Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remington (you) STEAL my heart.....xoxo Madi

Oh my word I have a birthday present from
my tall, dark, handsome friend Remington and his Mom.
If you have not found their blog yet, you need to run right over there now.
Rem is the most handsome Newfie we've ever met and most of all he knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. Rem wears 'several professional hats' and looks very dashing in each one.
I cannot tell you how exciting my 8th b-day has been thus far.
This is my first birthday with 'friends'. Mom and I are just speechless (nearly).

Not only is Rem handsome he is smart he can print.....

and he knows how to select just the right card to make a gal feel like a
Princess for a day......

This is my favorite present....there is a video of me playing with it a the end.
It is by Kong, of course, and called a Moppy Kickeroo, and the packaging
calls it a 'wrestling catnip toy' and guess what it has a crinkling noise in it.

Here is a grouping of the presents. I also have two catnip tote toys there on the bottom left....
Rem's mom is a very talented Fiber Artist...and Mom says on top of being the BEST Mom to Remington she can do just about anything else too. Look at the lovely heart shaped homemade
soap she sent to my Mom. Mom has been sniffing it so much I'm wondering if it per chance has 'mom'nip in it.

Since Rem could not be here in person, (he has a curfew and I live too far away)
he sent me a package of Salmon flavored Whiska Lickins and they are whisker lickin good.

Last but certainly not least is the vidoe of me playing like crazy with my Moppy Kickeroo
If you listen carefully you'll hear 2 meows and see one set of high 4's!!!
I'd say it was a big HIT!!!!
Rem and Mom...
We thank you so very much for the wonderful presents in honor of my 8th b-day!!!
Madi and Mom


  1. Hi Msdi
    How wonderful to get such a great present......and from Remington! He is such a handsome hunk!
    We did see that video and we just loved seeing you play with your toy and rolling over and over onit.
    Everyone will now know that is your special toy from Remington!
    Of course your mom, like ours, kept talking through the video but we liked hearing her voice.
    Sometimes we think moms get as much fun out of our toys as we do!
    Now remember Madi you do not have to share your treats with your mom.
    That is your present!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Hi Madi and Mom,
    What a wonderful gift you've got!!
    I went to see Remington's blog and now I know how handsome he is!!
    I saw your video and love the way you play!! It really was a BIG hit!

    And I think yes,'mom'nip might be in the soap! I'd love to try smelling it!

    love from Tokyo,

  3. Hi Madi & Mom,

    Madi you lucky girl, you got prezzies from Remington. He is one handsome fellow. We had so much fun watching you play with your toy. We really liked the High 4! Your birthday is almost here, are you excited?

    Purrs & Hugs,
    Cindi Lou and Judy

  4. Looks like you've had the best purrthday ever, Madi!!! Wonderful!

  5. Madsters friend! Happy birthday!!! I see that big old Remy has a marshmallow heart...SO, SO sweet of him to think of you on YOUR day and to send you such kickin' presents!! I'm so glad I look at your blog everyday because I'm learning about all sorts of toys I've NEVER heard of...a 'Moppy Kickeroo'? What is that? Man, you do live the good life!! But it is your birthday so I think you deserve it!! Enjoy and give that Moppy Kickeroo a good rubbin' for us! Your friends across the pond, Lautrec and Tiny

  6. Awww

    Happy Birthday Madi!!!!!! And look at all your wonderful presents! I popped over to see this fabled Remington and you are so right! He is one good looking gorgeous doggy - with an equally gorgeous name! Swoon!

    Enjoy your day!

    Take care
    p.s. thank you for thinking of my tough ol girl.

  7. Oh my goodnesses, Madi! You are having a Most Great birthday so far! It was awfully nice of Remington to send you those pressies. It looks like you luved them SO much! And my mom laughed right out loud when your mom said, "I didn't know you could move that much!" BOL!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. Hey Madi, what a treat for your friends:
    a video of you meowing and playing with your gift from Rem!
    Isn't he big, dark and handsome?!
    I have never seen a cat play so much with toys before like you! What fun! Happy Birthday!

  9. You are more than welcome my beautiful diva friend! I am SO happy you liked the present. I LOVED the video. I am recovering from my party. Not feeling too well today....
    So I suppose you will party tomorrow -- YOUR 8th BIRTHDAY! Don't over do it like I did -- not worth it!

  10. HI Madi!
    *wavin paws*
    Wowie what a wonderful surprise from your special friend Remington! WE just loved your video and I would say you loved what Mr.Remington sent! That is just so sweet!! And you dear Madi have such a sweet meow!

    purr on

  11. hehe, That is great! Hope you have a delightful 8th B-Day Madi!!!!

  12. HAPPY PURRDAY!!! Mom REALLY needs to put a calendar on our page so we can keep track of all of our furriends purrdays so we can send cards and stuff! We wish you a MOST HAPPIEST OF ALL PURRDAYS SO FAR! Your video is fabulous!!!

  13. Madi,
    HUBA HUBA!!! I didn't know Remington was your boyfriend LOL. How cute is that!!! Remington is soooo handsome :)
    I love the gifts and I saw the video!!! Yeah!!!
    Madi, your so cute!!
    Have a great day :)

  14. You sure looks like you are having fun Madi! Remington is very smart to knows what you like.
    BTW mommy sais I should tells you we are in Owings Mills MD.
    Have fun with your toy sweety!

  15. Wow that is awesome that Remington sent you a gift! We follow him and he seems like such a sweetie - this just proves we were right! And that kickeeroo looks awesome - we think we need to get one of those (hey mom...)

  16. Kudos to Remington and his Mom for all your wonderful gifts. Great video of you, darling Madi. We are looking forward to your birthday tomorrow and definitely plan to be here. xxxxxxxxx

  17. It was so sweet of Remington to send you gifts and you obviously love them; very awesome for such a handsome mandog to get purrfect gifts for a beautiful ladycat!!!...We enjoyed your video and are very excited to see you tomorrow at your birthday party!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Madi I have never seen you enjoy a toy so much!!! So wonderful of Remy's Mom to pick such a great toy for your birthday!!! Beth is a real good toy picker!!!!!!!! I saw the video and enjoyed watching you very much. It took well over a hour to load the video, but it was worth it!!!!!!!
    Love you sweet Madi

  19. Hi Madi

    That was so nice to send such great gifts for your birthday, and Kong really makes great toys for both cats and dogs.

    So anyway how does it feel to be eight, we hope you had a very happy birthday.

  20. That Remington is so thoughtful. He even included soap for your mom to get the kat-smell of her hands BOL

  21. OMD, Madi! Did I miss your berfday???

    BAD MOM!!! **looks at her**

    Happy Berfday, my sweet kitty friend! Hope it was a wonderful day!!!


  22. Hi Madi,

    We missed your Birthday and we are soo sorry! But we are wishing you Happy Birthday now and we hope you have a zillion more!

    Your gifts are beautiful! Isn't Rem just the sweetest Hunk in the whole world? And we luv his mommy too!

    We luv you Miss. Madi!

    Riley and Star.

  23. Great video! Love seeing you in action. It is very apparent you loved your gifts from Remington! And what a wonderful furiend he is. So, is your birthday today or tomorrow? Either way, I hope it is Twixeriffic!

  24. What a great birthday present you got from Remington! And Madi, did you know tomorrow is my Gotcha Day! We can celebrate together!!


  25. Ewww.... cool package there from Remin. There might be something goin on here lol He is one cool dude huh???


  26. Awwww, you are having a wonderful week!!!

    Yes you were soooooooooooo right on my post today!! Mom was was raining..what's a dog to do... BOL!!

    Licks to you!!


  27. How sweet of Remington and his Mom! Have fun with your presents Madi.


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