Monday, March 8, 2010


When Mom returned for her 'walk' on Saturday afternoon,
she came into the house bellowing 'MADI where are you'? I meowed back, 'Mom good grief why all the bellowing I'm napping on your bed'. She said oh my word, what a surprise you have a package....we were thriled to also learn about shopping at
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let's see who it is from...
Since I'm not allowed to use scissors, Mom opened the box for me.
Lo and behold look what we found in it from Olive and her Mom for my birthday....
1. a lavendar Kong wubba on a stick
2. Two Kong Natural mice....
3. Two silicone purple paw mini muffin cups. **
**Oh let me tell you my Mom makes the best cornbread in the world...usually I get the crumbs from the corn bread. She said as a very special treat, the
next time she makes cornbread she will make me some cornbread muffins.
I could hardly contain my glee while she was taking this picture.
Finally she bellows (what is it with all the bellowing) for Dad to come
hold the Wubba on a string while she takes pictures.
You know what that crazy Dad said about the picture below....
"Look I caught a catfish". I love my Dad he is very funny.

My natural mices are small...I can tote them in my mouth and HIDE them.
I guarantee one will be missing very soon. Mom put the other one away.
I love the box too.
And last but not least here is a video of Madi
playing with her Wubba before I took it out of the packaging.


  1. I guess Madi sure does love he Wubba! That was cute!

  2. Wubba's are the best for both kitties and doggies!

    Woo Woooo
    Shiloh, Shelby, and Their Mom

  3. What a great surprise, Madi!!
    Just like a kid! You're so excited to play with the toys, who has time for talking!
    Raider did hear you meow and came running over to my 'puter to investigate! At least he didn't bark!LOL
    Happy Birthday, Kitty!

  4. What great gifts Madi!!! You really appreciate
    that wubba, I can see that!!!! I'll bet it has cat nip in it!!! It is so nice to be loved. An early birthday is always nice!!!!!!!
    Isn't Olive wonderful!!
    Good job on the video Cecillia!! I spent 35 minutes loading so I could see and hear Madi.
    Love you, Bambi & Fern

  5. Awwww... I am so glad you like your gifts Madi!!! I loved the video too!! Thanks for letting me see you with your gifts!! That was wonderful!!

    Many many licks to you!!!


  6. You are such a lucky kitty-have fun-just remember where the mice are.

  7. Wow Madi! that sure is one PAWesome surprise package you got! We like purple! Your video was adorable and we were so happy to hear your sweet little voice! Have fun girlfurriend!

  8. What an awesome gift from Olive and her mom!! So very thoughtful! Looks like a great box too!
    P.S. Mom says cornbread, YUM!!!

  9. Nice gifts Madi!

    BTW, I wish I had known that I was in NC:)
    No wonder I was so tired when I got home!

  10. Oh my goodnesses, Madi! I have a wubba, too. I LUVS it so much. And I can tell from that video that you LUVS it, too.

    That was Most Wonderfully Nice of Olive to send you such a purrrrfect package of gifts. What thoughtful furends you have!

    Oh, and thanks for your advices about Ripley. Ranger is "taking it under consideration."

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Oh my goodnesses, Madi! I have a wubba, too. I LUVS it so much. And I can tell from that video that you LUVS it, too.

    That was Most Wonderfully Nice of Olive to send you such a purrrrfect package of gifts. What thoughtful furends you have!

    Oh, and thanks for your advices about Ripley. Ranger is "taking it under consideration."

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I'm sorry if this posts twice. Something weird happened the first time and thought I'd better try again

  12. What an awesome package of goodies! You must be one special kitty! That Wubba looks like fun.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  13. I just said Corn bread!!! Yummmmmy :)

    Licks again!!


  14. Madsters!! What is a wubba? You look so happy about it..I've never seen one...WHAT IS IT?? I want one too if it is soooo nice. Gosh, your Momma was talking to you and you just ignored her cuz of the must tell me what it is so I can get me one (or Mom can!) And Mom said that those paw muffin tins are really cool, though I don't understand the attraction...if she wants me to I can just walk in her muffins after they are cooked and they will have pawprints on them...MINE!! Hahaha! But that box...Madsters...that box was just too cool. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Can I come over and play at your house? Please? Your really good friend, Lautrec (Tiny doesn't have to know about this, ok?)

  15. Presents! Aren't they great! I liked hearing your mommy's voice! You sure liked your presents! Enjoy!

  16. How sweet of Olive! Looks like she picked out some great gifts for you Madi.

  17. Madi, you are just too cute!!!!!!!!! We hope you get lotza more during this birthday week of your's......we're looking forward to helping you celebrate on Thursday. xxxxxxxx

  18. Those are some great presents for a great girl, Madi; that wubba looks fun!!...We are looking forward to coming to your party...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Oh Madi, what great parcel! You are such a lucky kitty cat.
    It is our turn to say the video wont play but we will come back shortly.
    It has no words - just buffering but not playing!

  20. Awesome! I've never seen a kat enjoy her presents more. What was it with Madi and the Wubba? Was there catnip involved? Does she need to visit our Nip/Tox center?

  21. Hi Madi
    Its always so nice to receive presents :-)
    Enjoy sweety
    I love that purple toy !!!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  22. WOW Madi...a WUBBA??!! for KITTIES??!! What a PAWSOME pressie!!!


  23. MAdi
    What a cool box that you got there!! Dont you just love getting packages??? Have fun with the toys and tell them to quit bellowing!!! It hurts the "divas" ears!! BOL


  24. Hi Madi
    Wubba wubba wubba...we love it!
    That was truly a wonderful present to get and you are having such great fun with it!

    purr on

  25. Wow what an awesome surprise that is! That Wubba cat fish picture is awesome! It looks like you had a lot of fun with everything!

  26. Oh wow, Madi!! What a fun package to get!

  27. Madi!
    Olive sent you pawesome presents!
    The Pawcakes are great and I can see how much you like your new Wubba!
    I love the video!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Oh Madi, still no video - how come everyone else is getting to see it!!!
    We want to see you in action - we will try again......
    Martha & bailey xxx

  29. Hi, I couldn't see the video either! I may have too much stuff running on my computer. I would also love to see Madi playing!!! Your birthday gifts look great. When was your birthday, I must have missed so HAPPY BELATED OR EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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