Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My world was rocked and NOT in a good way!!!!!

For those of you who might not have yet figured it out....I AM A CAT....
Cats like routine (or as Mom says)we like what we like, when we like it and not before.
Well as you might remember the Mom recently went through an 'out with the old, in with the new' phase. Included in the out, was their very, very soft (not cat claw friendly) and OLD and stringy (Mom's words) comforter. She wanted a new one that would withstand 'claws'!
She found 'the perfect one, made of all cotton', in the 'perfect shade of burgundy to match the existing curtains (Dad was happy about this as he doesn't like to put new holes in the wall).
The next series of pictures will show you exactly what I thought of the new purchase.
First (and not pictured) is me being put on the bed under duress after I had been sniffing and whining (mom's words) walking around the bed for at least 100 hours.
I immediately notice it is different.
Again not pictured is the number of attempts it took me to actually stand on it.
I had to sniff it and paw it it several times to be sure it would not swallow me whole.

For all the Feline readers, you are probably very familiar with this next bit of paw action
you know the one...pat, pat, patpat, patpatpat, then slap it silly with one swipe....
Ok I don't know what it is but it appears harmless so I'll take a walk on the wild side but I'm keeping my eyes on it.....
So far so good I made it up to the pillows still no sign of life
Mom here...I'll spare the the remaining 100 pictures of Madi slowly walking down the other side of the bed sniffing and patpatpat...on to the last picture of her deciding it is acceptable. After all that hard C(at)S(lueth)I(nvestigator)work, she needs a nap so she heads on down to her towel.
Mom here: I wish you all could have seen the 'big deal' Madi made out of this new comforter. Whining and meowing and sniffing and every time I tried to pick her up to put her on it she tucked her tail and ran to the family room. She is such a DRAMA Queen!!! I we love her to bits!!!


  1. Madi, you silly girl, we do that kind of thing too whenever Mommy brings something new into the house=of course, we have to inspect everything, but at first, we act very cautious and creep up to it for the initial examination!!...kisses sweetie...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. We think you were a good investigator Madi! It has to be the right softness! Also, we wouldn't want any bed bugs coming in with that new comforter!

  3. Madi,

    It is our kitty duty to very carefully inspect all new things that come into our home. We never know what might be hiding inside. You are a great CSI, good job.

    Cindi Lou

  4. Madi is a cat's cat all right. Cats would prefer that any changes be submitted for their approval in triplicate at least two weeks in advance. I'm glad your new comforter met with her approval in the end.

    wags, Lola

  5. That is a very funny story! I can just picture it all happening! You be nice to that comfortor now Madi.

  6. Very funny and lovely!!
    We love the patpatpat part!!!
    Yep! We need to do that!
    You are really a CSI kitty,Madi!

  7. I never knew cats were suspicious of change!
    Good thing you investigated this new addition to your throne!
    I would go for those nice fluffy pillows, if I were you, Madi!! :)

  8. Oh Madi,

    You look sooo beautiful against that red comforter! Red is your color! I bet you love it now! Cute pictures.

    Riley and Star.

  9. You have to be careful with all the new things! Beth said to tell your mommy that she thinks it looks REALLY nice!

  10. Madi, Madi, Madi! You are such a funny girl!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. the cats know when anything in the slightest bit changes in our house.

    If that comforter had moved she would have been on the ceiling!!!!

  12. Madi, we understand completely. You never know when something new will rise up and bite you. Your mom is most disregarding of your feelings. Sheesh.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  13. Madi,
    We know all about monsters! And there could have been one lurking in or under that comforter, for sure! Mommy LOL-ed at the patpatpat...we do that, too.
    Stay on the towel where it's safe...at least for now. There's plenty of time to get furs on the new comforter...after you're sure it's OK, that is.

  14. oh but its furry understandables cause the diva MUST approve of all conforters and make sure they are up to diva standards.furry much normal.

    pibble wiggles
    coco chanel queen of the universe

  15. Too Funny!!! It is amazing how some animals (Bilbo) need everything to stay the same and get SO annoyed when anything changes!!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  16. We think you are WONDERFUL, dear Madi!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  17. We are with you Madi - we are not fans of new things at our house - especially when it means that things we really like have to go! And if it was a place we slept on, well, you are so right to be cautious, that is all we have to say about it!!

  18. Madi, you are very funny! We are with you - we don't like change either. What does your mom need with new things!
    It will take you a while to get that comforter madified but you can do it!!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  19. Oh Madi, you are so funny and clever! The difference between me and you...besides your a cat and I am a dog...is that I would have just jumped right up into the middle of the new comforter before I even knew it was something new. You know...us dogs jump first and ask questions later!! I hope you can get used to the new one soon dear Madi...naps are soooo important! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  20. MOL!!! We totally understand Madi!!! Change SUX!

  21. Too funny... they never miss a beat!

  22. Madi, we totally understand where you are coming from! Why do the humans insist on changing things?? Don't they understand we like the way things are and wanna keep them that way??? Our mom is rearranging stuff and it just messes us up!! Why oh why can't they just leave it alone??!?

  23. Madi and Mom,
    I completely understand!!!!! Madi you would love me, I am the same way!! I don't like change either!!!! Happy and every other cat I have had all my life does not like change period.
    XXOO, Happy & Fern

  24. We is right there with you Madi. Change is bad! But we hopes you likes the new comforter now.
    My mommy laff about your mommy's comment about you being a drama queen.

  25. OH Madi, that is just too funny, your poor Mom must have been beside herself!!! You make the perfect Drama queen!

  26. HI Madi!

    Listen up girlfriend, I support your careful inspection of the said "new" and "unknown" item. WE all do the same thing. When Momma brings in anything new we have to inspect it and insure that it is safe. I know that is exactly what you were doing, and we are happy to see you deemed it totally Madi-proof!


  27. Mom--Please make sure all bedding is Madi-Approved from now on!

    (Yes! The kitties in my post today are mine!)

  28. Well, Madi, I don't blame you! You can never, EVER be too carefuls about new comforters like that. Comforters are known cat-eaters from what I hear. But that one looks very nice and safe and accents your beautiful furs Most Nicely!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  29. One can't be to hasty when it comes to ones comfort, now can one???
    You are the Diva!!!

  30. SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are cats here who act the same way with change. What a funny post and a true reflection of the actions of our precious feline friends.

  31. That is such a "cat thing."

    Glad to see she has accepted the change.

  32. Aw Madsters! You are funny!!! We would have been rolling around on the floor laughing if we had been in the room with you! Silly girl! You should have called me...tough Lautrec to come over and show that comforter to behave!! Glad you two are now getting along!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny


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