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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dachshund Chronicles: Toto goes to the Kennel

Toto and his little mistress 1976..the year bean bags and avocado green were IN:

After many years of living with Toto, I learned it was the humans who needed training not Toto. He reminded me of this several times a day. The year he was 8, we planned a trip to Hawaii...this meant Toto would have to be k.e.n.n.e.l.e.d for the first time in his life. Up until this trip, he went where we went. We were all very apprehensive about leaving him for nearly two weeks. Silly humans that we were, we knew he'd be miserable without us. The kennel was attached to our Vets office. When the time came to delivery him to his new home, Toto was greeted by several of his adoring fans. Often over the years we left at the Vet's for the day for check ups etc so it was not big deal. Little did he know this was not a day trip. A good time was had by all the humans in Hawaii. We arrived home late on a Friday night. We were all up bright and early on Saturday eagerly anticipating the bewitching hour of 8 am when we could pick up our precious little bundle. Oh what a grand reunion we had. His little tail was just wagging and he was doing the Toto shuffle. Needles to say, we were very relieved that he had not forgotten us. We were told he was an excellent boarder, that he ate well and played well. We gathered his belongings, leashed him and out the door we go. Of course when we arrived home, he had to check for pee mail and leave pee mail on every blade of grass to let his buddies know he was BACK. Finally he looks as if to say 'I'm done, I own the place again' we go in the house, so in we go. I take off his leash, turn to put it in the pantry. Toto barks loudly several times as if to say, 'hey look at me'. I turned back around, he stares at me intently for a few seconds, lifts his leg against the chair leg, pees a flood and I mean a flood on the kitchen floor (thankfully linoleum). He looks at me again, this time with stern determined eyes, turns and walks over to his bed. I'm standing there in total shock...he never had accidents...what in the world...then it dawns on me....this was REVENGE of the dog. He was saying 'so there that is what I think about your trip and the 2 weeks in the kennel'. Dogs are smart. They know what is up and if they aren't happy about it lo and behold you'll know it.


  1. HA! Toto was saying you should clicked your heels together 3 times and to Hawaii he would go with you! We animals are QUITE smart! :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Don't make dictate too much to your Mom--she's gotta rest too...! :)


  2. lol
    That's why we just stick with farm dogs.........they are outside and ewwwee.....

  3. I think maybe Toto was saying the trip was for the family and he was family too.
    Sadie shows her discontent by wining the whole time I'm gone and driving the person I leave her with crazy.

  4. Rem's mom here....oh yes! I have had that happen to me many times with several different pets. They are more in tune with things than we think!

  5. Toto was one smart woofie.
    Gee I wonder what a kitty would do if put in kitty jail for two weeks?


  6. Of course I could expect something like that!
    Good job, Toto!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Ahhh, what a sweet dog and your human sister was so precious in that picture...Priceless! Thanks for sharing your memories from the past. We always enjoy them so much!

    Mommy just spoke to our human brother Jason, and yes, the market runs through November. He said to tell you to please do come by and visit he and his wife. He would love to meet you. They'll be there this Saturday as they are every Saturday unless it is cancelled because of bad weather.

    Riley and Star.

  8. What a character Toto was!! Perhaps that was his way of saying "Nuff Said for Abandoning Me for 2 weeks!!" LOL
    Such a cute picture of him and Marlu!!

  9. Thankfully, the Giz hasn't done that.....

  10. Its a very lovely story :)
    Nice to read it !!

  11. Us cats are like that too...when the humans do something we don't like, we let them know even if it's just ignoring them for awhile...

  12. Hay Madi and Mom,
    Great picture of your Sissy and Toto. Should I tell you what I have learned over the years, about dogs??? Would it sound like I am trying to be superior??? I would love to tell all animal lovers what I know.
    Love you all, Fern

  13. Oh that is funny - the cats do that to - revenge peeing. I think they think it is funny.


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