Monday, July 5, 2010

The Name Game better late than never

Mom is a day late and a dollar short with the 4th of July name game but here we go anyway.
First: Mom because she is our Mom (luckily she decided to not put up a picure).
Mom's name is Cecilia aka, Ceal, aka Ma, aka Mom, aka *HiC
NO she was not named after the Simon and Garfunkel song of the mid '60's.. She is older than dirt. She was 21 when the song hit the airwaves. You would not beleive how many times a month she hears, "Cecilia you are breaking my heart'.
She was named for the Shrine of St. Cecilia in Italy. Her mom saw the name in a book.
Dad calls her Ceal...even though she cannot balance balls on her nose.
Sis calls her Ma, I call her Mom and the 4 AAAs call her HiC.

Madison, aka Diva, aka, Madi, aka Mads, aka Madstser (Dad calls me this)
I was listed at kitty M when Mom and Dad came to pick me out and they arrived w/o a name in mind...They just wanted a female, gray cat. They tossed about a million names such as Maggie Mae, Gracie, Asheley (both of these because I'm gray), Clancy (after the first Vet who checked me over). Dad didn't like any of those names. Then lo and behold Madison came to Mom, but she shortened it to Madi. They said it was harder to name me that my human sister....that should have been a warning to them that I would be challenging.

BTW: Thanks to Sammy and Andy's Mom for this lovely picture.

Third: Milky-Way: My human sis named him Milky-Way because the first thing he did when they brought him home was to drink a bowl of milk and his chest was as white as milk.
Nope none one in the house was into astronomy.

Fourth (but surely not last) was Toto the mighty mini Daschund. He, too, was named by my human sister. He came to live with the family when my humans sister was 3 years old.

She was and still is a big Wizard of Oz fan. Mom told me she tried to convince my sister that the real Toto was not a doxie but she would not change her mind. Mom even tried to get my sis to name him Otto sinc he was German. Mom said it was pretty obvious that the family dog was to be named Toto no matter the breed, color or sex of said dog.

Toto lived up to his namesake. He was pretty much a tornado most of his life. He was full of energy and always stirring things up!!!

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Madi and Mom


  1. Awww...I luved reading how everybuddy gots their names, including your mom! But now my mom says she has that "Cecelia" song stuck in her head. BOL!

    My mom got her name cuz there was this book out when my grandma was little called "Forever Amber." And my grandma's mom (great-grandma) had that book and my grandma always said if she had a little girl, she was gonna name her Amber. Well, great-grandma was just Most Mortified cuz I guess the Amber in the book was - well - kinda wild. You know, like Puddles. And my great-grandma was always SO skeered that her sweet little innocent granddaughter would one day read this Most Scandalous book. But did you know that to this day, my mom has never even read one page of that book? BOL!

    So your momma was named after a saint and my momma was named after a sinner!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. You look so pretty in your flowered hat! Madison is a lovely name! And Madi is lovely too!

    Ha! That is interesting about Milky Way! and Toto! My mom's second favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz!

  3. A name is very important. Careful consideration is needed.
    I just saw some programs on the making of the Wizard of Oz. It was interesting.
    I learned some things, but the trick is to retain it.

  4. Fe Fi Fo Fanny, the Name Game!!
    Now that song is stuck in my head like a brain worm! LOL
    Origin of names is fun!
    I named our first son, Timmy, from the TV show "Lassie", (cutie John Provost a heart throb!) and our second son Kevin after my first crush at 7 yrs.old! HA!
    Otto and Toto have the same letters in them, so that works. :)
    I wonder who the 4 AAA's are?! LOL
    Cute in your bonnet, Madi!

  5. Madi,

    You was almost named me???? How cool would that have been? I luvs the name Madi, it suits you well. All of your name stories are wonderful. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. What wonderful stories!!! Thanks so much for sharing them!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

  7. Hi
    MAdison is a nice name but Madi shortened sounds much better. A great name for a Dive like yourself!!!


  8. OH that should be Diva!!! sorry,
    Dive, oh brother, we arent swimming here!!


  9. Loved this post on the name game!!!!!!

    Our mama loved doing your pic, Madi, have such a special place in her heart....and in ours also!!!!!

    Our mama has had several long-haired doxies over the years......she brought a pair of them back from Germany with her in 1974....Sandy and Schatzi....then kept one of their pups, Schnitzel. There was also a Lisa years later after the S's had all gone to the Rainbow Bridge.....oh, don't get our mama living in the past or this post will never end....MOL!!!!!!!!

    We love y'all!!!

  10. Madison is a furry classy sounding name, so it fits well because we know Madi is a class act.

    wags, Lola

  11. Love this post! It is so interesting on how we get our names....Have fun with your mommy today....a whole day off for just the two of you....are you going shopping and then to lunch?

  12. That is so Cool...I was reading your Blog to my hubby and now he is singing the :)

  13. This was a fun post! Mommy says "thanks for the ear worm"...whatever THAT is...are ear worms any good to eat?

  14. You just have to get another daschund so you can name it...

    wait for it....

    Toto Two :)

  15. Awww that was very interesting to read how everyone got their names.!

    Hi sweet Madi!
    Aka Kitty "M"!


  16. Hi Madi & C,

    Madi, we love to see you in your pretty hat.

    When I think of the name Cecilia the first song that comes to mind is a Paul Simon song but not Cecilia. He did one called The Coast on The Rhythm on The Saints album.

    "A family of musicians took shelter for the night
    In the little harbor church of st. Cecilia
    Two guitars, bata, bass drum and tambourine
    Rose of Jericho and bougainvillea"

    It is fun learning how everyone got their names.

    Hugs & lots of Purrs,
    J & Cindi
    PS, our heat is arriving Wednesday with high nineties by the weekend.

  17. So cool learning about how you got your names!!!

  18. Love the name game. Madi is purrrfect for a Diva cat like you and we loves the idea of Milky Way (mum's favourite chocolate) and Toto and Toto 2 he he he.

    Hector and Bonny

  19. How awesome! I love learning about names! what a bunch of cuties, too! :o) cuddles to all!

  20. Hi again! We came on over to see the new header! Lovely picture! Mom went on a ferry years ago to
    Alaska! It is a memory she cherishes! Seems her older brother lived in Alaska for awhile!

  21. Thanks for sharing those stories about how you all got your names. Mom had a friend named Cecelia and she was nicknamed CeCe!

    Wally is named after mom's dad...his name was Walter and was sometimes called Wally. I'm named after Ernest Hemmingway who had lots of polydactyl cats. And Zoey?? Well, she's just Zoey!


  22. Madi, I love reading about the names. And you know htat is one of my favorite photos of you. It is so hard for me to imagine a doxie that lived up to the name of Toto! ;o)

  23. That was a fun post about how you all got your names. We like Madison for Madi1 We have so many of us Mom got tired and resorted to names like Two Spot...oh well!

    cats of wildcat woods

  24. That was very interesting to learn how you got your names.
    We like your new header. Our mum and dad went on a cruise and land tour to Alaska 4 years ago and want to go back again.

  25. Thanks Madi for sharing the stories of your names!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Madi you are so beautiful in that hat. Like hearing the name game. Some doxies can have a lot bigger personality than body. MW was such a beautiful boy.

  27. Maybe you should have asked for human sister to name you too, Madison! BOL Okay, seriously now, I like your name.
    You should not have posted that photo of you though. Some dogs will try to take advantage of it. (chuckle)

  28. We AAA's just love your


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