Thursday, March 4, 2010

Madi explains why she showed her back

Ok so here is the rest of the story.
If you enlarge this picture, you will see this is an innocent (NOT) paper wrapper from a
skein of yarn...that is until it falls into the hands of a Mom, the
shutter bug. The below pictures are why I had my back
turned to Mom and the flashy monster yesterday
I'm still not sure how/why/when she did this or thought it was a good idea
but I can tell you it happened quickly. It was large enough that
I didn't even know it was there for a nanosecond.
THEN I gave my tail a big swish and off it flew
only to get into her hands again.....Mom put it on my
head over one ear but as you see that didn't last long.

So raise your hand if you agree with my firm stand
yesterday of turning my back to the Mom and the flashy monster!!!

Madi only..I'm still not talking to the Mom and yes Mayzie there will be
demerits for this post. If you haven't met Mayzie, drop by she is one adorable brindle
pooch with lots to talk about.


  1. LOL, But Madi, it sure made a very funny story! Please start talking to Mom again!

  2. Hi, Madi!
    Now I understand very well!
    Sorry to tell you this but my mom had a good laugh with your post! Hmm...
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Hi Madi,
    Cindi Lou here. What is it with mom's putting stuff on our ears and tail's? And if that weren't bad enough then they pull out the flashy monster! You are right to show her your back.
    I guess we have to let them have some fun sometimes. I hope you are talking to your Mom again.
    Cindi Lou

    Hi C,
    That is way too cute.

  4. Hi madi
    Lovely decorated tail you have :-)
    It looks really funny !!!
    Your mom is playing with you ;)
    Good girl to show your back .... LOL

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Madi, don't be mad at Mom, she was just playing with you; besides, that would classify as a new toy in our house=we love playing with paper!!...Meet us over at Tygana's for the parties and we'll get you a Niptini=you'll forget all about this in no time!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Oh Madi
    2 paws up here, I completely agree with you. I would have flipped that right off my tail too. I can see it in my mind, a swift flip and swooosh!!! Great job Madi,
    and....then the ear thing, way tooo much. The "Diva" should NOT be put through anything like that!! WTG for standing up for yourself!!!


  7. Hi Madi
    We absolutely forbid our mum to laugh at his post and those disgraceful pics of you.
    Your mom will get no encouragement from us.
    We have both our paws raised in support of your act of defiance Madi.
    We met Mayzie just the otherr day, you are right she is a very cool doggie.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  8. *paws raised* Our mom likes to do silly stuff like that to us too.

  9. Agreed! OMD!! Mom...silly goose!


    Licks from Olive :)
    Be sure to watch your mail Madi.... :)

  10. What?? Paper on the tail and ear? OMC, we can't believe it. That's just terrible. No wonder you need The Look, Sassy will be right over to work with you on that, dear one!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  11. I just knew your Mama was in trouble. That was not very polite was it Madi??


  12. Firstly of all, thank you so much, Miss Madi, for mentioning me in your post today! I am Most Flattered! And I think you're adorable, too! Kisses!

    And secondly of all, I am firmly on your side. Although between you and me, my mom has tormented our kittehs in the same way! One of her favoritest things to do is to get a napkin, put a hole in the middle and then put it over Ripley's head. She laughs and laughs cuz she thinks it looks like he has a Puritan collar on. Moms are the craziest sometimes, aren't they?

    Anyway, I hopes you make up with your mom soon. Cuz even though they're wacky, they sure luvs us a LOT!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. How do you put up with this? A diva like you does not deserve such treatment! I mean REALLY! I think you should pack your bags and come and stay with us in Minnesota. I promise we won't do that to you.

  14. Oh Madi, us Mom's sometimes think those things are cute and funny. You should have seen my Putter when I put a piece of tape on her back. She had quite a fit and was really a IMad for a while.

    But is the style with Mom's and their fur kids, she's back to LUVING me now!

  15. Hi Madi!

    Oh my!!!!
    She did ant, did she?
    OH NO!!!

    I have to tell you one time Momma tried doing that to Boo and I have never seen Boo move so fast around the house trying to get off the thing Momma put on her head. (IT was a pair of bunny ears for Easter one year)...

    YOU were absolutely right for turning your back on the flashy beast!
    YOU go girl!

    purry purrs

  16. Oh Madi! You should find a fun way to get back at your Mom. Too bad you couldn't bring her a nice mouse that you deaded.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  17. Trying to think like a cat here, so I can figure this out. I think you were playing had to get because deep down you love the games your mom plays with you. So, give your mom a nice purr now and apologize for the diva-tude

  18. We totally understand, Madi!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. H U M I L I A T I O N - do humans not know the definition of this word?? I TOTALLY agree with you Madsters. I'm impressed that you only turned your back...I would have done something more not wrap a package. That would have shown her! Ha! You be strong!

  20. Madi, I totally don't blame you fur showing your back. You had every right to do so. If I were genetically wired to be grouchy like a cat, I would do something similar if mom put stuff on my head or tail, but I can't be mad at my mom... I can't even comprehend it!

    Cloud, who is all dog, baby!

  21. The one with the food is always right! :)

  22. The humans think it's so funny when they put stuff on us...we do not appreciate this at all and we think you were totally justified in showing your displeasure, Madi!

  23. Oh my gosh, our mom was trying to do the same thing yesterday - she had a yarn wrapper and tried to make us wear it like a hat! You were totally right to give her the back yesterday!

  24. Hi Madi

    Sometimes the humans think they are funny when they do things like that, but you do have to give her credit though because it's not easy to sneak up on a cat.

  25. Poor Madi, I feel your pain!! I totally understand!!! The things you have to put up with, really!!!
    LOve, Purrs, Happy & Fern

  26. Poor thing! What we has to put up with! I thinks you should negotiate treats fur this treatment!

  27. You definitely made the right call. :)


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