Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Madi says: It's official.......

Look Mom it finally came....
we are now officially members of Twinkie's
Book club....oh my cats will you read Twinkie's book to me pleazzzzzze?

Thanks for reading all about Twinkie's struggles and TRIMPHANTS!!!
What a strong and determined puppy...but I have to ask
do you really think Twinkie ate that big bone?
Twinkie's Mom thank you for sharing Twinkie's story with all the world
What a fighter Twinkie is and what devotion and love you and your family gave Twinkie.

Note: On March 28, 2010 Steeple Sunday I featured the steeple from the Raleigh Moravian Church. Many of you mentioned you were not familiar with the Moravian Church or the Moravian Star in the Steeple. I thought I'd fill you in very briefly on both. I'm not Moravian; however, the Church in Raleigh has a very large congregation and we have an active communities around different parts of NC.
The origin is from John Hus a Bohemian martyr from 1415. The formal beginning was 1457 probably originated in central Europe. In 1752 several Moravian from Bethlehem, PA traveled to the east coast of NC then inland settling on a tract of land called Wachau or Wachovia (which also the name of one of the largest banks in NC). This area reminded them of their home on the Wach River in Europe. This area is now called Winston-Salem, NC. Old Salem is a village in Winston-Salem that is set up as a replica to the old villages the Moravians first settled in NC. The Moravian Star in the steeple of the Raleigh Moravian Church is a very popular Christmas Decoration in North Carolina. They are purchased pre-wired. They are hung from outside fixtures mounted in the center of the ceilings. When I was in high school, one of the projects all Geometry classes was to use geometry to figure out the star's make up then make a small one out of paper. Their candlelight tea service at Christmas is also very popular. So that is it in a nutshell. I would/should have explained more on Sunday's post but I thought everyone knew about them....but it seems it stirred up some interests. Sharing information on my beautiful State is one of the reasons I wanted to blog....shhhhh don't tell Madi she thinks it is all about her.


  1. Just send those people to Old Salem at Christmas and let them eat some cookies! :)

  2. Hey MAdi
    So the book is good? We havent been able to find it yet but am anxious to get it and read it. Twink is just so cute isnt she?? You look cute looking at th book, so sophistacated like :-)


  3. I am sure Twinkie's book is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Hey Madi! I will have to get that book!!

    Licks from me!!!


  5. Very cool, Madi, you got Twinkie's book!

    Fascinating story about the Moravian Church, I had never heard about them before. They seem very ecumenical in accepting all of the denominations at a time when there was so much division!

  6. Oh, Madi, I hopes you luvs Twin's book as much as I did! I wish I had my very own copy but I know Noel will luvs it.

    And thanks Madi's Mom for telling us all about the Moravian Church. That was Most Interesting!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. It's very cool you are reading Twinkie's book, Madi, you're such a sweetheart to have so many puppy friends!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  8. Mum's the word to Madi. She won't hear it from me!

    I like finding out about different cultures, States and traditions. I also think that's what make blogging so great. Sharing information and learning.

  9. Now that looks like a great book to get! I do think Billy would like it. Thanks for all the info on the star and church!!!

  10. We think Twink is really a big dog in a tiny dog outfit!!!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  11. What a great book review!! I need to get that book!!

    Also thanks Madi Mama on all the cool information!


  12. Love a literary cat! Thanks for the review!

  13. We loved the history lesson, but we love Madi even more and hope she doesn't get wind of the history lesson!!!!! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Madi and Mom,
    I just wanted to THANK YOU for all your love and support while we were going through our Hospice journey. My mom is a bit tired and it is taking her a while to get back, but she will. We had no computer access when in the Hospice, so we read everything when we were done. It was so lovely to read all your prayers and love and support. We are catching up on all of Madi's adventures and escapades with laughter and grins!!! It's raining so much here the only thing to be is a duck! We miss you terribly and cannot wait to get back into our blog world again. Much love, Woof! Josie and her mom

  15. Twinkie's book looks very interesting. Thank you to your mum for explaining about the Moravian church.

  16. I think it will be FANTASTIC :-)
    It was very interesting to read !!!!

    Hugs for Madi
    Kareltje =^.^=

  17. Thanx for the information on the Church. When we come down to Wake Forest in June, my dad is taking Keith and I on the Segway Tour. I wonder if that's on o the stops. An, don't worry, I won't tell Madi.

  18. TO your question...we'll be down June 12 --> 16th.

  19. Oh that is so awesome you got Twinkie's book! We just started following Twinkie's blog last week! And we think that Twinkie maybe did eat that bone - just in a few different attempts!

    We didn't know anything about that kind of church - but honestly we don't know too much about a lot of churches, so it was interesting to hear about. Our mom likes to learn about that kind of stuff too - that is where we get it from!

  20. Hi Madi, thank your mom for all that additional information about her Sunday Steeple post.
    Very interesting.
    That looks like a very cool book from Twinkie - you are a very lucky kitty cat.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  21. HI Madi

    I am so glad that your Mom read Twinkie's book to you. It is a pawsome story!
    And the background on the sunday steeple post was very interesting, we didn't know any of that.


  22. I got that book too! It is SO good! Thanks for the info....things I DID NOT know....
    You asked on my blog if I was sitting in the chair....why, yes, how else do you think I write my blog everyday?

  23. Madi, I always thought of you as an intellectual, that ended today! BOL Okay, I'm getting serious-er now. Thank you so much :) I hope you enjoyed the cat-astrophic parts, Madi. I am still working on the bone but my health has improved even more than when mommy and I put the book together and I am grateful for that every day. Mwah!

  24. Hi Madi and Mom,
    I have been to Twinkie one time, that was some time ago now. I will have to look for their book. Thanks for your info on the church!! We always like to learn!!
    Blogger was sick two mornings in a row!! Yesterday morning went into the afternoon for me. This AM was not near as bad!!
    Sweet dreams, Bambi & Fern

  25. Bah, it IS all about Madi!
    Well and Twinkie for this one. (We will go looks for the book too, we love a good read of strength and triumph.)
    Very interesting info on the US Moravians.

  26. That looks like a very good book, Madi!

    And thanks Madi's mom, for the info about the Moravian Church and star...our mom says she did not know about the Moravians either....

  27. Hi Madi,
    We think you made the state that you live in more beautiful and purrfect simply by living there! So yes, it is still all about you :)

  28. It's a small world! Howdy Twinkie! :)

  29. Hi Madi & Mom,

    That sounds like a good book, we also visited Twinkie's page and will be going back to read more. Miss Cindi wonders about that big bone too.

    I have heard about the Moravian Church but really didn't know anything about it, I really enjoyed the information. You do live in a wonderful state with a very rich history.
    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou


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