Friday, April 9, 2010

Madi presents: Name yourself Day

Today April 9th is Name yourself Day:
It is your chance to give yourself whatever name you'd like...for a day.

Participating in Name Yourself Day is simple. Go ahead, give it a try. Change your first, or middle or last name. Or change them all. Give yourself a cool name or a catchy nickname. Once you have selected your ame, you've go to communicate it to all your family and friends...

Madi asked that she be called: DIP-C
which is short for Diva Island Princess Cat.....

Mom: Madi are you sure about you realize DIP-C
sounds like 'Dipsey'...when you say it? I don't believe you want to portray yourself as Dipsey (aka 1/8th of a brain).

Today Mom would like to be called: Esmarillda...why because she likes the way it sounds.
We thank you in advance for respecting our wishes
Respectfully submitted,
DIP-C (?) and Esmarillda

Flashback Friday with Milky-Way will return on April 16....

NOTE: On Sunday 4/11/10 we'll post about the missing top portion of
Highland United Methodist steeple that we featured on 4/4/10


  1. Good Morning - thank you so much for such a nice comment on my post yesterday. I do love cat-sitting and most of my cats are cared for in the comfort of their own home. I specialize in in-home cat-sitting which means I visit them numerous times throughout the day and they can have their own bed, their familiar chairs, blankets, toys and surroundings. This works perfect for so many cats, especially older ones. I offer email updates every day along with photos to help the owners feel relaxed and happy. Love your blog. Deb

  2. Me again. I think I would like Kathleen, shortened to Kathy, shortened to Kate, shortened to Kat. Hugs, Deb

  3. I am changing my name to Gabrielle and Billy will be Willy. Ralph????? Let me think on that one for awhile lol.

  4. Hello Madi & Mom - er - I mean, Esmarillda and Dip-C! This is a hard one. Cuz I kinda like the name Mayzie. Maybe Gypsy Angel? But I'm really not much of a wanderer. I prefer to stays close to home. And Mom would likes to be called GoddessoftheUniverse. But I dunno. Seems kinda long to me.

    I always likes your posts so much. They make me thinks! And not in the school kinda thinkin'. The fun kind of thinkin'.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. One of the names I like would be Renee.

    Although, Lucille Ball would be more appropiate.

  6. Hi CUTE DIP-C and Esmarillda!!
    It sounds fun!!
    OK! Tekorin wants to be RYU(it means a dragon in Japanese) today.
    Ku-suke will be FALCON and B-sensei will be PICCOLO today!
    I don't know why they chose those names...
    Mom would like GIGI.

  7. LOL
    Your Mom is very creative :))))))
    Oopsss sorry Hi Esmarillda & DipC
    I will think about other names
    Kareltje maybe sjatteke (its sweetie in dutch!!)
    Anya maybe Annabel hahahahahaha.....
    F_U_N_N_Y_ :-)

  8. I've always loved the name Amberelle. But that name doesn't fit me very well. I already have a nick name which my family calls me somethinges it's "Monan" like "Conan the Barbarion".

  9. Love your new names - we have so many of us - Mom always liked the name Leona for Chica - cuz she was sooo mean to other kitties. For Mom we like Cherylynn - a neighbor mistakenly called her that but she liked it better than just Cheryl.

  10. We seem to all be pretty content with our names.......Andy says he's just thankful that he is no longer named "Little Orphan Annie"....that was his name until he was of an age it could be determined that he was fella.......Madi, Dip-C????? MOL MOL MOL....we think maybe you should reconsider that one!!!!! We luvsya bunches.

  11. I'm changing my name to Trula Delight, just for the day, then I'm back to Bossy Betty 'cause I can't fib for too long!

  12. Hi Friends!
    Yes, Dr. Kelli is coming and she is bringing a vet from snap with her!

  13. Well this is a very fun game DIP-C and we think that Esmarillda is way out-of-line questioning the name you wants to be called. It is your name after-all.
    So here are our names:
    TK- Manliess Mancat the Grey
    Squashies- Mommy

    Heh- thanks fur the fun!
    Manliess Mancat the Grey

  14. Hi DIP-C and Esmarillda!

    My mom wants to be named Altamira. She loves prehistoric cave paintings. Me, I think I will call myself Thor* God of Thunder, seeing as how I've mastered my fear of thunder wiff my Thundershirt.

    * Not to be confused wiff my dog friend Thor in Brazil.

    Cloud, I mean... Thor God of Thunder and Altamira

  15. Hi Esmarillda and DIP-C! We think it is cute that it is name yourself day! Hmmmm.... we don't know what to pick for us though! I guess we could just all trade names today!!

  16. Hello, DIP-C and Esmarillda, what a fun game!...Calle=Lily/Halle=Violet/Sukki=Daisy/Daddy Cat=Joe/Mommy Cat=Rose/Our Mommy=Jade, she's always liked that name and it's short!!...We hope you like our Friday names, you made us think today!!...Happy weekend...xo...Lily, Violet, Daisy, Joe, Rose and Jade

  17. Well Hello Dip~C and Esmerelda! Hmmmm, what can we call ourselves?

    Skeeter ~ Queen~B
    King ~ Your Highness
    Pandora ~ Pandora
    Cricket ~ Cutesie~Pie
    Mom ~ ShaNayNay (that used to be her nickname)

  18. DIP-C and Esmarillda, I like your new name. I am Spiderman and Beth is Beth. She's not very creative. I really missed you yesterday. I have had a lot of trouble posting to blogs this week. Certain ones more than others....I thought it was my computer. Hope you have a great weekend. Am looking forward to the steeple one on Sunday! Later -- Spiderman and Beth

  19. Okay DIP-C and Esmarillda...I have thought long and hard on this new name thing and I would like to be...just for one day...cause that is all I would need...or Madam President. You may all be seated now, thank you. :) :}

  20. Hi! It's me agains. So mom and me were talking and she told me about this show she loved as a little girl called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and how there was a girl on there named Truly Scrumptious. Well, I luuved it and I have decided I would like that to be my name today.

    Mom came up with some names for everybuddy else:
    Abby is gonna be Ladybird Meowerson
    Ripley is gonna be Sir Talksalot
    Brudder Ranger is gonna be Sergeant Bossybritches

    (Sometimes mom isn't thinking too clearlys in the morning and it takes her awhile to get the brain running. But she's sticking with Goddessoftheuniverse for her name.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  21. Dear Dip-C and Esmarillda,

    How about.....Princess for me and Queen for Mama

    and Servant for Bilbo and Slaveman for Daddy!!


  22. Hi Madi ---

    OOPS I mean DIP-C!

    Momma is brain dead -- but she said she can't think of any other name she would name me. When she adopted me my name was Abby and she wouldn't change it because she said I was having to go through so much as it was (she was right, I was highly upset that my former family abandoned me to her) -- she will have to think about that -- if she could change my name what would it be.

    She said that her name was Kathy Rene and they (her Momma and Daddy) were gonna call her Renie. But her Daddy changed her name and didn't tell her Momma until it was over and done.Go figure...anyway she got named after that famous actress at the time...Debbie Reynolds. Anytime she hears the name Debbie she figures that they were named for the same reason.

    Momma loves the name Kira,and she always wanted to have a daughter she could name Kira Laurel, but she never could. But she has me, I just hope she doesn't go around and start calling me Kira!


  23. Well, my nickname is Easy I wanna be called Easy E all day today!! Mom says it's my rap nickname....even though I don't rap much...


  24. Hi DIP-C and Esmarillda,

    We really like this day. Cindi Lou says since Madi is sometimes called Madster she wants to be called Cinister? After she thought about that for awhile she changed her mind and decided on Princess Lou.

    Instead of Judy maybe I would go with Juliet for a day.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the mysterious church steeple.

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Princess Lou and Juliet

  25. Hi, DIP-C and Esmarillda!
    I did not know about this day but I guess my grandparents did because they were calling me Cochi (piggy) all day long! Hmmm...
    Kisses and hugs


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