Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four years ago today.

Hi Fur-ends,
Today's post is a picture of me date stamped July 16, 2005. I was three years old and already had the diva/supermodel look with a serious case of cat-atude. Notice how purrty I'm sitting. My front legs are crossed at the ankle like a proper lady. Mom told me the PLAN was to get another picture of me on the love seat today, July 16, 2009. This is not love seat day, week or month. I haven't been on the love seat in months. So newsflash Mom, there will not be a repeat photo today. I pick a spot or two that I like in MY house (operative word MY). I will only go to that spot or spots for weeks, and months at a time. Lately the chosen spot is either the top level of my perch or my peeps bed. So with this in mind, I wonder what are some of the favorite spots of furry friends? Thanks for stopping by to visit.
Madi is pouting and she calls me a diva???!!!


  1. So cute Madi! Billys's fave spois are the couch, beside daddy on his chair and by mommy in bed.

  2. You are so cute Madi.. we love the way you crossed your paws/arms in the pic!! Very diva like indeed...
    We just read the 'introduction' on your banner and had a good chuckle at how your mom mistook the freckle on your pink nose for a flea. Hershey had the same problem.. when she was a wee pup, dad mistook one of her ummm.. nipples for a tick and tried to 'remove' it... she was NOT amaused, I can assure you!!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog and for your prayers... it means so much to us that you care enough.. **HUGS to you and your mom**

  3. That looks lie a real comfy spot there! You are a great Diva.

    I have a couple of favorite spots! One right behind my mom on the couch!

  4. Madi my fave spot is the one where my mums bottom usually is. I like to try and sneak into her spot the minute she gets up.

  5. My favorite spot is MY couch! Second fave is up on the peeps bed, when they're out running around without me! That'll show 'em!

  6. You are sitting like such a lady~! Scooter (RIP) used to ALWAYS sit/lay with her paws crossed. Our favorite spot is anywhere we decide to make it!

  7. Oh Madi my kitties are the same way - they can't get enough of a spot and then they abandon it for a while. But they have a few that are consistently popular - the back of the couch, their pillows on the back of the couch and in the front paito doors are the most popular. But they do rotate from one spot to the other a lot.

    I love the picture of you - you are very ladylike for a young 3 years old!

  8. What a "southern" cat........such a feminine pose........
    now.........was that a hissy fit you were having?

  9. Dear Madi and Mom,

    Jack's Dad here. Thank you for the really nice comments on Jack's blog. I enjoy reading what people have to say.

    With regards to the movies and slide shows I put online, I do everything on a Mac, usually using either iPhoto or iMovie. You can modify almost everything, but it's really easy just to let the software do all the work. Sometimes, I spend a little more time to 'fancy things up' with other software, but generally I just play around in those two pieces of software. I'd be glad to help you out if you'd like more info. Please let me know!


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