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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Happy Tuesday


Thank you to our 

Hostess Sandee at Comedy Plus   

Happy Accident on Happy Tuesday

Now for another HAPPY that I experienced on a recent EMW

We have a neighbors 2 blocks from us.  Since I’ve known them, they have owned three beautiful **plush German shepherds,Sasha and Layne and now (I'm not sure how to spell her name) it is either Keiko or Kukio.  I'll call her Princess K.  I see Mom and Princess K every day I walk. Princess K's Mom always moves to the side to let me by.  I always speak softly to Princess K .  Yesterday Princess K walked up to me FIRST TIME EVER.  She licked my hand and wrist then looked at me. I was too stunned to move.  I ask Mom Karen if it was ok for me to pet Princess K . She said yes that is what she wants.  Then Princess K laid down at my feet, another first!!  She looked up at me with a Smile and big brown eyes.  I gave her a good head rub.  It almost made me cry to receive this acceptance and welcome.  It was truly an honor of a lifetime.  No clue why she did this  👏🏻👏🏻‼️  Princess K is the first of their GS’s to let me touch her.  She is 3. I did not get a photo but one thing for certain My Mind's Eye will always remember.

This is a photo of Layne from a post
in 2011.  Layne was their 2nd Plush G.S. 

**What is a plush German Shepherd?
A "Plush Coat" is considered very desirable for Conformation. The Plush Coat German Shepherds have a much longer length of hair compared to the standard coated dogs and a much fuller undercoat as well. Their hair is thicker, fuller and just longer overall than a Stock Coat


  1. Hari Om
    I have known three different GSs over the years. One was a neighbour's guard dog, but when you'd rec'd approval by Boss Man, he became a soft toy... The other two were successive dogs of my cousin's and they were both as soppy as all get out! However, if signalled, they became the guardians of the world... I am thrilled for you to have had this experience with K. YAM xx

  2. What a heartwarming post. Now we just need a photo of Princess K.

  3. Aw, how sweet. She knew she was making a good friend.

  4. Dearest Cecilia,
    Don't know what EMW stands for...
    That was a very special encounter with Princess K and she sure must love you!
    Mariette + Kitties

  5. GS's are so very smart ~ as noted above, can be your best friend or your guard, as needed at any given moment. This princess inherently knew you would be a best friend ...

  6. Well now that's quite the morning walk. Total acceptance from one of the other four-legged walkers. Glad you got to enjoy the moment.

  7. Sounds like the princess has a personality like Beau... this is such a heartwarming post, and so happy you could pet her. Dogs KNOW the people who will pet them. I have not heard the word plush, but have noticed there are several different kinds of furs on GS.. now I know. the dog in K-9 must have been a plush with that coat. one of our watched many times movies

  8. Mom always wanted a GS but never has had one and now she doesn't want one. All the ones we know are so "to themselves", reactive and don't like people much which is rather sad. Mom has always had friendly dogs. You are lucky this one wanted to meet you and have you pet her.

  9. What a joy to have Princess K reach out in friendship, for scritches. A very special experience. ❤️

  10. That sounds like a very nice GS, and she decided she wanted you to be a friend.

  11. A nice EMW with your petting of Princess K. It's a lovely memory to store away. She must have felt a connection and trusted you♥

  12. Princess K knew you were special and she wanted to be your friend!

  13. german shepherd’s are the awesome est 😺 dogs, bum had several, and I’d have one in a fast
    minute if I had the space 💙💙‼️

  14. How wonderful that Princess K let you pet her. Maybe that will become a regular occurance on your EMW.

  15. That's great. Princess K has good instincts and knows you are a good person.

  16. How wonderful. You are an animal lover and this cutie pie knows it.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Love and hugs, my friend. ♥

  17. What a handsome dog ~ and so wonderful to hear about your interaction with each other ~ a blessing for sure ~ hugs,

    Hugs to you Cecilia and Angel Madi ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  18. That is so wonderful and I know both of you totally enjoyed that moment!

  19. What a beautiful experience that must have been, C.

  20. halllo This is my first time visiting your blog. This is very good, I also have a blog. Warm regards

  21. Princess K knows an animal lover:). That was so nice of her to let you pet her.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  22. She has learned you are a friend, what a happy day!

  23. What a heart-warming post. Perhaps you can get a picture another day. And that you can keep on petting her!!


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