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Friday, July 30, 2010

Potluck Friday #2: WORDS

Welcome to Potluck Friday...
Let's see what Mom had cooking in the pot today....
No Madi mug today. Mom and I decided to show you this darling
little happy star face instead...

During Wednesday's Roast in honor of Puddles b-day, we noticed there seem to be two acceptable spellings for a Doxie nickname,

Weiner and Wiener...

they are both in the dictionary and actually reference each other. We are wondering
which spelling a Doxie prefers?

In preparation for today's potluck, Mom always had 2 hands on the wheel when the car was moving.
Mom absolutely loves names and words. Over the last few weeks she kept a pad and pencil in the car so she could jot down any crazy names or words she saw.
Some of them or license plates, bumper stickes and there is one cafe. Some are easy to figure out and some will leave you scratching your head. If Mom has been able to figure them out, she'll tell you at the end. Otherwise please feel free to tell us if you know what one means.

1. Purr More, Hiss Less

2. Wag More, Bark Less



5. LivinLovn

6. SunRep

7. Sox

8. Purpo$e


10. We Read

11. Westies1

12. IB-ET-SO


14. Carffty4

15. PackMac



18. Loriley

19. EZ Park

20. SummerLvr

21. ish time


Meanings as we see them:

#3. No Clue what it means, #4 & 6. must be a businesses reference, #7 & 16. ball teams?? #9. Educate Kids, #11 & 12. No clue what they mean, #14. Car Fifty Four (we love it), #15. N. C. State and Mac Fan??, #17. Forget about it, name of a Pizza cafe, #18. either the mythical character and there is also a Lady's a capella group at UNC called this, #19. license plate on a Mini Cooper, #20. Obviously a crazy person. This was a license plate on a convertible Audi, pretty car, but the owner's brains were baked. The top was down on a 98 degree day the humidity was 75%.
#21. Belongs to Mom's friend. They go to Key West a lot. When they are there, they have 'no schedule'. When they make plans, they always say they'll meet at 6ish...thus 'ish time'!!

Thanks for stopping by today. No telling what Mom will have cooking in the pot next week.
Madi and Mom


  1. I think #3 means that they own a Chow - but it really 'owns' them. In, other words, they have a blog that they write about their dog every day! :)

  2. A few had us stumped too!...Hope your vet visit goes well tomorrow, sweet Madi...Happy Friday, beautiful girl!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Hi Madi & Mom,

    That is quite a list, most of them I get but there are a few that I wasn't sure of until I read your translations. I think number 3 means a "change of ownership". Like "you've been chowned"!

    We love the little happy star face.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J and Cindi Lou

  4. Madi,

    That is quite a to figure out too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. I thought chowned was a Chow reference, too, but it seems to be a geek slang word, too. Or maybe it's a Unix geek who has a Chow. That would be pawfect. We see license plates we don't get all the time. I'd think that if you pay extra for them you'd want them to be clear. Otherwise, what's the point?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. Very clever, but thinking this early hurts my head....teeheehee!

  7. Pretty cool....I liked them!!!

  8. Well......That was fun! Little early for me on some too lol.

  9. #12 is ...I Bet So and da other one is Chow Owned
    Pawsonally, I jst haves dis thing bout being called a weiner, I had much rather be called da Evil one...hahaha!
    I emailed you last night, did you get it?


  10. That weiner/wiener thing drives me nuts - spellchecker is never happy either way!

  11. That was interesting.
    You really saw a lot of dif. plates.

    and your

  12. Great post! Can't wait to see what you come up with next week!

  13. That's cool....I like finding differnt license plates or signs favorite is the
    "ish time"

  14. Fun post!!!!!!!!!

    Madi got here safely, Mom, and she's enjoying herself. It'll just be a lazy day at home with us boys, mama, and the two rain is predicted. xxxxxxxxxxx

  15. All this goes over the top of me head, didn't get any of them!! can your mom make it a bit easier next time.
    See Yea George xxx

  16. Oh, gosh, this was a Most Fun postie! I likes words, too, and so does my mom. I think #11 is somebuddy who has those West Highland Terrier doggies. They calls 'em Westies for short.

    Cap'n Ripley finally lets me look at his card (and pressie). I LUVS IT! It's just the best! We were gonna blog abouts it today but mom was feeling a bit down last night and not very much interested in interpreting pirate talk. But Capn Ripley will be "orating" on it soon!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. FUN! I think Westies1 might be owners of dogs calles Westies...a friend of mine owns one, a nice breed! They were lucky enought to get the first plate. Scott & I play this game too.

    Can't wait for next week!

    MomKat Trish

  18. I never figure out some of the ones I see!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  19. Love that list!! I do miss your picture, Madi. Hope you have a great Friday.


    P.S. I'll be sure to ask any doxies I see today which spelling they prefer!

  20. WOW~!!! Whata fun list! We'll have mom go over it later. Hoping you have a wonderous weekend!

  21. Hi Madi

    Love the list = your mum is an observant lady.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  22. Hi Madi

    We were glad your Mom helped clear up what some of those meant! We were stumped!! We loved #1!!!

    Have a happy weekend!



  23. Oh 'dis was so much fun!!!!!

    we love playing 'da lic plate game on 'da road too!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  24. Those are very interesting! Our mom likes to try and figure out personalized license plates when she sees them. We can't figure out some of those either!

    Hope everything goes okay for you at the v-e-t tomorrow, Madi.

  25. Weiner or wiener... hmmm... I am not so sure but they sound better than "salchicha" that is how people call us here!
    Your mom found interesting words outside!
    Kisses and hugs

    ps Let us know about your visit to the Vet, ok?

  26. You worked hard on this post!!! Tom loves strange signs too!! Me being dyslexic, I don't pay much attention to signs. I can't see most of them anyway. LOL
    xxoo, Bambi & Fern


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