Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mom said to tell you she is an idiot!!!!

Somehow (we suspect serious operator error) Mom deleted all of the pictures of Me on the 'puter....she is very angry at herself. Once she stops beating herself on the head, she'll get busy building up another folder of pictures.

Today's picture is of a Crepe Myrtle tree in our neighbor's yard. It is very heat tolerant and loves July and August in NC.

Madi and the Village Idiot


  1. Oh No, Have you looked in the recyle folder on your 'puter???
    Madi, you better get ready for the flashy beast to be in your face a lot!!! Your public demands photos!

  2. Ms K and all my friends. The Village Idiot also empty the recyle bin....the flashy beast has been in my face all afternoon!!!! The Madi folder is getting full.

  3. Oh My Goodness! Well, just keep up with the flashy beast then. We have a bunch of crepe myrtle also that was planted last fall. All are doing so well!

  4. We are sorry about that.

    Also, should warn you about deleting anything on Picassa!

  5. There is a chance that you can still recover your pictures. The key is not to do anything else on the computer. Do not add/delete/move/change any files until you can get it to a computer tech.

  6. Sounds like a problem for Morgan... hope you're able to locate the pictures!

  7. I just love these late summer bloomers! They do really well in So. California too!

  8. Oh No! We hope they are somewhere in your computer. That happened one time to our mommy too. She now learned her lesson and tried, once a month, to burn all of her pictures on disks. That tree is lovely and we bet it gets lots of birds in it!

  9. Beautiful tree.........can't grow them here.
    That's ok.........I don't want your 3 h's....

    Take care Village Idiot..........I'm right there with ya....

  10. Oh that is awful! I had my hard drive crash last year and I had just moved all my pictures (and videos and music) on to it, cleared all the other random drives and hadn't backed it up (I kept putting it off). I know it stinks to loose pictures like that - they are what I miss most.


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