Saturday, May 8, 2010

Only Madi could keep me from making up the bed...

UPDATE On my Grandma's heart cath at the bottom...
Last Saturday after breakfast, I in went to our bedroom to make the bed...this is what I found.

one absolutely precious Madi cat
thoroughly enjoying a snooze on our bed
I'm a stickler for making the bed every day but she was
looking so adorable I
not only left it unmade when we left the house, I
also left the blinds closed so she could have complete darknees for her
Sunday morning snooze.

As I was leaving the bedroom, I took this last picture. I believe she is saying
THANKS Mom. As we were pulling up in the drive way about 2 hours later
we both said..I bet Madi is still on the bed. When we walked in the house, she was
walking out of the bedroom. I made the bed at 1 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Note from Madi and Mom: We both thank you all for you kind wishes for my Grandma (Mom's Mom) during her heart cath yesterday. It went very blockages. There is an irregular heart beat that will be regulated mechanically by a defibulator (similar to a pace maker). Mom told me that Grandma is a very strong 82 year old lady and she hopes and prays she is that strong when she is 82.


  1. So glad Gran's procedure went well - she is doing well for 82!
    Madi you are such a Diva - how well you have trained your mom to leave you in bed with the curtains closed!
    We know you just loved that!
    Martha and Bailey xx

  2. Madi
    You have your mom trained so good!! She knew that the Diva needed her sleep and how nice of her to leave the curtains closed!!


  3. I was so happy to hear the good news about yur Mom, Cecilia; what a wonderful Mother's Day gift that was for you both!...Madi is an adorable sleepyhead; she's really precious staking her claim on your bed!...Have a fun Saturday sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. ps just read your comment and we knew it was your Mom C - no worries!!

  5. We knew it was your Mom. Blog Mom and Alpha Mom are of that generation when everyone is taking their Mom and Dads for medical things if they're lucky enough to still have such.

    In our house, Simone is totally in charge of preventing bed making and she takes it very seriously. She's also good at obstructing the changing of the sheets.

    wags, Lola

  6. Just as well your mum didn't make you move Madi. That would be No Good.

  7. Sweet innocent Diva pics!

    I'm so glad for your Grandma, Madi!
    Chin scratches to you, Hugs to Mom!

  8. Madi looks so comfy! I am so happy that your mother is okay! Have a fun weekend. Now you can relax!

  9. Madi,
    You do look comfy on yout mama's bed. Great news about your Grandma! Mom and me have our happy faces on. :)

    Woofs and Licks,

  10. I'm very much glad that your Grandma is doing good, Madi. Me and mom just totally didn't read that right yesterday.

    And, gosh, your mom is such a, I mean...sweetie for not kicking you out of the bed to make it. To be honest, our mom is a sucker...I mean...sweetie that way, too. That's why so many of our pictures show us in an unmade bed. Cuz mom can't bear to kick us out of it when we looks so comfy.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. I'm glad it went well with your mom.

  12. Our Mom's mom had a cath and lived many more years. Hope yours will too. You look lovely on the bed Madi! Please stop by for our Yoko's party this weekend!

  13. Why....I do think Billy and Madi are of the same breed! Those could be pics of him, hehe. So glad for the G-mom! Happy day to you all!

  14. We totally agree with you....Madi is precious.

    Our mama has been a bit under the weather again so we missed visiting, and didn't know about your Grandma.....we will be purring that she continues to improve. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. We are so happy to hear that your Grandma is doing well!!!
    Our mommy's grand grandmother lived till 105 years old!

    Madi,your mommy is so sweet not to move you from the bed!!
    You look so comfy there!!

  16. Hurrah for good news! Glad the procedure went smoothly.
    Madi, remind your Mommy that it's your bed really, you only *let* her sleep in it!

  17. I'm glad everything went well with your mom.
    Madi is so precious:)She needs her beauty sleep.

  18. I love the way Madi is avoiding eye contact in every shot, like "I don't see you and you don't see me!"
    It was great talking to you yesterday, and so glad Mom is doing well.
    Kit and Pups

  19. You waited until 1PM to make up your bed? I'm sure you've broken some kind of commandment! :)

  20. We also have a tough time making our bed whether in the RV or home, due to the same kind of cat problem! Madi is a very pretty kitty.

  21. I always stay on the bed until Mama kicks me off to make it....You are one lucky diva cat Madi!!


    PeeEss to Madi Mom-So glad that things went well yesterday with your Mom.

  22. Hi, Madi!
    Glad to know everything went well with your Grandma!
    You look so comfy on the big bed!
    My mom has to take me off the bed everyday when she wants to make it!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Yay for Grandma! That is the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day Weekend!
    Madi, I thought I was spoiled but sister, you take the cake! Even I get pushed out of the bed when it is time to make it and most of the time I am under the covers. Can I come over and take lessons?
    Happy Mother's Day to your Momma!

  24. Hello and nice to meet you!
    We are glad to hear that your Grandma is doing well after her surgery. Happy Mother's day to your mum and her mum!
    You are looking sooo comfy - we have trained our mummy and daddy really well - they leave the bed unmade for us if we're on there looking cozy as well!!
    Purrs from Keiko Kenji & pricilla

  25. Hi Madi and Cecilia,
    I am glad your Mom is doing good!!! I didn't know any of this was going on. I get 12 to 15 comments and with dial up it takes me all the time I can find in two days to answer them. So if you haven't come to my blog I don't have the time to come to see you!! I am so busy answering the comments that I have. I am still trying to have a life with Tom and Bambi & Happy. I have been gardening and I have done a little sewing too. So I have not had a spare minute!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for coming to see me, I have missed the two of you very much. I have been thinking of you wanting to get some extra time to come and see what was going on with you. But I haven't found the extra time. So happy you came!!!!!!!
    XXOO, Fern

  26. So glad your mom is doing well!

    Making the bed? What's that?

  27. Thanks for your update about your Mom :)))
    I am happy to hear she is doing well
    I have think on her the whole day...

    Hi Madi meow..meow..
    I love it also to sleep on my Mommy's bed
    but at night I must sleep in the livingroom.
    Its for my mommy & Daddy
    and by day its MINE..... meow..meow..
    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  28. I can see why you didn't have the heart to boot her out of the bed.


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