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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Funny Car!!!!

This car belongs to Bailey's, a local Jewelry store. Their slogan is
"Every woman wants a Bailey's Box". Their store wrapping is exactly like
this Honda Element. On September 11, 2008 they started an ad campaign for the 2008 Christmas season, which was quite successful.
They hid 'Bailey's' boxes around Raleigh. Each package had a note on their letterhead that read:
"Finders Keepers, yes this is for you just for you open it and we hope you enjoy it".
My mom found the very first one in the city. It was on an outside table at one of her
favorite lunch spots, Cafe Carolina, which is just a few stores away from Bailey's.
Really.....long story short she took the package inside Cafe Carolina to ask the management if they knew anything about it. They did not but they were intrigued. Mom opened her package in the store. It contained a pearl bracelet. Mom was pleased she went to Bailey's to thank them.
Cafe Carolina's PR people found out about it, called Bailey's to ask about who found it.
Cafe Carolina wanted to do a human interest story on it. Bailey's contacted Mom to see if it was ok with her to have the newspaper call her for an interview. It was a win win story
Mom got a bracelet and her story in the paper, Bailey's and Cafe Carolina had free publicity!!!!
The newspaper story was a big boost for Bailey's. As a thank you to Mom for agreeing to the interview, Bailey's gave mom the use of their Limo for an evening. Mom and Dad used the limo in January 2009 to go to the Angus Barn to celebrate Mom's 60th b-day and their 39th anniversary in February 2009.
At the time of the ad campaign, Bailey's didn't have the car. Mom just starting seeing it parked near the store. She just had to take a picture.
Smiling big,
Mom and Madi


  1. Wow! A pearl bracelet! That cool! The car is too!

  2. How interesting about the bracelet! Your mom is lucky!! We thinks that car with the stripes is cool!

  3. Oh Madi
    THAT is a fabulous story!
    The only thing better would have been a pearl necklace for you!


  4. How wonderful, you, Cecilia getting there first! The prize a bracelet. Lucky girl!!!
    Lets get back to the birds. 2 weeks ago we had a night that got down to 36 degrees. The hummers left and some of the song birds. Some are still here but not ever close to what we had had. My winter over birds are the same as yours. That 36 broke a record.
    Do you ever wear your bracelet out on the town??

  5. Hay Madi, maybe they will do another campaign this year and you can get a charm for your collar.

  6. What an awesome ad campaign!! We are so happy that your Mama was a part of it!!


  7. Hi, Madi!
    Thanks for sharing that story!
    Your mom is lucky!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Hi Madi

    I thought it was your Mom's car ...... LOL
    Its a fantastic campaign !!!!
    (Nice to now about the bracelet ;)
    You can be very happy with such a lovely Mom :)

    hugs from me
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Hi Madi, what a great story! Your mom was so lucky to find the pearl bracelet and how cool to have her 60th and her anniversary with the limo!
    That would have made the whole date even more special.
    Our Dad had his 60th birthday in May of this year but was not so lucky - no pearl bracelet or fancy limo!
    He did get a trip to Skye though with us!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  10. That's a funny car, Madi! Our mom says she wishes she could find a Bailey's Box!!

    Oh yeah, about our Halloween "costumes"...we're not nearly as patient about wearing them as the pictures forces us to wear these things...we really put up a fight...if mom gets one picture, she's lucky because after that, the costume is off!!! (In today's picture, Zoey hissed up a storm when mom put that pumpkin on her head!)

  11. Cool story! Remember -- Halloween is tomorrow!

  12. That is such a furry pawesome story!!! WTG MADI'S MOMMY!!! That seems like lotsa fun too!!! We all offur here, wish all of you offur there a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  13. Hi! How funny and how cool! It's good to be able to read about you and NC from far away.
    Nice blog ;) Will keep looking.

  14. Whoohoo! Lucky Cecilia!
    What a great ad campaign!
    And I bet those were REAL pearls, too!
    Jazzy wrapping they have, it looks pretty
    funny on the Honda Element!


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