Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Malfunction Shower Saga

Mom filed the proper paper work requesting
some time on my blog.  I gave her permission
mainly because I was MOLing so hard I could not have typed this anyway.
Go for it mom aka TOGM (the old gray mare)!!

Good morning all. This is a picture of our walk-in shower. Madi's Dad and I decided we needed a walk-in since we have chosen to 'age in place'!
Before demo we had the standard tub shower combo with about a 10" step into the tub.
The shower head had a simple water flow system and one lever to turn on water and adjust temperature
That being said....this is the new shower and
shower head. Before you ask...yes this was our choice.  We actually saw it working 
in the store.  It has a rain head feature too.

I took my first shower in there Wednesday, July 13th.  I have been waiting for this event every since we selected all our fixtures.  I absolutely love my shower, it is the highlight of my day
This is a re-enactment of the actual event as experienced by me. I selected a Zoombie stand-in from Pizap because, had I been able to see myself this is what I am sure I would have seen. Water from PicMonkey.

I had a shower head malfunction.  
For inquiring I don't take my shower in my clothes but
our blog is a Family Blog no birthday suits here.
I turned on the water, selected the exact temperature, easy peasy.  I didn't notice the angle of the head, when I got in it had me standing back against the wall. When I tried to adjust the head, I mistakenly turned it to the massage/beat the living daylights out of you setting. The water was in my my eyes. At the same time I did this I somehow hit a little button that releases the smaller head (found this out after my shower). That thing started twisting and turning like a snake spraying water all over creation. It was like being in a water park. I got that back in place, quickly finished a very stressful shower and got out, dried off and commenced to figuring out what in the world happened at which time I noticed
water all the way up about 7' on the tile, the painted walls also had considerable splashes on them. Thankfully not drenched. They dried ok. The culprit to all this drama
was the shower head was aimed straight.  I tilted it down, turned on the water and yep it was A OK.  Thursday night 7/14 I have the best most relaxing shower ever!! Now I know why Madi's Dad let me take the first shower in there.  He is cat like he does not like change...he likes for me to figure things out first.  LOL So in closing you can teach TOGM new tricks and you can lead her to the shower stall but the rest is up to her.
We hope, in time, you are all able to UNSEE the visual picture we painted.

Madi here: regular DRY programming will return tomorrow.


  1. Wow, who knew taking a shower could be such an adventure!

  2. Gosh that sounds quite an adventure. So pleased you got there in the end!

  3. Hari OM
    MOL MOL MOL..... welllll... as you know, I had my own shower combat that first night at the Red Roof, so I have a fair idea of the trauma which can take place!!! Makes for a good post though, eh? Those showers with the little extra 'arm' are fabulous to use though. May you have many years of cleanliness from the new unit... YAM xx

  4. we love your shower too!!!!!! and the mama read your post with 120 decibel to my dad who is cat too on that front, well technically he is full cat for being a lion... but we hope the lion will not sleep all nights and he will give a check to the mama for her new bathroom asap :o)

  5. MOL...Miss Madi & Dad are really nice pawson =^x^=

  6. You had our mom falling out of her chair and laughing hysterically! We're so glad that shower #2 was much, much better!

  7. MOL, what an adventure! Glad you figured out how to tame the hostile shower creature! The head peep is really envious about your big, gorgeous shower.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA....oops....not polite to laugh at humans when they do silly/strange/weird stuff right Madi? OK - I won't giggle. BUTTTT I have to say the more "complicated" the features on any bit of equipment (even a shower head) the more "problems" are likely to occur with humans figuring stuff out! HOWEVER, having said that, it seems your Mom DID figure it all out and that was a "one off" event. Now she will enjoy that brand new shower with its' brand new six function shower device. Of course inquiring minds must know if your Dad ASKED Mom for instructions or if he figured it all out on his own (without spraying water 7' up the wall). Tee Hee................

    Hugs, Sammy
    p.s. Mom says to tell your Mom that she "feels her pain" (whatever THAT means!)

  9. Oh that is soooooooo funny. Sorry, I know it wasn't funny to you at the time. The picture is hysterical. Glad you got it all figured out.
    Our computer has to go to the doctor today so we will of offline for awhile. You all have a great week.

  10. Laughing here! But you figured it out and the new shower is beautiful!

  11. A walk in Mum is drooling (not a pretty sight!)
    Dial in the temperature you want???? What luxury!!!!!
    And, not only does it wash you, if you get the settings right, you can wash the WHOLE bathroom as, amazing!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. I quite liked this special programming, Madi. That was so nice of you to give your mom a turn on the blog!

    I'm glad you got that shower thing sorted out! It's amazing how trying out a new shower can be like walking onto a space ship from the future and trying to get it to fly. That's how I felt with the shower at my house when I first bought it last year.

  13. MOL,!! Sweet revenge for you, miss Madi. But we're glad this was only a mild adventure story.

  14. BOLBOLBOLBOL....The funniest thing of all is my Mama usual does the same thing your Daddy does....she lets my Daddy figure out all of the new stuff...Glad your Mama got things figured out and oh my, that is one beautimous shower!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. If Mom is able to do Pizap she could figure out the shower head! BOL
    So nice not to step over the bath tub into the shower. Yay for Mom!
    Hugs and nose taps,
    Molly and Kathy

  16. I have to tell you, I am still laughing about the "beat the living daylights out of you". Maybe all our bruises will be well soon!

  17. BOL - maybe a helmet if you ever update the shower again?

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  18. BOL - we would really have loved to see a video of all the action but we understand:) If we had that shower head here, Dad would NEVER be able to use it - he is very technologically challenged:) Mom enjoys her shower too but we just have plain old shower heads:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  19. HA roo roo roo! Our mom said something about that sounding like a sketch from I Love Lucy. AND mentioned it sounded like something she'd do!
    That sounds so funny, Madi!
    Yours sincerely,
    Maggie T.

  20. Yep, I can picture it in my head. Heehee

    Mara from Norway

  21. That sounds like something my Dad would do!

  22. C;

    sorry; but I am LMAO here~~~~~~~~~~ I'm sure it wasn't funny to you ♥♥♥


  23. That is too funny :) You shouldn't have reported this to the hubby, so he could have the same "fun".

  24. OhMy!!! What an adventure for the first shower. "beat the living daylights out of you!" ha ahaahaa! Glad you got it all figured out now - our mom loves her shower too!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  25. BOL! Sounds like your dad had the right idea to let your momma figure it out furst!

  26. Furst of all we loved the diagram. It really brought the story to life. And we thought your choice of the "stand in" for TOGM was outstanding as well. Our mom thought the story was hilarious cuz we actually have the same basic system in our big shower. Now there is 1 other thing that could have happened . . . the little hand held shower can pop out if it isn't put in just right and hit you in the head. And it hurts! Good luck and happy showers!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  27. Lady read this out loud to the Man and they had a chuckle! They also have a beautiful shower, not as fancy as that, but they never use it. They are both lounge in the bath kind of people! Hope the water only goes where you want it going forward!

  28. Our mom would have opted for a test firing first without getting in the shower. At least you were able to figure out how to make it work for you. BTW...Brian is a chicken. BOL!

  29. Bwahaahaa! You need to read the instructions (SHE never does). When visiting Virginia, their guest shower--probably installed by a man-- has the huge showerhead aimed at the DOOR! So SHE understands your dilemma!

  30. MOL! We're glad you finally figured it out though getting there was quite an adventure.

  31. That's hysterical! New things always take some time to figure out. Glad the new paint was damaged.

  32. BOL!!!!!!!!! OMD, gurl, your Moms is as bad as my Ma!!!! BOL!!!!! At least it didn't hit your Moms on the head and make her pass out! Now THAT would have happened to Ma fursure! BOL!!!! Oh dear, gurl, what are we gonna do with our peeps??!! *sigh*
    Thanks bunches for all the help with getting out the POTP! When Ma sent it, she was using her teeeeeenie tinnnnny tracphone and she didn't have her reading glasses, so she was just guessing that the text came out right! I thinks Ma needs new eyes fursure! Anyhu, I have an appt. to see my good vet on Wed. night (it was the only time he had, and Ma wasn't letting any other vettie touch me! ☺), so we will update after. I am doin' good, butts Ma says my ear still looks closed, butts it's only been 72hrs. so by Wed. we should have a better picture. Thanks bunches again!
    Ruby ♥


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