Thursday, February 18, 2010

Madi: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Today, February 18 is
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
Well I'm a girl and since 99 times out of 100 when M0m types
M A D I she goofs up and types M A I D...I know big gasp...
whoever heard of a Diva being anyone's M A I D?
Anyway because of Mom's Freudian slips she has decided today will be

Introduce a Girl to 'domestic' Engineering Day.

Pardon the blurry picture but I'm not happy about this...
Yes I will admit she caught me on the bed while she was changing linens one Saturday
I tried to hide...(see lump below)
But she found me

So I said what the heck I'll finish the job.
I found a wrinkle right here in this spot....(I'm fanatical about wrinkles in my bed)
so I had to paw at it until all was smooth...
A "M A I D'S" job is never done!!!!!!


  1. You did a good job Madi! It would be funs to hide under the sheets! My mom tries to close her bedroom door so I can'ts get in when she is making the bed!

  2. Hi Madi,
    We can see you are a girl with exacting standards.
    You know how to be comfortable. We reckon that you making that bed and being the MAID was in intself an impressive feat of engineering!
    Have a lovely day.
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps our mum is off today so she will be able to check out the sandwich bar with the sprouts!

  3. Madi, you did a real good job of smoothing those wrinkles!!

  4. Madi, you COULD be GREAT friends with Billy lol! You two sure think alike!

  5. Madi, you did a great job with those sheets=when our Mom changes them, we like to hide under them and she always finds us too, but we never help her put them on the bed...Our Mom wants you to come over and teach us how to help out around here...BTW, you could never be a maid, dear Madi, you are just Mommy's adorable helper!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. I think you mean that your mom should hire a maid for YOU! Right, my little princess?

  7. Good job of smoothing things over, Madi!!!!!!! What would our moms do without us???? xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Madi, we liked the look of RolyPoly - we fancied some cheese and broccoli soup too however they wouldn't deliver to Scotland!
    Shocking, isn't it?
    Oh well we are back from our walk and off to make our own sandwich!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx
    ps mum changed the bed today and was thinking if only Madi was here as a Maid to help!!!!

  9. Wrong sign in.......but you know it is us!

  10. Madi you do look "I MAD" in the 1st picture. Us mom's sometimes have a hard time with that box thing that flashes!

  11. Madi, I would never stoop to call you a "mai...!"(insert bad 4-letter word) But a domestic engineer? How classy! And what a great DE you make!

  12. Madi, an Alpha cat never bothers with domestic engineering. I'm going to help you spell. Let's start with your name: d-i-v-a. Get it? Now write that down and see if anybody expects you to do housework ;)

  13. MOL!!! Now, that's SOME slip up! "MAID"?!? Them's seem like fightin' words. You are furry cute helping with the bed making! King does EXACTLY what you do...changing sheets, under covers he goes!

  14. You catch on very fast!... for a kat BOL

  15. Madi, this must be a cat thing. Boomer always tries to interfere whenever mom makes the bed. Sometimes mom has to kick her out of the room to get it done! Not literally kicking, like kicking a football, but by placing her gently in the hall and closing the door. Then we all live in fear that she will kill us in our sleep. She is the Queen of the Universe and has that power, you know...


    PS. Sometimes mom mis-spells my name as Clodu!!!

  16. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Don't worry Madi, you will never be mistaken for a maid. I try to help mom make the bed sometimes. If I see a wrinkle in the sheets I pounce on it to show her, MOL! I don't understand why she says it takes twice as long when I help. Moms, it's so hard to figure them out sometimes.

    Purrs and Hugs,
    Cindi Lou

  17. Madi, you did a great job with the sheets. Tell you Mom, Happy Belated Anniversary. That was a great post.

  18. Wow Madi,

    You sure have a big bed, and pink sheets too. We bet you even have pink towels? Could you be just a little bit spoiled?

    Riley and Star.

  19. Hi Madi!

    You do good work as a "maid"!
    But we can't let our Mom's really know this or no telling what in the world they would have us doing!

    purry purrs

  20. Madi and C,
    Could you and C come over and change my bed??
    You do beautiful work Madi girl!!
    Purrs, Happy & Fern

  21. Even as a maid you are a Diva...Go Madi!!


  22. Hi, Madi!
    I love to do that too!
    Problem is... my mom does not appreciate my help!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Oh poor Madi - you should be lounging on the bed, not making it! Oh well, I guess sometimes you just have to take care of things yourself!!


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