Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy Birthday to my Sis and Rainbow Remembrance

Today is my human sis's (mom to Frisco and Mia) birthday.
Happy Happy Birthday SIS!!
We love her 2 hours and a bunch!
When she was a wee girl of 2ish,  nap time was her least favorite time of the day.
She would ask mom how long she had to nap.
Mom would say about 2 hours.  Sis thought that was an eternity.
All of a sudden she started telling the peeps she loved them
2 hours and a bunch 

 My sis was a clever little girl who knew her way around Mom so
sis I have a question.  How did your keep her from
reading your mind and seeing everything you did?

The woman is sneaky, tricky and she knows how to be invisible.

Here is a Family Collage...
Mom was not taking photos of me when I was between I was between 20 months and 3 years:::GASP::: 

We had planned to post license plates today...
Never fear they will resume a Sunday very soon.
We have a ton of them and even some from our spotter Terri in 

Even though it is Sis's bday she would probably want us to remember all those furries who have shared our lives
 In order of their presence in our family

Toto, the mighty mini Dachshund
Gudrin and Ursala, Uncle G's first kitties in the 1980's
Milky-Way, our first feline
Cali, Cornish Rex and Sis's 21st bday gift
Harley, Cornish Rex, Sis's 2nd cat

All these precious pets paved the way to my peeps hearts so that I could find them.
Hugs Madi


  1. Happy Birthday to your human Sis!
    Lovely photo collage - we did notice there are 3 of you and only 1 of each of the humans...
    ((Hugs)) from your besties at Angel Prancer Pie.

  2. Hari OM
    Well a great big Hi and Howdy to your hu-sis for her big day... Crikey though Madi - I think I would've walked the plank anyway... Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Happy birthday to Frisco and Mia's human!

  4. Happy birthday to Madi's Mom's Sis!

    Aren't humans funny though. They all know we cats like high places to walk on and sleep on, but when we see one: not allowed! Why make 'em then?? Isn't it much better to have a beautiful cat to look at instead of those boring paintings and stuff?

    Miss Oswin from Norway

  5. Happy Birthday to the SIS, Madi. Hope she has a great day and many more. Love all the collages. You all have a fabulous day today.

  6. Happy Birthday to your sis! Love the family collage.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday to your sis! I love the photos... and the hairstyle of your mom is super cute!!!

  8. Happy birthday to your sister! What a sweet tribute. I love the story about 2 hours and a bunch! Hope she has a wonderful day today.

  9. A very special Happy Yappy Birthday to your Sis!

    PeeS....will there be cake?????

  10. Happy birthday and I love the collages. I can read minds too because when I saw you standing there I knew exactly that you were thinking about walking on that manner before I read what your mom said

  11. Happy Birthday, Madi's human sis!
    All mothers have to have eyes behind their head and can read minds. That way we stay ahead of you kids! LOL
    Hugs and nose taps,
    Kathy and Molly

  12. Happy Birthday to your special Sis from all of us!!!

  13. Happy happy birthday! And yeah... moms know all our tricks. Darn it.

  14. Madi, you said it well. We will never forget all our furbabies who were in our past....

  15. Happy Birthday to your human sis and a nice tribute to the pets that made our lives so much fuller... full of love!

  16. Happy birthday to your Mums Sister,and a lovely tribute,xx Speedy

  17. Happy Birthday to your Sis! We all have lots to remember of our family and friends at the Rainbow Bridge today too.

  18. Happy Birthday Madi's Sis.
    Gail is remembering childhood pets Goldie the Goldfish, Nibbles the Dutch rabbit and Arthur the guinea pig. And of course my predecessor the much loved Hamish the Westie.
    Toodle pip!

  19. Happy Birthday to your human Sis - bet you will be celebrating in a week or so:) And Madi, if you get up on that mantle, you will be able to practice your balance beam skills for the next Pawlympics:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  20. Happy birfday to your hooman sissy! Wait . . . your mom went that long without taking ANY pictures of you? That is longer than 2 hours and a bunch!! We are shocked! We better lie down . . . for a while . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. We are kinda with Murphy...where is the picture of you at 20 months in that collage??? BOL!!

    Happy Birthday Madi Sissy!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo (who now knows what 2 hours and a bunch is and is very flattered to be loved that much!)

  22. Happy Birthday to Sis and thanks for joining Remembrance Day!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  23. Just wait until her back is turned and THEN walk the mantle. I mean c'mon, that thing is clearly begging to be walked!

  24. Happy Birthday to your Sis. Moms always seem to KNOW! Sheesh, we RARELY get away with anything.

  25. Happy birthday to your sis! I bet she would love a 2 hour nap now that she is an adult :)

  26. Happy Birthday to your Sis!!! Hope she had a wonderful day!!!!!

  27. Happy birthday to your sis. And we're glad your family found all those furries so you would eventually find your mom.

  28. Mom's do see all Madi. happy Birthday sissy!

  29. So sweet Madi. Happy Birthday to sissy
    Lily & Edward

  30. Happy belated birthday to you sis!!!

  31. Happy birthday to your human sis!


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