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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday Tale: Twofer and health update

I've been spending many many hours on this bed lately.  
Because it is comfy and it has a great view and when the pillow shams aren't here 
I can get up close and purrsonal to my Sissy.  
It makes mom smile to see her two girls this close together.
 Mom's peeps aka Loula and Papa gave this PASTEL portrait of
Sissy to my peeps for a present in 1980...sissy was about 9. It was done from a photo
they really like it too.

Last Friday I was exhibiting some of the early signs of a bout with IBD. Since it was Friday, mom called my vet.
I had an unplanned trip to the vet and there was NO PRIOR APPROVAL from me either.
Mom wanted to stay way ahead of the issues when the 'tossing of cookies' are part of my malady.
 It had been 4 weeks and 3 days since my last magical cocktail from my vet.  You know the one that usually keeps me ticking along like a trusty Timex.   Normally it increases my appetite and makes me frisky within about 12 hours.  I'm not acting like I'm starved but I am eating and that is imPAWtant since my meds are in my food.
While we were at the vet Mom told the vet about a problem with my nails.

I'm the oldest pet the peeps have ever had so  we thought we'd share this

The staff always give me  mani-pedi about once a month. When they did it in late May, mom noticed my two end nails on my back paws were very very thick.  Not long, it looked as if the length had turned in to thickness.  She had a time clipping the daggers and Dad had a time holding me still. The two toes in the middle are not thick at all.  While we were at the vet on Friday, she mentioned it to Dr. S.  He said ahhhhhh yes the nails of geriatric cat ($5.00 word for OLD)  tend to thicken like this and become hard to cut.  So mom asked Dr. S if the Vet Tech could trim those for her.
She did and it was my first every mani-pedi by a Professional. Mom noticed the vet tech used a different style nail clipper called side my side.  Mom will be investing in one of those lickety split.   

That is it for now, livin' and lovin' one day at at time.


  1. Crikey Madi I'd be spending lots of time on that bed too. It sure looks comfy. You had your nails cut by a professional?? AND you let him do it????? I won't let anyone cut my nails. Mum has to file them. She bought a dremel. I don't like it but I do let her do it. BUT not cutting ....... no way!!!!!!

  2. My momma says Jezebel (who lived to almost 21) had SUPER thick nails.

  3. Binga's claws have gotten a little wonky in her dotage too.

  4. Oh my gosh! My mom has a charcoal drawing of me when I was about 3 years old. I haven't thought of it in forever! I'll have to find out what happened to it. Haha! I hope Madi's cocktail kicks in lickity split. ♥

  5. Lady Shasta here - it'z a good thing to keep eatin'even with medicine in there-my mom duz that too sumtimez. Mom hazta haf a professhunal alwayz do mine an'Miss Maizie'z nailz - we r good butt our mom just can't do'em herself. That bed an'seein'u in it iz makin'me sleepy - gonna go nite nite now.
    PeeS - that iza sweet pikchure of your sissy - it iz just us Ladiez an'mom here.

  6. we have such an artpiece of my granny... a wandering artist stopped at her house and her mother got the drawing for giving him a breakfast... and it was the best investion ever, because it is the only picture we have from my granny as she was a little girl.... Madi, guess what? I have to go on furryday to a mani-pedi at the vet... mani stands for maniac, right? I will do my best teehee...

  7. What a lovely portrait! I do NOT like having my nails done. I go along with it but I hate every minute of it!

  8. Gosh dear Madi I hope you have perked back up to your usual "feeling good" mode and no more signs of IBD....AND you got a mani-pedi from a pro out of that surprise visit to the vet. Hope you are FEELING MIGHTY FINE......

    Love, Teddy

  9. Hari OM
    You're mum is taking great care of your needs Madi - who could ask for better help? No, really, I mean that! I do have just one concern though; charcoal is either black or red, which leads me to think the lovely picture is made with pastels, which can be chalky (like charcoal) or the oil variety (which holds better)... forgive the artist in me! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. is a dufus...yes it was PASTEL not charcoal.

  10. That is so great that you get to be close to your Sissy, Madi. That is a great picture of the two of you. Have a wonderful day.

  11. We are sorry to hear of another bout of that awful condition. I, Toby, also have a problem with thick nails. Leia doesn't, because she's more kitten than cat.

  12. Oh I say, a pawsome pedicure done by Mr Vetman fur you Madi. That's a nice SPA visit at the Vet
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  13. Madi my advice is to act just a LITTLE under the weather whenever you feel like a spa day ;)
    Glad to hear you feel better.

  14. When you get your new side by side's post a picture. I saw some, but don't know if that is what you needed to buy.

    Madi, I am happy you are doing better from your toes to your nose. Luv U!

  15. A senior cat earns the comfiest spots!


  16. We think it is so nice that you like sleeping near that beautiful portrait of your Sissy.

    Kudos to Mom for being right on the mark in getting you treated early. Mom says she understands all about geriatric nails:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. Good thing you mom takes such good care of you butt you still got some more life to live Madi!

    Keep Calm & Stay Healthy,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. today my song is one day at a time Sweet Jesus, so you and mom can harmonize with me... never heard of the toe nail thing but I know all about what geriatric means for Jake, Me and Bob. also geriatric pertains to TOGM

  19. MADI did you see that picture we put on our post today with El and Henri on my bed, what is it with you cats and our beds, we are glad you are enjoying it though Madi especially after going to the vet, at least you did not scream like a little girl when you got your nails cut, that is what GUS does. mags and gusser

  20. We sure hope you feel better real soon! My kitty cat cousin Maddie hates to get her claws clipped. But somehow her human manages to get this done. Usually it take some stealth tactics, and multiple scratches.

  21. We agree, the Mom does a great job watching out for your needs pretty Madi!

  22. What a wonderful place to dream Madi and stay close to your sissy!! We are so glad to hear about your first Mani Pedi! Mama says it is best for all involved if we are always given our Mani Pedi's by pawfessionals ;-).

    Hope you are feeling tip-top today!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  23. madi...thiz bee an awesum collage....sorree ya had ta go two de eeeeeeeeevil place tho we iz happee de dood waz abe bull ta help ya.... { boomer had two thick nailz all sew, we had ta bee care full trimmin coz they wood "split" }

  24. They called you geriatric while in your presence, Madi?!? What the hey???? Get out those thick claws and do some work on those very rude people!

  25. WE get ours done by mom while dad holds us. They have had to change the method with me cause I was not liking it at all. Dad puts me on a table and feeds me yummy treats while mom does the clippering. Got them fooled don't I BOL! Hazel sits on dad's lap and submits to the torture of the grinder (she does not like the clippers)
    Hazel too

  26. Oh sweetie we're so glad your Mom and Dad are on top of things.

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids
    ps - they called you you want me to come hork in their shoes?

  27. We're glad your mom took you in - though she COULD have cleared it with your schedule first!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  28. I am glad to see you cuddled up like that. Prayers for your tummy. The drawings are lovely. Hang in there sister. Getting older is never easy.

  29. That looks like the purrfect napping spot, Madi. We’re glad your mom was on top of things and got you to the vet before you started having real problems.

  30. One of the most painful and dreaded jobs around here is clipping those claws. We getting hissing and MROWing and all kinds of nonsense. You look pretty comfy on your bed, Madi! ENJOY!

  31. I am glad your folks take such good care of you. XO

  32. We hope the impromptu visit to the vet helps you feel better.

  33. Gurl, I thinks your Moms should have checked with you furst before scoopin' you up and handing you overs to the vettie! Why do the peeps do that anyhu?? sigh. Wells, I am glads that you are doin' goods, and you got your talons trimmed so you don't take out an eye! BOL!!! You knows I HATES gettin' my talons trimmed! They even have to give me some happy pills (pees: they do NOT make me happy btw), so they can so it! I just don't likes my paws touched..amirite
    Ruby ♥

  34. I am hoping that you are on the road to feeling better Madi! Let your mom know that she needs to ask your permission before hauling you to the vet :)


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