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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Madi: I got Mail from Olive

Mom: Madi you got mail!!!!

Madi: Is it food?

Mom: No it is better than food, it is mail from your friend Olive.

Madi: I remember Olive she is a very cute dog. We drew her name

in Jazzi's Christmas Present drawing. Sniff sniff nope no food.....

Madi: What a nice surprise, wonder what it is?

Mom: Oh my goodness it is a very pretty thank you card

Look Olive is playing with the Wubba we sent her.

Madi: Mom I don't have my contacts in, please read the card to me.
(you may click on the picture to make it larger)
Mom and Madi:Olive and Mom we know a 'thank you' for a 'thank you' card is repetitive; however, it was such a nice surprise and such a pretty card we just had to show all our friends and say 'thank you' for being our friend.
ALSO: For all keeping track, Friday, January 22, is Blonde Brownie Day.... now that is just wrong on all levels....Brownies should only be chocolate.
From what I can determine blonde brownies are made with choc.chips instead of Cocoa...thus not very dark in color....ha!!! WRONG!!!


  1. Hi Madi & Mom
    We came over to return the virtual hug and see you have another post and we are first!
    What a very pretty thank you card you got in the mail - so thoughtful.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xx

  2. ps we are not at all sure what blonde brownie day is ........ hopefully you will tell us tomorrow!

  3. That was indeed a very beautiful thank you card. As for blonde brownie Friday...As you know, dear Madi, I'm a K9. I can't eat chocolate, so I'll stay hopeful until tomorrow. Maybe I'll get to taste some blonde brownies for the first time ever... yeah right.
    Hi, Mom! (Madi's mom, I mean)

  4. Yay! You got my card!! It looks so nice on your countertop :)

    You know today is also-----Squirrel Appreciation Day??? Ack! Such a NON Event! BOL!

    Many licks and smiles from me!!

    Olive :)

  5. Wow!!
    Post from blog friends
    Its always very special :-)
    Enjoy Madi
    look to the card and you will dream about Olive

    ((HUGS)) Kareltje =^.^=

  6. What a great thank you card!!!

    ....I saw a blonde brownie is better than no brownie!!


  7. Nice card Madi!!!!Blonde Brownies are made by blondes, who forgot to put the chocolate in the mixture! Not as good as regular brownies, hehe

  8. What a nice card that was for them to send!

    And I have heard of "blondies" before, but not "blonde brownies" - although blondies are what you described. I think just plain "blondies" makes more sense.

  9. What a great surprise to get such a lovely thank you card in the mail!!! And we agree. They are called BROWNies for a reason!!!

  10. That is a great card! Blondies, brownies, they are all good!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. you will make brownies for all of us tomorrow then? I need made mine made with carob please..doggies cannot eat chocolate :( I know..not right at all. At our house Mom says chocolate is important to her survival! BOL!!

    Licks from me!

    Olive :)

  12. How pawsome!!!!! Mamabug is totally confused about the blondies and the brownies......we tell her she gets so confused about things cuz she is a blondie herself!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Aw, how nice! :-)

    And mom agrees about the brownies!


  14. Now I feel bad because I didn't send one!! I'm glad someone has good manners! :)

  15. Madi, I had no idea you wore contacts....Does Mom have to put them in and take them out for you??
    Sweet card from Olive!!!
    I'll eat any kind of Brownies... made by blondies, brunettes or red heads!!

    Ear scratches and nose taps,

  16. Hi Madi!

    We're mad at Momma again.
    She's been ignorin us.
    Never mind that she had to do jury duty (and become a juror) or that the weather turned so bad that she couldn't turn on the computer. We're mad cuz she hasn't let us visit our furfriends!
    MOMS, whatcha gonna do?

    purry purrs

  17. It's nice to get mail! 'Specially such a pretty thank you card!

  18. Just stopping by to say hello and check in on kitty..

    Dorothy from grammology

  19. Olive's card is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Madi, it's always fun to get mail but really nice cards are great!
    Does a blonde eating a brownie count for Jan 22nd?! HA

  21. Mail is always fun to get! BTW, Beth printed this deal with all the National Days on it and today is ALSO National Answer Your Cat's Question Day....and National Blonde Brownie Day!
    So ask alot of questions Madi!

  22. Madi, that was so nice to get a thank-you card from your friend Olive.
    Don, my second born was a cook from the start!!
    Before he left home he use to bake all the time. He made blonde brownies a lot. He made them with white chocolate! They were good!!!! Now he does that for a living!!
    Love ya, Bamib, Happy & Fern

  23. Olive is very sweet to send such a special card.
    Blonde brownies? How about brown blondies?

  24. That was so sweet of Olive to send a thank you card. I have a recipe around here somewhere for blonde brownies, or maybe brownies made by a blonde, but no chocolate chips. I will have to look it up.

    Hugs & purrs,
    Judy and Miss Cindi


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