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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mom, Mom's Mom and Sissy

To all moms of 2 and 4 leggers!!

Madi is letting me aka Mom post today.

Below is a photo that was taken  in 1998 during my daughter's wedding portrait sitting.  
Thank goodness we had a very wise and experienced photographer.
It was his custom to take a snap shot of moms, daughters and grandmothers if all were present.
This is a treasured snap shot....

I am on the left, my daughter in the center and my Mama aka Mom on the right.

My mama loved this photo.
Mother's Day about 15 years ago a friend helped me copy this photo onto fabric.
Then I made the pillow below and added the photo to it.  Mama kept this
pillow on her bed and she told me every night she kissed her girls
good night. Mothers do things like that.

Not everyone is called Mom, Mother or Grandmother:  
My mother always wanted me to call her Mother...I called her Mama
My daughter calls me Ma
Before my daughter was born, Mama said I hope this baby will call me something unusual.
Evidently my daughter heard that request.  From the day she could speak
she called my Mama,  Loula.  
Mama's given name was Lou...just Lou not Louise. Her middle name was Daniel.
Mama was the baby of 7, 5 of them girls, 1 boy.  Mama was born when her *Mother was in her mid 40's.  Maybe they were hoping for another boy.
I'm sure my daughter heard my Dad call Mama, Lou.  Thus the Lou part, as for the la, no clue.
After my daughter was born, nearly everyone who knew my Mama started calling her Loula
even at work.  I even called her Loula more than Mama and my husband called her Loula.
I called my *maternal grandmother, Annie Ma.
This name came from the oldest granddaughter, Becky.  I'm told Becky could not
pronounce "G's".   She was trying to say Grandma..somehow it came out
Annie Ma and it stuck.  My paternal Grandmother...was Grandmother...nothing else.

I love names and how they came about.  What do you call your Mom or Grandmother?


  1. Hari OM
    Oh what wonderful memories!!! Both my maternal and paternal elders were 'granny' and when being referred to third party, just the surnames tacked on. Very unimaginative. Mum was always mum... unless we were put out with her, in which case 'mother!' came to the fore. Have a super day HiC... Huggies, YaYa xx

  2. Happy Mothers Day! Mimi's grandchildren all call her Mimi and so do their furends. Mimi calls her own mother "Mom" but the children all call her "Grandma Rose". Her name is Rose. And to honor her, one of Grandma Rose's daughters and almost all of her granddaughters as well as her great-granddaughters have Rose as their middle name.
    Yur Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  3. What a beautiful photo and one to treasure for sure! I called my mother Ma and my grandmother Nana. My daughter called my mom...Gram.

    I hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Happy (USA) Mothers Day!
    My mother's mother lived with us all through my childhood and was simply known as Granny (and my mother and father, Mummy and Daddy). But Granny's first name was Lucy, and she was known as Lou by her five sisters (the dreaded great aunts, who frequently came to visit, often quarrelled with Granny and always brought girlie presents which, I'm now ashamed to say, tomboy Gail totally failed to appreciate!)
    Cheers! Gail.

  5. Now I have grandchildren it's a bit like being a mother all over again.

  6. What a great post! Happy Mother's Day to your mom, Madi!

  7. that photo is a true treasure and I can see the family resemblance in all 3 of you. Like Loula, my maternal grandmother had a name I gave her that was used at work and by all her friends and relatives and it is the only word on her tombstone. Ganny, pronounce gonny... I could not say granny and it stuck. some people did not know her name was Alva, they thought it was her real name. she worked at the hospital and was called by that name. My paternal grandmother was called Mommy by all her grandkids, not sure how that started. my mother was Mom, Mother and Mama, depending on what I wanted. when disgusted I would say MOTHER... draw out the last syllable and when I came home from school I always said Mom we are home.. Mama was used the most

  8. My new mom and I are still working on our relationship. Dad's mom passed away almost a year ago and he misses her a lot. He never got to say goodbye to her so this day is a little difficult for him. This is such a beautiful post and tribute. I say make the most of your time with your moms, who are the reason you are even here. You never know when you'll wake up and learn that she's not here anymore. Happy Mother's Day, and Happy Sunday to you.

  9. Great picture. Happy Mother's day to you too.

  10. Awww, loved the story and the picture. What a great idea with the pillow... very sweet her kissing her girls good night every night. I called my Mom "Mom" and her Mom Grandma.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  11. What a lovely photo of three very special ladies!!! We love the story about the pillow and your Mama's nightly kiss goodnight. For our Mom, the family history has always been Mom or Mommy, and Grandma.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  12. Precious <3 Sending your mom lots of LOVE. Happy Mother's Day.

  13. That is a most wonderful photo! Happy Mother's Day to your very special Mom and to all the special Moms everywhere!

  14. That's a lovely photo! Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  15. What a wonderful Mother's Day post! My mother's mother dies when I was pretty young, but we called her Paga and I have no idea why, I have to remember to ask my Mother when I talk to her today!! Thanks for stirring up that memory!
    Happy Mother's Day Smileys!
    NC(Bilbo, Jakey & Arty too)

  16. I call my mom "walking food dispenser" and "provider of treats". BOL

  17. You have some very lovely and special memories. The older we get the more special they become don't they?

    I call my Mom playmate door opener and walkie provider.

    Molly and my Mom @The Fast and The Furriest

  18. What a wonderful Mother's Day post....lots of wonderful and warm memories. Special days aren't really required for us to appreciate our Moms but it's nice to have a SPECIAL DAY SET ASIDE to honor them! Happy Mom's Day to your Mom Madi!

    Love, Teddy

  19. Love that you shared all of this, simply beautiful! Happy Mother's Day! catchatwithcarenandcody

  20. Happy Mother's Day! It is a wonderful picture of 3 generations of awesome women!
    My mom is mom (mommy when I was little). I called my grandmother's nana and grandmother. My great-grandmothers I remember were Great Gran, Great Grandma Wells, and Great Grandma Barfoot.

  21. Happy Mother's Day! ♥♥

  22. Interesting naming story. We are pretty traditional around here and with the extended family. The grandkids USED to call our mom "Grandma White". The other 2 grandmas were "Grandma Brown" and Grandma Black". The color differences were (sort of) reflected in the colors of the houses each grandma lived in. That is a treasured photo for sure!! Happy MOther's Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  23. This is a beautiful post and I love the photo and pillow. That is a sweet story too about Loula. I called both grandmothers, Gramma even though everyone else called one of them Meme, I wouldn't. And my Mom is Grammie. Happy Mother's Day! XO

  24. What a great story and memories...thanks for sharing with us. Happy Mother's Day!

  25. What a wonderful post :) thanks so much for sharing Madi's Mom. Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  26. OMD, that is just tooooo cute!!! I loves that story! And I looooves that pic of the three of you gurls! (though, I thinks it IS missing one special Diva...☺) Anyhu, I hopes you have a most FABulous day!!! Gives your Moms some kisses from me Madi!!
    Ruby ♥

  27. Happy late Mother's Day to you Cecilia. Love the pillow. Very sweet picture of all of you. I like the story too.

  28. That sure is a cherished picture of you three. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you.


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