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My Mind's Eye
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I would never ......

Bite .......
the hand that feeds me....
I'm just giving mom a wonderful lick from my kitty tongue..she loves it and just between you all and me she giggles sometimes when I do it. What a kooky Mom I have.


  1. It is always wise to keep mom on your side Madi - the hand that opens the food cupboard!
    Have a lovely Thursday
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  2. It's ok, I gots da feeling her will feed you mum does...hehehe!
    Ummmm...yea, we gots pretty weird neighbors. My mum is concerned bout our safety though.

  3. Oooooh, I can feel that funny texture of a kitty tongue! What a sweet Diva! Mom's need love every so often!!
    Chin scratches to you, Madi!
    Hugs to Mom!

  4. HEHE, there's nothing better than getting Kitty Licks, except doggie kisses!

  5. Oh yeah, I know about that!! My mom knows just the spot to scratch me so that I will start licking whatever is closest to my mouth. That always makes mom laugh - especially when I start licking a wall or a shoe!! Mom's are silly!! Purrs, Lautrec

  6. Kisses from kitteh tongues are kinda funny. I know, cuz Brudder Cap'n Ripley likes to kiss my butt. BOL! It's kinda like getting an itty, bitty massage. (Brudder Ripley also likes to kiss my mom's legs right after she gets outta the shower and has just shaved and for some reason, she doesn't like that so much.)

    Anyways, it was very much nice of you to kiss - not bite!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  7. That was just a love bite....nothing serious....hope you have a fun weekend!

  8. Yes you have Madi
    a kooky Mom :-)
    But only we have never heard about that word
    I bite sometimes my Mommy
    but its playing I will never hurt her !!!
    Hugs Love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Madi--Please tell your mom I loved the comment she left on my post this morning! It made me smile!!!

    Does Mom taste sweet? She sure seems like she would....

  10. I'm sure it tickles. You know you kitty monsters have a tickly tongue!

  11. That's because you are just as sweet as pie! Cricket has this obsession with licking mom's fingers. She's always doing it! And Skeeter?!? She grooms mom's hair!

  12. Is always a wise thought Madi. (But I have to admit sometimes I can resist a little bitey.) TK is the licker of the fambily. Mommy sais his tongue is like 60g sandpaper.
    Very sweet pictures.

  13. You're beautiful and smart!!!
    Headrubs and nosetaps,

  14. What a very smart and loving diva kitty you are Madi!!

    Smileys & Snuggles,
    Dory, Bilbo & Jacob

  15. Kitty licks are like kitty kisses, special and sweet=just like you, Madi!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. MOL....our silly mama giggles when we give her a love licking, too!!!!!!!!!!!

    We luvsya, Madi.

  17. Hi Madi!

    Guess what?
    I do put the bitey on Momma. I also groom her too, a lot. She loves my kitty kisses, but not so much my bitey. I have never tried to hurt her -- well maybe once when she was trying to clip my nails. But, I usually nip which is like a pinch. She doesn't understand why I do it, but she does think some of it because of how the family that had me before treated me. She doesn't get mad at me, she tries to talk to me about it, and that works for a while and then I nip again.


  18. Oh Madi, your mom giggles because she loves you so much!! and I would never bite M.O.M. either cause she is the hand that feeds me too! Hugs and Wags, Mistaya

  19. I lick my mum's hand too, but sometimes I can't resist giving it little nibbly bites.

  20. Madi, please tell your mom I went shopping today! She will understand! :)

  21. Simone licks Blog Mom's hand, too. And Blog Mom LIKES it. Hmmph. Simone has, however, been known to bite the hand that feeds her. Not lately, though.

    wags, Lola

  22. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Aw Madi, that is so sweet to give your mom kitty kisses. Your mom giggles because it tickles. Those little kitty tongues are rough but they feel like a tickle when you lick us. I guess that make all of us kitty moms kooky!

    The squirrels on my blog today do have really long sharp claws. It is amazing how fast they can climb trees and run on the ground. My kitty Tasha would sometimes try to chase them when I would take her out in the backyard with me. The squirrels would run then stop and look back. They would wait until Tasha got closer and then run some more. It was a game they played and it gave Tasha some exercise. The squirrels would actually tease her into chasing them. I was always watching just in case but there is no way she could have caught one. We are in a different house now with different squirrels and Cindi is afraid of them. She rarely goes out and stays really close to me when she does. If I could just teach her to pull weeds.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  23. The Baby does that...licklicklick and then a bite! We call it "tenderizing"!


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