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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday This and That

This is Dad's man cave. Since he is not in here, I think I'll try out HIS chair for size.....

He sometimes invites us girls in for a visit
Maybe I can hide his remotes or step on the volume button
so that he scares the beejeepers out of him when he turns on the tv....

This is my very favorited plate....why you ask
Mom serves my Fancy Feast on it and it
has pictures of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robbins and Tigger too

Mom left her clod hoppers in the floor A G A I N!!
She will receive demerits for this!!!
Can you imagine the trouble I'd get in if I left my
shoes in the middle of the floor?


  1. We love to hide our toy mousies in shoes we find around the house!...Have a great day...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Hi Madi, sometimes humans are so very untidy! We know you always put your shoes away.
    Your Dad's man cave looks pretty cool - you certainly had a good snoop around.
    We were a little worried in case your claws went through the chair like Ginger Jasper's did!
    We don't think your Dad would have been too pleased with that!
    Happy Sunday
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  3. Wow those chairs look super comfortable Madi. I think you should claim one of them as your own.

  4. Nice man cave! Did you put mom's shoes away for her? And.......I LOVE your plate!

  5. It's good to check out dad's man cave occasionally....and good idea about turning up the volume!!!!! That would definitely get his attention!!!!! Happy Sunday dear friend. xxxxxxxx

  6. HI Madi!!
    Your Daddy's mancave looks very interesting!
    I bet there is a lot of things in there that intrigue you.
    We all love the kitchen because that's the food room! *whoopeee* We all love to eat, and we're very good at reminding Momma what time it is when our tummies get empty!
    purry purrs

  7. Hi Madi

    Although it sound like a funny prank to play on your dad, we don't know if its a good idea to play with his remote.
    You know how men are when anybody touches their remote.

  8. Are you and Mom invited in the Man Cave to watch the Super Bowl this evening?
    Did you leave a "surprise" in Mom's shoe? teeheehee!

  9. If your family is hard core Super Bowl fans, grab a seat in the man chair and don't give it up. Trust me. As for the remote, you know I'd go for the volume button. Mom loves it when we do that to her. She jumps up and I think it's from joy.

  10. I will send Jack up to pick up the clodhoppers right away. He has a special place that he put them - well, he puts pieces of them! :)

  11. I think you and your mom should put claim to the Man Cave and make it your own!

  12. Hi Madi & Mom,

    We really enjoyed your inspection tour Madi, we do have to make sure our humans are keeping things tidy. Your plate is so cool, it's nice to have Winnie and his friends for you to see while eating.

    Cindi Lou

  13. Hi Madi! It's great that your dad lets you hang out in his mancave. And maybe you should put the bitey on your mom's clod hoppers...that'll teach her to leave them out!

  14. Madi, what a busy weekend you've had! How do you keep up the pace?! So many places and things to inspect!
    I never knew all of those tidbits about NC before!
    It's a good thing tomorrow is Monday so you can reat up again!

  15. Madi!
    Your Dad's man cave sure is pawesome!
    Those chairs look very comfy!
    My mom leaves her shoes around the house and she hits her barefoot with them sometimes and you can hear HBO words! I like that! Haaa!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. So, how was Dad's chair?? Wonderfully comfy?? When you find shoes around..they are now yours..that is my rule! BOL!! I hope you saw Puppy Bowl today--Great Kitty Half time show :)

    Licks from me!!


  17. Thanks madi
    that you let see us your favorite places
    I love it also to sit in my Daddy's chair :-)

    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  18. Madi, you're not alone in loving to sit in Dad's chair. My hubby has to share his with my fur children!

  19. Was Dad's chair warm when you were inspecting it? It would be pretty funny if you did turn up that volume! I love your Winnie the Pooh plate. He is one of my favorites!


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