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Friday, July 24, 2009

My annual road trip Part I

Earlier this week, I heard rumblings that my annual road trip was coming it is not a 'cat-cation' is my purrfect kitty (aka well kitty) check up with my favorite Vet Dr. Szabo. I like him, 'cause he always tells Mom how clean my teeth are (naturally), how shiny my fur is and says what glistening eyes I have. You see Mom isn't completely to blame for my Diva status. Wednesday night I took a very good bath. I washed behind my ears, cleaned my eyes, washed under my arms (all four), clean between my toes and well you know everywhere else. Thursday night, I'm walking into the kitchen for a cool drink from my fresh water fountain, Mom says to Dad, 'grab Madi'. He says 'why' he is my buddy and always has my back. Mom says, 'we need to clip her nails'. Yikes, before I could high tail it to a safe place, Dad's holding me in his arms like a hu-baby while saying, 'Madi it isn't my idea, it is Mom's, don't scratch the messenger'. (FYI: no pictures of pedicure, it takes all hands on deck for this job). Now cutting the nails is no biggy. Mom does a good, quick job and Dad always whispers sweet nothings to calm my inner lion. But I say to myself why didn't they do this I have human all over me...I have to bathe again....ah a kitty's life is hard. Stay tuned for Part II, Annual Road Trip on Saturday


  1. Puppies do not mind to get their nails clipped. They are always very good when you do that! :)

  2. I am terrible at doing nail clippings and so I am glad your mom is good at it so it is quick for you. We have a trip to the vet this Saturday too - and I think I read someone else does as well (though I can't remember who). It must be that time of year to visit (although we are there a lot, what with 5 cats in the house). Good luck Saturday - I am sure you will be perfect again!

  3. Hope the nail cutting went super quick! Our mom does ours too, and Skeeter's the only one who actually ENJOYS IT!!! Can you believe that?!? Then get this...when mom's done cutting Skeeter's nails, she files them with HER nailfile! AND, she LOVES it! Skeeter, is so weird!

    King and Pandora

  4. Somebody needs to teach my Billy, that nail cutting is not all that bad. WHEW! It takes two of us here to do it, He Hates It! Have a good trip tomorrow Madi.

  5. Mommy is giggling because she is remembering how my cat used to do the SAME thing...

    Cats can be so silly...then again, they don't have to get baths hardly AT ALL!!

    Hmmmmmm...Hope yur road trip is ummmm fun...ok, so maybe tolerable!


  6. hi. thank you for your visit to my site. nice to meet you! are you living in america! i never been there, it must be great! is that your favorite space? nice!

  7. That is an interesting story! Kind of scary! A nail clipping! Wow! I never even had one before.
    I don't like to be held by my humans at all! 3 seconds is too long.... much less the minutes it would take for a nail trim! Though, I am better than I used to be!

  8. Wroooo wroooo Madi, You are a brave girl...we all need a pedicure, even Rama!!!
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy


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