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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Madi: Penguin Awarenesss Day

Wednesday,January 20, is Penguin Awareness Day.
As you can see from my laser eyes, I'm trying to be aware......
Noticing when looking for Penguins, two different color laser eyes are needed.
Penguins around the world, may the force be with you!!!
Note:Mom had to post early today, since she will be away from her
'puter at our normal posting time.


  1. Wow, you are talented.....two different colored lasers at once!!!!! Andy says that's a great laying/sleeping position!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  2. I had no idea tomorrow was penguin awareness day - I wonder what we are supposed to be aware of with penguins. I think the two color eye lasers are because penguins have two colors - makes total sense!

  3. Is that an Ink Penguin or a Ball Point Penguin that we should be aware of?

  4. Penguins huh? Well Pandora is featured today on Tuxie Tuesday and she has the colors of a penguin. Sorry we haven't been around. Sick little beans AND 'puters! Ughhhhhh....Hope all's well with you and your fam!

  5. oooooh ooooooh, I luv penguins! I will be sure to be extra aware of the penguins tomorrow although, to be honest, I rarely see any. In fact, I never see any... but I AM aware!

    Madi - do you think Jack is a little loopy sometimes? Ink penguin???

  6. That is one nutty calendar you have Madi. How did your mom center you for the photo? Or did you use your own laser vision to center yourself. I'm not good with this sci-fi stuff. I give up.

  7. We're gonna turn on our laser eyes and be on the lookout for these penguins!

  8. Madi, we are very impressed with you laser eyes and we will watch out for any penguins in Scotland.
    We too will be 'aware'.
    We feel we must comment Madi on your rather unladylike pose in that pic - cute yes - but perhaps a touch carefree!!
    What do you think Madi?
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx
    ps you know we are only joking you......

  9. ps mum wants to know - should we count chocolate penguins?

  10. Madi, your Mom is a funny girl!!!
    I love her new calendar!!!
    We love penguins of all colors and sizes, really do!!!
    Rub Madi"s belly for us, Happy, Bambi & Fern

  11. Hi Madi

    It is nice that you are able to post comments to our blog again.

    And your laser eyes look great.

  12. Oh my! Laser eyes for watching Penguins! You are such a busy kitty! How do you ever find time to relax?

  13. Oh thank goodness you reminded me of National Penguin Day. I would of forgot....what is a penguin?

  14. Penguin awareness day....hmmm. Never heard of it but I can see how it is a good idea to be aware of those critters. You wouldn't want them sneaking up on you. Madi, you are quite talented with your 2 laser colors and I am quite impressed.
    PS: I'm not sure what it means but when I lay like that mom and dad tell me I am being a floozy. Are you being a floozy? Do you know what that means?

  15. Penguins?? I have never seen one in my life!
    Maybe if I try those lasser powers I can find one soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Madi, I just realized you are the same colors of 2 of my favorite critters-penguins and pandas!!!
    Looks like you're ready for a belly rubbing, but you would probably bite me, huh?

  17. My Lilly had two different colored eyes too!
    Spookey hehehehe

  18. Penguins? Hmmm! I will be on the lookout!

    We love your laser eyes! Cool!

  19. Madi, you have the purrfect camouflage colors for observing penguins. The laser eyes should see even the sneakiest of those little tuxedo wearing birdies.

    My other cat Tasha, she died in 2008, never minded the Revolution. She would even purr while I smoothed back her fun to put it on. Even the vet thinks it's odd for a cat to react the way she does.

  20. Hi Madi - you sure are a pretty gal!

  21. Hi Madi

    Oopsss I'm late
    my Mommy had no time :(
    Cool lasereyes you have
    and your pose looks really lovely LOL
    I like you very much on this picture :-)

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  22. Happy Penguin Awareness Day Madi!! Did you put up the tree? Did you mail out the cards?? Oh dear..I am so behind!! BOL!

    Licks --

    Olive :)


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