Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Madi and Mom present Namesake Day

Happy Tuesday all,
Well according to that Whimsical Calendar today is Namesake Day.
Mom and I thought we'd tell you a little bit about our names.
First of all my Dad told my Mom it was easier to name my human sister than it was me. HA
When they adopted me, I was listed at kitty "M". At first they were not thinking of names that began with M. Mom wanted to name me Clancy, after the very first veternarian, Dr. Clancy, who examined me.....oh thank goodness Dad would not hear of that. He said it reminded him of a great big burly policeman not a sweet gray and white kitten. Then Mom said how about something to do with the color gray, like Gracie, or Ashely or Cinder....Nope none of those would do. Finally, one of them said how about a name beginning with "M".
As far as Mom can remember, there were no other choices as soon as she said
Madison and call her Madi....Dad said GOOD DEAL!!! You would think that was that, but
I cannot begin to tell you how many 'other' names I have.
All of you know she calls me The Diva, then there is Mads or my favorite invented by Dad Madster. Yep I love that name.
So happy day from Madi, the Diva, Mads or Madster.....but never Madison.

Now for Mom's name...(no this isn't my Mom)
This is a statue of St. Cecilia. The story is there were several names being tossed about for my (Madi's) mom before she was born, some were:
Garnet (she was born in January and that is the birthstone), Jan...again for January, Schyler (who knows why and thank goodness this one was not selected).
Thankfully Mom's Mom was reading a novel just before she was born...the Shrine of St. Cecilia was mentioned in the book....and are we all glad none of those other names were selected.
Our best,
Madi and Mom


  1. Madi is a great name=we like Madster too!!...Our Mom was named after Jacqueline Kennedy, Halle was named after Halle Berry (a beautiful Catwoman!), Calle got her name when Mom found a book that said Calista was Greek for "most beautiful" and Sukki was 1 year old and named Suki when she came to live with us, so Mom added a "k" so we would all have names with 5 letters and double consonants (it just ended up that way, but even our older sister, Nikki had those characteristics in her name)...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Hey Madster, lol
    That was cool to learn how you got your name. It is intersting to learn these things!!


  3. Hi Madi
    Nice to hear your humans put so much thought into picking just the right name for you.
    It is also good that they can vary it depending on your mood.
    How cool for your mom to be named after a saint - that must mean she is a very good person.
    We don't know who picked our names. Our mum wanted to change them when we moved to our forever home but our dad said the only thing we had was our name!
    He was right about that!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. Madster,

    It does have a nice ring to it. We liked hearing how you got you name Madi, that is so cool. We love the story behind your Mom's name too. Cecilla is a beautiful name.

    I really don't know why I was named Judy, I think my mom just liked the name. Cindi Lou is named after the character in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. She finally decided she wanted to stay with us around Christmas and stood at the door with the cutest look on her face, just like little Cindi Lou Who standing with her family around the tree.

    Judy and Cindi Lou

  5. It was so cool to learn how you and your mom got your names!!! We love Madster!

  6. All my fur babies had nicknames too Madi. Us hoomans tend to do that with the ones we LUV.

    Mom LUVs you very much you know.

  7. Dear Miss Madi - I luved hearing about how you and your mom gots your names! They are both very, very bootiful! And I like your nicknames. I have lots of those, too! But mom and dad just picked my name cuz they liked it and they thought it suited me. Same way with the kitteh-siblings, Abby & Ripley.

    But Ranger was first named Joe, and mom and dad didn't think that suited his Most Big Personality. Well, he was being fostered in Texas and they have these lawmen in Texas named "Rangers." So Ranger's whole name is RBR's Texas Ranger Joe. (RBR stands for Ratbone Rescues, where he came from.)

    My mom was named after the book "Forever Amber" and her grandma was mortified cuz that was quite a raunchy book in its day and she was afraid my mom would grow up and read the book one day. And you know, she never has. BOL.

    Thank you very much for such an interesting post today. I hope you have a furrific Tuesday!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. I just love Madster! lol, My boys named Billy with a bit of my help. His paper name is: Shufelt's Sweet William. My former name, and he was just a sweet little flower, I thought. We humans are so silly sometimes right?

  9. HI Madi!
    Well we never thought of you as a Madison...Madi is so purrfect. Thanks for sharing how you got your name. I don't know if you know but this is my third home since I was a kit. The first two families gave me away. I am a bit of a diva too -- ahhhh *BIT* Abby? OK MOMMMA no comments please. But when she adopted me from the man who just wanted to abandon me my name was Abby and I was nearly 6 so Momma didn't want to change my name because I had had it for so long. THAT was probably the best thing she could have done at the time, because I was so mad that I had been given away I hated everything and if she had changed my name I would have probably exploded. But, as things go, it was actually the best thing that ever happened to me. I love Momma unconditionally and forever and ever.

    purry purrs

  10. That's neat! We loved coming up with names for our kitties, too. We love your calendar!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. I love both of your names. They are VERY nice! Beth got mine from a guy on a soap opera -- the "steal my heart" was because I stole her heart, ha ha!

  12. Be sure to ck out Star and Riley's post....I used the paper you sent me to write Star a letter....thanks again for that!

  13. Wow.....what an interesting post....got us to thinking about names also......Sammy was named "Sammy" cuz mamabug needed a name that could be either male or female, until she could figure out which he was.....:)

    Andy's original name was Little Orphan Annie, because he was found at only a few days old on the shoulder of a busy street....but when it was determined he was a he, it was changed to Andy cuz that was close to Annie in sound....so he wouldn't be confused......

    Mamabug's name also came out of a book that her mom was reading. We love you guys.....xxxxxxx

  14. Hiya Madster! We like that one too! What a very kewl post today. Mom was named Shannon for no reason, it wasn't popular when she was borned. Here's the rest...

    Scooter(RIP)~ mom had pets named Harley and Chopper and decided she needed a Scooter.

    Skeeter ~ Sounded cute with Scooter.

    King ~ he was the only boy of the litter

    Pandora ~ She was a BAD little girl kittie.

    Cricket ~ was GOING to be Dutchess (the grocery store mom got her at is Dutch's), UNTIL..;she started purring and sounded EXACTLY like a Cricket.

  15. What great names both you and your Mama have and what wonderful stories on how you got them!


  16. That was a fun post. We like the name Madi! Our mom was named after a tugboat on the radio - Cherylann!

  17. Hi Madi

    We think Madison is a nice name to and way to go to your dad for for the Madster name too.
    In fact Sadie grandpaw calls her Sadster.

    Sorry we haven't been by lately, but with all the weather and Sadie's dad and I have been battling colds and stuff, well we haven't been doing much of anything.
    But we are feeling better not and would like to thank you for your concern.

  18. Very informative :-)
    Nice to hear about your names !!!!
    My name comes from Anna (Maria)
    Kareltje is a old Dutch boys name

  19. Hi Madi and Cecilia,
    Loved hearing about how you got your names!! I love both your names!!
    Mom, you might have to remind me about posting about quilting day. I will try to remember.
    XXooXX Bambi & Fern

  20. Hi Madi! That was cute!
    My name is Hebrew origin and means Bee!

  21. Those are great name stories! I am named for characters from Little Women (Amy Beth - never use the Beth though). The cats have various origins - Floyd was for Pink Floyd (long story on that one), Kirzon is misspelled from Star Trek DS9, Lola was Lolita with the nickname Lola but we really only use Lola ever, Virgil is from Dante's Inferno and it has been used for various items (friends kids toys, video game characters) until we got Virgil the cat, and Barney is from How I Met Your Mother (I just went through the TV shows I watch by day - luckily I picked a Monday show!)

  22. Madi, we think your name fits you purrfectly!!

  23. The name-search! Yikes. It was less than a year ago my family went to war, with each other, over naming Frankie. M won

  24. Hey Madi - Vespa is sitting here with me reading your blog. When he arrived his name was Sylvester, but he zips around the house like an Italian scooter so he is now Vespa.
    (when he is not Mr. Trouble)

  25. Thanks for sharing about how you got your names!
    Choosing names is not easy... but it took 3 seconds to my mom to decide mine! hmmm...
    Kisses and hugs


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