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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Madi and Dad's routine

Madi and her Dad have a routine....

When I'm home on the weekends things get a tad messed up.

I'm told, every morning when Dad goes into the bathroom to shave Madi follows him.
She hops up on the counter and watches with great interest.
When he gets in the shower she takes a nap on the bath mat.
When I'm home on the weekend mornings Madi is torn
between staying with me to see what I'm up to or
going with Dad. 99% of the time she really wants to
be with Dad but he is already in the shower.
She stands at the bathroom door meowing LOUDLY until I open it for her

If I'm not quick about it, she will pace and meow

Once I open the door she turns to look at me as if to say
ok you can leave please close the door on your way which I do.

Saturday morning I decided to be waiting after the shower to capture her exit...
Dad says as soon as he turns the water off she seems to think her job is done
and politely asks to be let out....dang those paws are just not good at opening door knobs.
So I was ready to snap the picture as soon as I heard the door open
Surprise not only did I get Madi exiting but we have a cameo appearance
by DAD's feet!!!!

Dad I give you a A+ on your grooming techniques!!

FYI: MADI never comes into the bathroom with me?!


  1. Madi, you troublemaker you! Did your mom ever accidentally splash you and now you won't go in the bathroom with her? Is it an old traumatic experience, a kat grudge perhaps? I know you guys. I live with your kind. BTW our momma never gets to visit the bathroom alone. Ha ha

  2. Madi, we know how important routines are - we bassets like things to happen in order too.
    We are glad you are snoopervising your Dad - we can see from his feet how well groomed you have him!
    Now it seems clear to us that you don't go into the bathroom with your mom cos she doesn't need to be snoopervised ...... but men!
    Plus that whole shaving routine which men do is pretty relaxing to watch!
    We are glad you are there taking charge Madi.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Isn't that precious....cats are routines and no one better rain on their parade..LOL

    Cute post.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. Good job keeping up w/ Dad...If he should cut himself or slip in the shower, you will be right there to.....MEOW your head off!!!!

    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  5. Madi probably just thinks her dad needs a daddy sitter????

  6. Madi just wants Daddy to be carefull with the scary razor?

  7. Hi Madi & Mom,

    I guess a kitty has to make sure her humans are properly groomed too. Cindi doesn't like the sound of the shower and never comes in our bathroom. When my other cat Tasha was alive I was never alone in the bathroom.

    Kitty kisses and hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  8. Hi, Madi!
    I know how important is to follow a routine!
    I am sure you enjoy a lot your "bath time" with your Dad!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. That is to funny Madi. You just like your,
    you and dad time, cant blame a girl for that!!

    Just lift that paw and close that door, wouldnt your mom be surprised bout that???

    Keep up the routine

  10. Madi...we think you like snoopervising your dad to make sure he's clean!!

  11. Madi makes sure her house runs ship shape! :)

  12. We cats do have our idiosyncrasies, don't we? I don't like it if Dad puts my food down, but I don't like Mom to brush me - only Dad. If I have to choose between them (Dad upstairs, Mom downstairs) I almost always choose to be where Mom is, or by myself in the basement.
    At shower time, I like to drink water from a small bathroom dixie cup - placed on the shower floor before any water gets turned on. So Mom just has to wait!

  13. What an adorable little routine! Cricket (whom mom is SWEARING is partially a Scooter(RIP) reincarnate) is now the bathroom noodge! She will scratch and scratch to be let in, then turn and scratch and scratch to get out!

  14. I haven't been to the bathroom by myself in years. One of the fur varmints is always in there with me.


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