Sunday, July 16, 2017


Photo taken 7/15/17 with Mom's iPad....that is why it is a tad grainy!!

MY FIRST sub-q at home went pretty well yesterday.  There was a wee operator error by Nurse Mom
she was supposed to hold her finger over the area when she took the needle out.  MOL
she forgot...She remembered when we  had a wee Madi Geyser.
Dad did a great job of pretending to be a tree by holding the sub-q bag.  
ALL in ALL it went okey dokey.  Mom says she'll be an expert today!!


Frankie and Ernie and their Mom sent us the first 5.  Thank you FnE...

2. LDY-PSTR,Lady poster?
4. TWETY-18, 2018?
6. RDROCKER, on a Red Civic
8. FARR2GO, Far to go
9. MIKMOUSE, Mickey Mouse
10.GBLU, Go Blue University of Michigan motto it was on an NC tag so they live here now.
11. INTROS4U, Maybe a dating service? LOL
12. B.SUSU, no clue
14. TUP2CURE, cure
15. HURRIKNZ, Hurricanes NC's NHL team is the Hurricanes
17. KNICKS#1
18. GRAMIAM, Gram I am
19. LDOGG, Long Dog...maybe they own a Dachshund
20. FIXURPET, Fix your pet...We quadruple this one
21. W8N2FLY, Waiting to fly
22. PLAN"BE", Plan A must have flopped
23. ITFAM98, no clue
24. XFITTRAIL, Cross fit person
25. BEARCOUP, no clue 
26. LAXRIG, no clue
27. ADPTADOX, Adopt a Dachshund, we like this one too
29. PAINTPET, must do pet portraits
30. GETUPNGO, Get up and go.  Yes indeed sitting on your beehind is not good you must keep moving!!


  1. Hi Madi, I hope you are well soon. I'll keep you in my prayers. Thanks for doing the plates, they're always fun. P.S. I thought #6 was Road Rocker.

  2. My human had to give SubQ's to Sparkle the last couple months of her life... don't worry, it gets easier quickly. <3

  3. Madi, I have noticed that with humans it sometimes takes a couple of goes before they master these procedures. Gail and I have paws and fingers crossed that the sub Q fluids are working their magic.
    Toodle pip!

  4. Crikey Madi .... I missed your Vet report in your last post. I'm so sorry you have to go through this Madi but it sounds as if it's really going to help you and you also seem to be handling it well. I'm sure you are going to do really well and your Mom and Dad will be the best carers' in the world and that's for sure. I bet your Mom had a fit when you turned into a geyser but not to worry ..... she'll get it right in no time. Take care Madi!!
    Those were some beaut plates, aye?? Mum liked GRAMIAM best.

  5. I cannot even imagine giving shots! Good luck! I hope it gets easier. Love all the plates!!

  6. I need that last plate, getupngo.. mine has gone and I need it back. tell Mom when using the ipad, shooting into the light is what made it grainy. try stepping to the other side, keep moving until it clears up. it all about which direction the light comes from..... doesn't matter thought because you are beautiful in any light

  7. Hari OM
    Well you gotta give the hyoomans credit for taking on the task Madi - it can be a bit nerve wracking sticking needles into loved ones. I am certain mum will be an expert nurse by push number three. (Giving a bit of leeway, see?)

    Now down to business;
    #2 - or could be Larry D Yarbrough - Pastor...
    #4 - yeah, go with that... or there is a cymbal for drumkits which is known as the twety-18...
    #12 - that's either the owner's name (of Oriental, prob Korean, origin) OR the owner is declaring heritage as in "I be Susu".
    #14 - hmmmmmm, bit of a head-scratcher; all I could trace is actions on the UK foreign exchange... maybe it brought riches?
    #19 - could be; however there are two men out there of whom the owner might be a fan - Milwaukee Ldogg, a boxer and just L-Dogg, a rap/gangstaa 'musician'...
    #20 - must be a V.E.T.!!!
    #23 - another which am guessing is entirely personal; perhaps company initials and startup year?
    #25 - maybe owns one of these?
    #26 - LAX = Los Angeles, RIG = Rio Grande (airport codes)... maybe they drove it instead?

    ...and my work is done here... &*> Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Oh Madi, you are such a good girl to let the peeps do all this to you. Hopefully it will get easier. We sure do thank the peeps for taking such good care of you. You all have a super day,

  9. Your mom is very brave, Madi. There is no way my mom could ever poke me with a needle. She'd absolutely pass out on the floor. You have the bestest nurses ever!

  10. Great plates sweet Madi! If your peeps have an old fashion coat hanger they can twist the top around and hang it over the door with the IV bag in place on the coat hanger, no holding required, just sit on the floor close to the door.

  11. OMD...Mama soooooo wants a Groot license plate now!!!
    Keeping our paws crossed that there is no Madi geyser today. We bet your Mama and Daddy are more nervous than you are during the SubQ treatments, so we are sending some snuggles their way!
    Hugs and Snuggles to you too!
    Arty & Jakey

  12. We're glad it went well Madi! And your dad was a tree lol! Maybe some cross training is in order??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. We are very happy to hear your nursing staff is learning well. And our Mom LUFFS Baby Groot. He's so different from the very sober, mature Groot in the first movie.

  14. Nurse Mom is grrrrreat! Lots of lovin dar.

  15. Oh my Madi! I totally missed yesterday's post so had to go back to find out they are sticking needles in you!!! What?? I would bite their finger off if I were you. Oh, hold on, Mara says it's a good thing what they are doing to you, because you will get well again. I guess it's alright then. But keep a watch-out for that finger, just in case...

    Miss Oswin from Norway

    PS: Mara says god bedring, which means get well soon.

  16. We hope you feel better soon Madi! Oh, and the license plates are great!

  17. Well done to your mom with the sub Qs! She will be an expert before she knows it.

  18. HOLY CRAP! WTD?? I missed your last postie abouts your pee! OMD, sorry abouts the results of your test, I don't do well on the pee tests lately eithers. I am so glads your Moms is mastering the IV thingie...I don't thinks I would trust Ma with a sharp object in my knows her track record!!!! yikes! Anyhu, sounds like she's gonna be a pro soon enough! Just be patient with the peeps, sounds like they'll get it down real soon.
    Sendin' lots of {{{hugs}}} and POTP and healin' vibes and lots and lots of AireZens!
    Ruby ♥

  19. Glad the medical procedure went well, despite the inept nurse....MOL! But sounds like it will be a breeze from now on!

  20. Your mom did great! We are praying that the fluids help!!!

  21. Madi, you are helping yourself by being so good when you get your fluids. It is hard on the humans when they have to do things to help you that you might not like and they can only hope you understand. Purrs.

  22. That is so true - that is what friends are for - we are here for you and your Mom and Dad hoping for a big improvement with all those fluids. We like that plate GETUPNGO, but with all this heat, we are afraid that our GETUPNGO got up and went.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  23. We're glad to hear things went well with your pawrents doing the fluid treatment for you. Our mom wanted to suggest they look at this post ( ) from when our Angel Nina was on fluid treatments. Scroll down the page a bit to see how they hung the fluid bag. It might save your dad's arms from falling off if they can find a convenient place to hang the bag from.

  24. Oh Madi I'm so glad things went well with your sub-q treatment. Sorry you had a mini-Madi-Geyser but I just bet your Nurse will be on the alert next time dear girl!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  25. I am glad things went pretty well for your first fluids at home. I sm surprised you are going to get them daily. I am calling Phoebe's vet tomorrow because I checked her blood work from 2 weeks ago showed creatinine of 2.6 which is higher than yours and they don't have me giving her fluids. I want to slow her CKD for as long as possible.XO

    1. A creatinine of 2.6 doesn't require fluids. Honestly, you don't want to start fluids too soon because it can tax the heart and other things. Better to add water to Phoebe's food to get more water into her. :)

  26. Madi, we're glad everything went pretty good. Your mom will get the knack of it and become an old pro before you know it!

  27. I can give shots, don't like to, but sometimes with all the critters we have.......I need to. Glad it went well.

  28. Madi you are a sweetheart (and a BRAVE girl!!) You also have one heck of a special Mama!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody


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