Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trees and Tents and things that make me sneeze

I'm sitting here at the top of my steps with my best laser eyes pondering some of life's mysteries

Why do we have....
Native NC Pine Trees that produce Evil Green Dust of the Devil in our yard?
We have more pine tress than I care to count and all of them make me sneeze.
Below is a small bunch pine cone pods full of pollen just waiting to rush into our eyes and noses. ACHOOO

one entire branch of a huge pine tree...now imagine a city full of these monsters

Why don't we have more of these beautiful native Dogwood trees in our yard?
Of course they have some pollen but not nearly as much as the pine.
Their branches are very thin making all the lovely white blooms appear to be floating.
Why don't we have more red buds in our yard? Mom told me this one was not even planted
it just sprung up one year. Dad said it is in a good spot let's just leave it and see what it is.
The second year it was nearly 18" tall and had beautiful heart shaped leaves. Dad said
it was a red bud and how fortunate we were it landed in our yard. Now about 8 years later look what we have.

And last but not least
Mom, why don't we have a orange and white tree like the one below in our yard?
It is not a tree Madi it is a pup tent.
Mom you have got to be kidding me....is there a pup(py) in it?
I don't know why do you ask? Well you know that is the house where Biscuit lives.

Do you think he has grown so much they had to buy a tent for him to sleep in?
Ahhh so many questions and so few answers...
Maybe I'll take a nap and the answers will come to me.


  1. Evil Green Dust! Oh Dear! Mom here has been sneezing lots! We hope the pollen settles down there. Those Dogwood are pretty and the tent interesting!

  2. Pollen is starting to settle on everything here too; allergies are a real pain...Your Red Bud tree is beautiful...Biscuit is an adorable puppy!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Inquisitive minds wanna know!! You are mu kinda cat Madi. You wanna know, you ask!! atta girl


  4. That's a brilliant idea. That's why I'm a serial napper myself

  5. Poor Madsters....that yellow powder is nasty stuff...stay inside or pray for rain...the rain will make it go away faster, but that means you'll have to be without sunshine for a while. Maybe a big wind will come and blow it ALL away! Or you could get a pup-tent (minus the pup if you don't want it) and hide in there until the powder stuff goes away. We think you'll be best off in the house with Mom and food and love. Yeah....stay in the house. Purrs to you and your Mom, Lautrec and Tiny

  6. The eyes always have so much to say if only you look and think..

    Great photos of perhaps spring being on it's way..

    Have a wonderful week..

    Dorothy from grammology

  7. We have a lot of that evil green dust here too! It's all over everything!!!

  8. Madi, I would be sneezing right along with Mom with all of that pine pollen in your area!!
    But I love the perriwinkle in bloom so early!

    Why do you look a tad "surley" in your cute Easter Bonnet?! lol

  9. Madi - your pine trees look waaay different than the ones we haves here in Collie-rado. Sorry about the sneezies! And did you know that mom says that the redbud is the state tree of Oak-luh-home-ah where she grew up? Your pics of the redbud and the dogwood made her a little homesick - in a good way, I promise! But she says you can keeps the evil green dust.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. That evil dust is way down here in the South too Madi.

    Your friend Biscuit is cute.

  11. Sorry to hear about the allergies, but what a beautiful countryside!

  12. Yep, My white SUV is no longer white! Achoo!!! I LOVE Dogwood! Specially the story behind it!

  13. Those are some mighty awesome lasers, Madi. We really enjoyed the Spring tour of your area. And we're mighty happy that you like your Spring bonnet...........xxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hi Madi and Mom,
    I came to your blog earlier and couldn't get on your comment page. So I went back and answered you comment on my blog.
    Your trees are beautiful!! We use to have lots of dogwoods but the years of not enough rain for year after year has killed most of our dogwodds. Very sad!!!!!!!
    Purrs Happy sends to you Madi.

  15. I love your fantastic laser eyes!!!
    It seems you can see everything even through our minds!
    And yes,we have the same kind of evil dust...
    Spring brings allergy,too...

    Last but not least,Biscuit is really lovely!

  16. We don't have green dust ours is brown. You have really strange things in NC....Your trees have pretty flowers....mine don't even have leaves yet!

  17. Hey Madi, my mom thought of you yesterday when she saw a big semi truck wiff MOL on the side of the trailor!!! :-)


    PS. Sorry about the sneezin'...

  18. I loved the dogwoods. Didn't they have a blight a few years back that killed a lot of them?
    Do you have any purple plum or crab apple trees around?

  19. I have never heard of a pup tent before. I have heard of dog doors,cat boxes, bird bath,horse trailers and beaver dams. Does the mean that pup tents are shaped like pups, doors like dogs, boxes like cats...well, you get what I am asking. All of this is very confusing as I don't think I have ever seen a tent thatlooks like a pup ora door...oh, you know what I mean!
    Hugs and wags anyway...Mistaya

  20. Hi Madi!

    WE hate the evil yellow "dust" that all those pine trees leave all over everything too. We don't have allergies, but we hate the residue. You did have a lot of questions to ponder, but I think you have a great place to lie and think about all the possibilities!


  21. Not so much pollen here at the beach...thank goodness!
    I know I'll be returning to a yellow cloud!
    Hugs to you and Mom!

  22. Are you telling me those laser eyes cannot see through tent fabric?? ;)

  23. Aw, we're sorry the pine trees make you sneeze, Madi! We don't have that problem up north here. Those are pretty flowering trees. Mom says the redbud is one of her favorites....

  24. Allergies are not funny! That is the bad part of the season, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Great laser eyes Madi, they do help when contemplating the mysteries of the universe. We remember that evil green pollen it is nasty stuff. I remember when I lived in GA I would start my car and when I moved it clouds of the dust would blow off, yech!

    I'm all for more red bud and dogwood trees!

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou

  26. Love the trees.....the pollen...not so much...


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