Thursday, January 14, 2010

Madi: National Hat Day & Casey my next door dog

January 15 is National Hat Day
Everyone find a top hat and wear it proudly...
I hope you didn't expect to see me in a hat?!

Introducing Casey my next door neighbor dog.

You've all met several of our canine neighbors, Charlie, Biscuit and Waffle but not
So where to start...let's see Casey is a rescued Border Collie.
She came to live with the family next door to us about 4 years ago. Mom was a little skeptical when they brought her home for many reasons.
Before Casey they had a beautiful Golden Retriever for about a year...then when
their first child came they gave the Golden away. Not good. Then two more
children came. When the last child was 6 they got her a cat. It was supposed to be
indoor but evidently they weren't really cat people. The cat ended up outside.
Then all of a sudden it wasn't there anymore??!!!
So as you see they don't have a good history with pets. Then they bring Casey home 4 years ago and Mom found out Casey was a rescue. Well that says right there she will take extra TLC.
It was obvious early on that Casey had ISSUES which were probably why she was surrendered.

Here is the next picture of Casey. She is a very pretty black and white Border Collie. From day
one, Casey started treating the fence that sits just at our property line, as her border to protect and defend. Unfortunately, it is right where our bird feeders are located. Neither Mom
nor Dad could go in the back yard without Casey charging up to the fence and barking her head off. She is fearless for sure.
Anyone who knows Mom knows she has never met an animal she didn't like.
Well Casey has been a challenge for the last 4 years. Casey is very smart.
Mom was hoping they would take her to agility training but that wasn't to be.
When they got Casey the children in the house were 12, 11 and 9. As we
watched Casey develop, it became obvious that she figured out her place in the family.
She was a herder of kids. Sometimes there were lots of kids to herd. She trained herself.
Any time the kids and their friends were in the yard she gently ran with them
nudged them and basically putting them where she wanted them. As I said
Casey is a smart cookie and probably smarter than her owners.

Over the last year Mom's has noticed that Casey has become a little less vocal when they are in the yard. She will run up to the fence most times not barking at least with us.
She seems to have accepted us into her herd.
Mom got these pictures of Casey over the weekend. She just knew Casey would go ballistic but she didn't she quietly walked up to the fence, struck this nice pose and waited patiently for the photo session.
It appears this family found the perfect pet for 'their' active family.

REPLY to comment From Jack: Casey is pretty much a house dog she is out when the family is out. I used to see them walking her some but not so much anymore. She does run
up and down the other side of her fence with her buddy Charlie Brown the Basset hound.


  1. Happy National Hat Dat - that will be a good excuse for everyone to wear a hat today.
    We don't have any either Madi and we are not going to wear one.
    Nice to meet Casey, she is pretty and we hope she is happy.
    She seems to like sitting looking in to your garden - we expect she likes company.
    We guess her 'children' are getting too big to be herded now so she will need something to do.
    At least she is not chasing the birds away with her barking - like Bailey!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Happy (almost) National Hat Day! Your mom's evil Dress your cat up, plot, worked! Go see Skeeter today! Casey is adorable and Madi? Skeeter says if she had to go through her dress~up day, put that hat on Sista!

  3. Border Collies are so smart! Incredibly high energy dogs, too. We hope she is happy, and we're glad she doesn't bark as much any more.

    National Hat Day??? My mom has gone hat crazy the last month. She never used to wear a hat, and now she has 3!!!

    Cloud, who has no hat and is fine with it!

  4. Happy National Hat Day, furiend! So nice to meet Casey. Casey is quite the cutie! Glad she has calmed down and is more accepting of you after 4 years. We're sorry to hear about the pets who came before Casey. Wonder where they are now? It's sad how pets are so easily tossed to the side by some people.

  5. Oh, I thought you said National CAT Day. :)

    Re: Casey. I do hope they play with her and take her on walks and let her go inside the house. Too many people in my neighborhood leave their dogs outside and I never see them go out on walks. Of course, these are the dogs who go crazy when anyone walks by their house.

  6. Madi I think you would look real cute in that hat!!

    We hope that Casey will settle down now that her kidlets are getting older...Good Luck!!


  7. Hi Madi

    Border collies make nice pets, they are very smart and that is why they need to be exercised.
    As for herding the kids I hear that a lot with collies, they were bred to herd.

    When I was a kid the older people that lived next to us had a collie ( it looked like Lassie )and he was beautiful, he used to herd my brother and I too, we had a lot of good times with him.

  8. I have never known a border collie. So it is nice to get some info about them. sure you don't want me to crochet you a nice hat or two?????

  9. I still think it's too bad. Border Collies are high energy dogs and should get more exercise than running along the fence. Luckily, the Giz sleeps as much as a CAT and is a very low energy dog.

  10. HI Madi!

    When we read the story of Casey we felt so sad. Sad about the way the neighbors viewed "pets" and Casey herself seemed kinda sad. She is a high maintenance animal and needs lots of exercise and it seems she doesn't get it from her "owners". Aren't you glad we have Mom and Dad who love us and take such good care of us?


  11. Hi Madi! We agree with Debra, we felt sad for Casey and also for the pets before her. We hope that they wise up and let her get more exercise outside (and that she gets used to your mom and doesn't bark too much).

  12. I think Casey is a pretty puppy. I think she likes all you guys now--Tommy says if she was there, she'd ask the humans if she could walk her. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Hi Madi & Mom,

    National Hat Day sounds like fun. That hat looks super soft Madi, Cindi says it would be good to snuggle on for a nap.

    We agree with Debra on Casey, she does seem sad. Some people think they are suppose to have pets but don't understand how to love them. Very, very sad. We really hope Casey has a happy life.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  14. I liked your post today, Madi and Mom. I am glad that Cassey has excepted you and your hubby. Neighboring dogs usually do.
    Kiss for Madi, Happy, Bambi ^ Fern

  15. Loved your breakdown of Casey's story. We know lots of people who adopt, purchase, breed and then change their mind. Our last placement is looking for a home right this minute. The family who promised us to take care of her (Darla, an akita mix) only did so for 1.5 year. :(

  16. Hi, Madi!
    Hats?? Hmmm... not for me, thanks!
    Thanks for sharing about Casey.
    Kisses and hugs

  17. National Hat Day huh??
    Come on Madi, wear the hat for jusy one picture, you can do it, ok? Wait till you see my hat!!!


  18. I'm sure Casey could be in a worse situation, but I do wish she got more attention from her family...she's a beautiful girl!
    Hey Mom, how about a photo of you wearing the hat?

  19. I'll have to find one of my hats! Casey looks like a nice puppy. I am glad she found a nice home to take care of her. Hard telling how bad it was where she was last....

  20. I didn't know it is National Hat Day. So I can wear my hat from Gracie's party!

    It sounds like things have slowly improved for Casey in terms of "humanizing" her. I understand Border Collies need to have "work" to do, otherwise they are not very happy. They need lots of exercise.

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