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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday Time tale and teapots

Every Tuesday my Dad winds our Grandfather clock.
This clock was here BM (before Madi)  and I have been here
15 years.  BUT this is the very very very very first time
I have ever been inside.  Timing (pun intended) is everything
you see I was passing by just in nick of Time.
Pardon the blur but mom was upstairs when Dad bellowed
quietly said bring the camera Madi is in the clock.

In case you didn't know, I get my sense of humor from Dad.
Dad said to mom, 'well now Madi has truly been all over the clock'.On top* and now inside.  You may or may not have heard about the on top part.  Mom wrote about it in 2009 we had only been blogging 2 months. WE have it pasted below

Flashback August 2009:

I was not blogging on Madi's 7th b-day (March 11, 2009). Today and tomorrow 
I'll post two stories about Madi's first year with us to celebrate how
lucky she was she is still here and how VERY LUCKY we are she chose to STAY!!!
Madi Climbs: Mount Grandfather Clock: Part 1

Madi was angelic when we brought her home at 2 months of age and weighing 2.5 lbs. During the 
first 4 months of cuteness she was really sizing up her peeps, deciding best how to rule her domain.
She cast her cuteness net over us, reeling us in hook, line and sinker. At 6 mos. and maybe 5 lbs, her 
true colors came out she was a really mountain goat in a kitty body.
This picture is our the left of it our Grandfather clock. The gap between the stairs 
and clock is about a foot. One afternoon Madi's Dad heard a faint meow (aka 'look at me Dad'). 
He looks to his left to find Madi on top of the Grandfather Clock. Somehow, Madi was able to 
jump between the banisters upwards to the top of the clock. As if this wasn't bad enough 
(cat claws on fine wood), she decided to carve her 'name' on the wood. Yes, she had gnawed on 
the top. THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED Dad says!!! Now that she had discovered the trick 
there was not keeping her or her teeth off. We covered the clock with a sheet hoping to spook her, 
NOT!!! Her launch point was where the wicker mag. rack now sits. I was at my wits end trying 
to keep her off the clock. Finally, I remembered seeing a stair step magazine rack in a magazine. 
I bought the last one they had at Linens and Things. Here 7 years later it still sits there...
to the best of our knowledge she never went up there again.

Teapots and other art from Cedar Creek Gallery 


  1. I think that was quite an accomplishment, getting on top of that Grandfather clock!

  2. Madi, that is a truly wonderful clock and oh how I envy you the opportunity to study the physics of pendulums.
    Toodle pip!
    PS You are quite the athlete too!

  3. Madi that was a super story and we love your clock... I love the idea of the cat in the clock... I mean why all cats have to be in a bag?

  4. We love your clock, and we're sure we saw a story of you leaping on the top. We also think you should have been able to check out the INSIDE long before now. No tellin' what kinds of critters could have taken up residence in it!

  5. HAHAHA.....Well cats will do what they want to do no matter how SCARY or DIFFICULT it might be. The funny thing about this story is that we have a grandfather clock in the SAME kind of spot here by our stairs and when Sammy was a baby he did the same thing as Madi - popped over and got on the clock - he never attempted to EAT it, but Dad especially was always afraid that he'd fall. Of course he never did - cats are magic!

    Love, Teddy and Mom

  6. Wow - you are a real hoooodini to be able to get way up there, Madi!

  7. Good job Madi, getting on top of the clock. We would have done exactly the same thing. You all have a super day.

  8. Ohhhh this was a truely timely accomplishment.

  9. those teapots are really works of ART... and I remember you and the TOP of the clock and now we have you IN the Bottom of he clock, so what is next???? glad dad saw you and bellowed MOL MOL and also that he did not close you in side it, seems I remember a drawer being closed with a cat inside

  10. I remember that post but I don't think I read it 2009. I think I read it fairly recently. The teapots are beautiful. I love the dragon... it is a dragon? Your Mom is always thinking when it comes to you, Madi! And other things,too... :)

  11. hahaha, I can only smile at you Madi. You kitties will be kitties is what the hubby and I say.

    Love all the teapots Mom. I bet you both kept pointing and said look at this, look at this.

    Neat exhibit.

  12. You can get away with so much when you are cute! MOL! I love those tea kettles. ♥

  13. We are so glad you finally got to visit the inside of the clock!! We love the way you kept your pawrents on their toes when you were a tween Madi!!

  14. The Hubby rolls his eyes when I take dozens of photos of the cats, but he too will call me from another part of the house, in order to capture some cute something that a kitty is doing! I want a dragon teapot!

  15. You better run for the hills if that thing dings
    Lily & Edward

  16. uHickory dickory dock, Madi is in the clock!

  17. Looks like you're waiting for the mice that go up the clock, Madi ;) It used to be with Bear, that he was always climbing all over everything ... scared the crap out of me on several occasions. I actually kind of miss it a bit now that things have quieted down.

  18. madi.....deer cod in all de seez thiz post haz uz laff in N laffin N laffin....and we hope de purrson who taked door one dinna get de sooooper swell auto !! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺♥♥♥ N if that waz knot price less....

    "to the best of our knowledge she never went up there again."

    984 paws up...they troo lee iz........fooled ~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  19. You were a spry little kitten. You still got the moves now too.

  20. "Timing is everything." Ha roo woo roo! We love this!

  21. Madi that is amazing that you could get on top of the clock!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  22. Hmmm, got any good ideas for how to keep Misty away from the plants other than the prison cages???

    Mom was thinking about how much fun it would be to try to pour a cup of tea from one of those pots:) NOT!!!

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  23. We think it is Madi's clock since she claimed it at such a young age (we have one too). What beautiful tea pots!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  24. We think EVERYTHING is Madi's anyway so why shouldn't she totally OWN the clock???

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  25. Wow, that clock is absolutely gorgeous. I've actually never seen a grandfather clock in real life. Thank you for sharing. I would want it to be my home too Madi ;)

  26. We've always said there's no stopping a cat once we get our minds set to doing something. :)

  27. Gurl, I thinks you have EVERY RIGHT to inspect every INCH of that clock (and every inch of your estate, for that matter!) IS your right AND your job! Well done gurl! Ma loves that wicker basket! I thinks it's dastardly ~ keepin' you from the top of your clock! not fair at ALL! hmph!
    Ooooo, I loves that Dragon tea pot! very cool! think they'll take my Fleasa card?
    Ruby ♥

  28. Wow! Madison was quite the little explorer! We are glad she stayed!!


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