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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I remodeled.....Before and After

BEFORE: My two story hop in condo-ox (condo box). Picture taken in May.
For some reason, yet to be determined or understood, I decided I no longer
liked it.

On a recent weekend in July, I approached said condo as per normal. I did not tell Mom I had remodeling on my mind (that would be a good title for a country song). At this precise moment, the camera was not handy to capture the ruckus I caused.

First I stood on my hind legs with my front paws on the top edge. I peered into the condo saying a few choice loud meows which got Mom's attention. She thought I wanted one of the toys and was too lazy to get it. Nope I meowed until they were all out. This turned out to be my version of moving out. As soon as the toys were removed, I stood on my hind legs again with my front paws on the top edge. I walked backwards until my condo-ox turned on its side.

Viola the quickest remodeling ever.

AFTER: My one story ranch walk-in condo-ox. As you can see I need to call the moving company to put my toys back in my condo-ox.

The only thing Mom could conclude was:

1) I was tired of not having a roof over my head or 2) I wanted a skylight with a partial roof or 3) I wanted a walk-in vs a hop in.
Shortly after my remodel, Dad turned it back up right. I pitched a hissy (cat) fit. (aka Southernese for I wasn't happy).
As you can see, I now have very nice flow in my condo-ox and easy access.

Sincerely Madi


  1. You're such a smart girl and we're glad you have your box the way you want it, sweet Madi=you go, girl!!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

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  3. Hi Madi! We like to have a condo-ox like yours!


  4. That is a wonderful remodel job you did there Madi!

  5. Oh, Madi, you remodeled and did all the work yourself! I am so impressed! This should have been on "This Old Box" on the teevee! What a handy kitty you are! I understand your thinking. After a certain point, one story living starts to appeal to one, does it not?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. Madi,

    Very nice! I am thinking you should have your own show on HGTV, mom and me would watch it.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Madi,
    You need your own Home Remodeling Show...

    "Remodeled Cat houses" :)

  8. I think it is most impressive that you decided to take on a remodeling project aaaaall by yourself and you didn't even haves to go to Lowe's to finish it.
    But, if you evers haves to use power tool then geve me a call....I Loooooooves to use me some power.


  9. Now that is so cooooool! Next time, turn it upside down, maybe? You do look more comfy now.

  10. Silly dad, you tell him Madi - leave your condo-ox alone!

  11. Makeovers are sometimes a necessity!!!!!!!! We think you did a grand job on this makeover, Madi.....we like it better this way also. Want us to come over and help you move your toys into it??????? xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. We are back, Madi, to help you move your toys into your condo.

    Sammy will eat anything, but Andy has a very sensitive tummy, and he hopes you have Salmon Fancy Feast, otherwise he'll have dry kibble.

    We so love you, gal. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Dear Madi,

    As president of the Condo Board, I regret to inform you that the recent changes you made are not approved. While your condo IS the required color, the change from condo to ranch style floor plan is not allowed, nor is the skylight. A representative from the Condo Board will be over soon to discuss this with you. Please have snacks out and claws in.

    Ima Dogg
    Condo Board Pres.

  14. Hi Madi
    Well a girl always wants what she wants, right?

    One day it's a two story, the next day a high stylin urban condo.

    We're girls we change our minds.
    Purrfect Madi!




  15. You are a DESIGN STAR! Great job!

  16. Pawsome remodeling. Sometimes you need to make changes to make everything fresh N new. Skylights and windows are important. Smart girl Madi!

  17. Madi you did a great job of remodeling your condo-ox. We totally understand because when we have boxes we like to change them up every once in a while - and since you are a diva and a ladycat, well it is your perogative to change your mind!

  18. Madi, Well Done! Most of our box remodeling is done wth our teeth...we never thought of tipping the box over! Of course we've never had a condo-ox, either...We will be talking to out Mommy about this, pronto.

  19. Hi Madi and Mom,
    Love your remodeling job!! You are a Divia!!
    I have writers block, but you can come see me anyway OK?
    115 degrees, feels like here!!!!
    XXOO, Bambi, Happy & Fern

  20. Your remodel is PAWesome~!!! A girl's able to change her mind on what she wants, WHENEVER she wants!!! Way to stick to your guns and keep it a skylighted ranch!

  21. Hi Madi, Diva CAT!!

    We think your design (hatch roof (for quick exit) open side panel (for ventilation?) is a great new design for your quarters.


  22. You're so clever.
    Hsve you been watching Extreme Makeovers?

  23. Madi, don't call the movers, call me your muscle man.
    And if you like to have an AC installed, an outdoor pool, home theater, tell me, k?
    I'll do interior design too, and plant a catnip garden for my sweet Madi in no time, no charge!

  24. Madi, Brudder Ranger wants to know if you've been reading up on something called Feng Shui. He says you now have excellent flow for your Chi. Or something like that.

    Pawsonally, I just thinks you are Most Smart for knowing what you want and grabbing happiness with both paws!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  25. Or perhaps you are getting more breeze in the summer time ... There are many explanations but I think I'm going to stick with the most likely one: you're a diva and you do as you please for no good reason whatsoever. i should know, I live with 9 of youz.

  26. Good job remodeling it, Madi!
    I guess it looks much better now!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Madi we love what you did with the place, you are a master decorator. Ty Pennington would be jealous of your skills and you didn't even need a hammer.

    We see the reason for your conversion to ranch style, you have far more floor space. Great idea. Perhaps an area rug would add a little color.

    Cindi's Mom: Triple digits are normal for us in the summer but the humidity is usually really low. Today we had thunderstorms and rain, it cooled things off just a tad but it also raised the humidity. Time like this are when I remember what an East Coast summer is like. Icky Sticky!


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