Sunday, May 23, 2010

Steeple Sunday: First Presbyterian

What a lovely steeple/bell tower. It reminds me of a castle.
First Presbyterian was organized on Sunday January 21, 1816. The service was held in
the old NC State House on the Capitol Square. There were 40 adults and children present
The congregation erected a brick meeting house on the corner of Salisbury and Morgan Streets
across the street from the State Capitol Building in 1818. This structure was used for 80 years. It was razed to make room for the present sanctuary which was completed in 1900.
In 1956 the sanctuary was remodeled to its present style and remains in its original location.
In 1958, Dr. Albert Edwards, a native of Scotland, began his ministry. During his 28 year
pastorate he introduced a mid-week service and a television ministry. The mid-week service included light lunch and a short sermon and was attended by several hundred folks a week.
from the surrounding state government buildings and other businesses in Raleigh.

The church entrance faces the Capitol Square, the sides of the church run about one half a block down two streets. It has a very active congregation is is the only Presbyterian Church in the heart of downtown.


  1. A lovely steeple and a good church history lesson!...Hope you all have a happy, fun Sunday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. We enjoy seeing those steeples! We have only a couple in Napa! Nothing like this. Have a good Sunday!

  3. Another beautiful sunny day for your steeples post.
    We are becoming very well informed about the history in your area.
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    Martha and Bailey xxx

  4. Another great post and love the pics! I look forward to this each Sunday! Thanks.

  5. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Madi, I think your mom should become a historian.
    Maybe a little segment in the local paper that runs for a short period of time on the history of these beautiful churches.

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  11. I can imagine Rapunzel letting down her hair...that is indeed a "castle" steeple.
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  12. This church really looks like a castle to us!
    Beautiful church!!!

    We think someday you should make a book about these lovely steeples!!
    ...Oh I found Ms.~K also mentioned about it!!!

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  14. Another Sunday and another beautiful church building! Thank for sharing! Happy Sunday!

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  15. What a beautiful bell tower (and steeple). You are doing such a great job of showing us so many beautiful churches!! Thanks you so much!!

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  16. It was only when I left that I realized there is NOT a church on every corner in the rest of the world :)

    It's so nice that they have taken care of these places so that we have them today!

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  19. I agree. It looks like a castle!
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  20. Beautiful pics there Madi!!

  21. When I scrolled down and saw the first photo the first thing that crossed my mind was a castle. The bell tower does have that look to it. The church is beautiful.

    Hope you had a great weekend, at least after the tire got changed. We did little projects around the house all weekend. Projects from the list that never seems to end, lol.


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