Monday, November 2, 2009

Madi: My favorite hiding place

As you all know...Dad is retired so he and I hang out together all day every day!!!

We have our routines. One of my FAVORITE things to do is go in the bathroom with him while he gets ready every morning. I either sit on the shower mat, basking in the steam or crawl into the vanity where I nap on the towels. The heating vent is under the vanity so you can imagine how warm and toasty it is in here. Finally, I did this on the weekend when the shutterbug (aka Mom) was home.

Gee mom do you have to take a picture of EVERYTHING I DO
this is my secret spot now everyone know where I am.

CSI Madi here...upon closer inspection and under my supervision, Dad was able to determine the metal sleeve the sign fits in was bent during the vandalism so we have called the city.
I told Mom to stress to the city that this was a safety issue. A nice lady from the sign department called Mom within about 45 minutes. She said the sign should be fixed today.


  1. Sorry your secret hidey spot has been exposed! That stinks! King has found a hidey spot and mom has NO clue as to where it is. He's furry sly like that! Glad to hear that your street sign is going to be out back in it's place!

  2. Hmmmm......want me to send Billy over to sniff you out? Naw, that would be meam I guess. Wish I could find a nice comfy place like that to hide, hehe.

  3. Madi
    My favorite places are in the cupboards any cupboard. I walk up to one and paw at it and Mom knows to let me in so I can "inspect". She brought out the flashy box and took some pictures of me in the laundry cupboard which she is puttin on my blog very soon.


  4. What a great hiding spot you have, Madi...well, maybe it's not a hiding spot anymore since the shutterbug found you there!

  5. You must be very agile to get into such small spaces. Jack tries to get into the shower, but I have to keep running him out!

  6. Glad to hear the sign will be fixed soon!

    Awesome hidey place...and is that a SMILE I see in that last picture???


  7. Hi madi!

    The secret is to have a few hiding places, so at least you can keep them guessing or at least it will take them longer to find you.

  8. Hi, Madi!
    That looks like a pawesome spot! Sorry your mom discovered it!
    I hope your street sign is fixed now!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Beans are lousy secret place keepers!

  10. Hi madi
    I tell you a secret
    I always jump into the clean towels
    I love it there ......
    kareltje =^.^=

  11. You are lucky you are small. I saw your blog and thought that would be nice and cozy. I could barely get my head in there! I'll have to find a cozy hiding place too. You look very comfortable!

  12. Your secret place is warm and toasty, I want one like that for myself, there's no privacy in my place, paparazzi are eveywhere!
    Love ya

  13. WOW--you Mom found you anyway? A girl does need her privacy! :) Yet, you are so pretty--so I'm glad your mom did catch you! :)

    Has the city fixed your sign?


  14. Hi Madi, good work in sorting out the sign - you are very public spirited.
    We loved the idea that you can keep an eye on your Dad whilst he is getting ready!!!
    We are sure he appreciates this as you know what these humans are like - you will be able to keep him right.
    Our mum is counting the days until she retires!!!
    Martha would love to go shopping with you Madi - she has no money but could perhaps borrow our mum's credit card.
    Can you imagine the two of you in the shops!!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  15. Hi Madi
    I just want to tell you
    I prefer also warm towels,
    special when they come out the dryer .... :)
    hugs for you my sweetheart
    Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Hay Madi,
    We are sorry we missed this post. WE must have been a sleep. Nov. 2 was a Monday, where is our head!!! We are vey sorry, we don't want to miss a single post!!
    Thanks Cecilia for being my friend!!!
    Bambi and I love you and Madi....


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