yard of ground hogs is well known. If we had to personify Puddles, she would be Dolly Parton's character in Fried Green Tomatoes. Dolly was 95% mouth of the south, 3% bodacious, and 2% true grit. FYI: Puddles this is the only compliment in the roast so enjoy it.

So Puddles, Happy Birthday Dear Friend, we enjoyed our first wiener roast in your honor. If you feel the need to send us packing for our roast, we hope there are doggie bags available because we ain't leaving this wienie roast without our roasted rump of Puddles.
Puddles et al thank you for all the MOLs/LOLs you have given us these last few months.
Madi and Mom

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I remodeled.....Before and After

BEFORE: My two story hop in condo-ox (condo box). Picture taken in May.
For some reason, yet to be determined or understood, I decided I no longer
liked it.

On a recent weekend in July, I approached said condo as per normal. I did not tell Mom I had remodeling on my mind (that would be a good title for a country song). At this precise moment, the camera was not handy to capture the ruckus I caused.

First I stood on my hind legs with my front paws on the top edge. I peered into the condo saying a few choice loud meows which got Mom's attention. She thought I wanted one of the toys and was too lazy to get it. Nope I meowed until they were all out. This turned out to be my version of moving out. As soon as the toys were removed, I stood on my hind legs again with my front paws on the top edge. I walked backwards until my condo-ox turned on its side.

Viola the quickest remodeling ever.

AFTER: My one story ranch walk-in condo-ox. As you can see I need to call the moving company to put my toys back in my condo-ox.

The only thing Mom could conclude was:

1) I was tired of not having a roof over my head or 2) I wanted a skylight with a partial roof or 3) I wanted a walk-in vs a hop in.
Shortly after my remodel, Dad turned it back up right. I pitched a hissy (cat) fit. (aka Southernese for I wasn't happy).
As you can see, I now have very nice flow in my condo-ox and easy access.

Sincerely Madi

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Madi Monday: The Baby Shower..... is the thing......Saturday morning while Mom was preening herself for the baby shower, I specifically asked her to tell me about a baby shower. Seems they are given for a human lady who is expecting a itty bitty baby. Mom told me a shower is another name for a party. I was relieved to learn that no babies would be hurt during this shower. I begged and pleaded with Mom to let me go. She ASSURED me there would be nothing at the shower that would interest* me. She told me No pets allowed. She said if I went, I would have to ride 30 miles both ways in a car (which pretty much sealed the deal for me I don't like car rides).
I sweetly said ok Mom go and have fun BUTT be home in time to fix my supper!!!
Who could tell not the whole truth to this trusting face?
Answer: M O M

Now here comes the 'not whole truth part'....are you ready

There was a table full of food.......
I'm 100% interested in FOOD (not the whole truth #1)

more pretty colored food and punch.
I heard her tell Dad the chicken salad sandwiches were delicious. I'm very interested in chicken.
I've never had a pink drink in a bowl but heck I think I would be interested in trying it....besides it looks very cool and refreshing. I'm feeling sad by now....

There were presents wrapped in pretty paper...
I'm very interested in presents and pretty paper (not the whole truth #2)

This precious little girl in pink is named Madi!!! I would have been very interested to
meet a two legger named Madi... (not the whole truth #3)

There was an itty bitty 3 mo. old baby there. Mom went to a baby shower for her Mom in February. I would have been interested in meeting Stella...since I snoopervised mom while she crochet a pretty green baby afghan for her....(not the whole truth #4)

Ok now this is where I went from being SAD to being MAD
I've never met a puppy in person.... correct me if I'm wrong....but is this not a PUPPY aka pet????? (not the whole truth #5)
I do really and truly believe I would have been very interested in meeting Mickey for many reasons. Mainly ask him why in the world he was wearing an umbrella on his neck.
Evidently they did not explain baby showers to him at all!!! He must have been expecting rain.
I did get 'un mad' long enough to ask Mom what was up with that umbrella.
She said Mickey had a owie that required stitches. Evidently that wasn't an umbrella it is a surgical collar...who knew? See that would have been interesting as I've never seen one before.

Not only was there a cute puppy at the baby shower there was a humming bird sitting right outside the window. I would have been very interested in seeing a humming bird up close and personal. We have them at my house but the feeder is pretty far away from my window.

So dear friends I conclude this post of VERY INTERESTING things by saying
next time you are told some event or thing would not INTEREST all means
DO NOT BELIEVE the teller of this tale. Insist on a personal investigation so that you can determine what is and is not of interest to you!!!
Mom, by the way, is on restriction. No more fun of any kind for at least 2 weeks.
Madi, who is interested in expanding her interests!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Steeple Sunday #20: Millbrook United Methodist

This is the second Methodist Church that has absolutely nothing on their website about their history. By looking through their photo gallery, I was able to found out the recently celebrated the 140th anniversary. The church was founded in it is older than Millbrook
Baptist that was featured last week.

This is a view of the front door from across the street. As you can see from this picture, the outside of the older section of the church has beautiful stone work.

What an inviting front entrance. I really like the stone and border around the door.

This is the side courtyard with a very pretty brick fence and care was taken to keep all the lovely trees that surround the church. We used to live in the area so we've watched it expand several times of the years. It sits on several acres of land on the corner of E. Millbrook and Old Wake Forest Road.

Note from Madi: Mom is in serious trouble....she didn't tell me the whole truth about Baby Showers. Please tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story....