Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day and Plates

Mom wants to share some of our backyard wildlife with you .

We are thrilled to have so much wildlife in our yard this must be a sign of a healthy environment.  Mom has some pictures and some sightings w/o pictures

Mr/Mrs. Rabbit comes several times a week

We have 3 chipmunks living under our deck. We expect 2 are Mr. and Mrs
and the other is their outlaw because they always chase one away. MOL
They pop out several times a day.  This is the first year we've actually seen
three at the same time and boy are they entertaining

 This Spring we've had multiple pairs of birds.
Mrs. Cardinal was a bit shy but Mr. Cardinal is quite attentive.
This is the first year Mom has witnessed him feeding her.
WTG Mr. Cardinal

Mom is happy to report Mrs. Eastern Bluebird loved the nest that Mr.
Bluebird built in our bluebird house.  As of April l, there were 5 bluebird eggs.
It has taken all of Mom's will power NOT to look in the house again since April 1.
She said she doesn't want to do anything to upset Mr. and Mrs.  We expect the babies have hatched.  Mr.  is very protective of the house.  According to what we read, they will be fledging in about 10 days.

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds
Sorry no pictures yet.  We had our first humming bird sighting of 2012 on April 21. Trust me you'll see way too many eventually.

Earlier this week at about 6 dark O'clock am, Mom was raising the shades when
she spotted two Red Foxes in our front yard.  This is a first too.
Mind you we live smack in the middle of what is called North Raleigh no where near the country.

1. DOGRESQ1, No clue
3. DGGZ, Dogs
5. FUNFARM, On a truck
6. OKSOFAR, Ok so far
7. LU-DUCK-N, On a camoflage SUV
8.FLOZ-DEP, Flows Deep
11. IOK2FLEE, I ok to flee?
12. YLOSBMRN, Yellow Submarine 
14. GANDALF, From Sopranos??
15. RELAXED1, Relaxed one
16. CALIDRMR, California Dreamer
17. JSTDUET, Just do it
18. CURLYGRL, Curly girl
19. BISMLLH, no clue
20. ADOBE1
21. TMKAT4, Tom cat 4
22. HUGSUM1, Hug someone
24. WOODWISE, Wood expert LOL
25.BUGBE4U, Bug be for you
26. JACLYN, a name
27. BEGR8FUL, Be grateful


30. NOPL8#, No Plate Number, 
This is very clever


harrispen said...

You seem to have as much wildlife action as we do and we do live in a rural area. I love seeing Mr. C feed Mrs. C. We have a regular pair here to. I wish I could get a picture of it, but no luck so far.


Prancer Pie said...

Great wildlife pics! Especially the first one! MOL! We think #1 in the plates is Dog Rescue1. How cool is that? Happy Easy Sunday! XOXOXO

SquirrelQueen said...

Those little chipmunks are so cute. Your yard is a real wildlife habitat, the foxes must have been a real surprise. Madi, when you get through with your nap you need to keep watch over the backyard to see what other critters show up.

#30 is my favorite too, very creative. We agree with Prancer Pie on #1, I want one that says CATRESQ1 for my van (it's nickname is the Catmobile).

Purrs & Hugs,
Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew
and J

Princess Jasmine said...

Wow, you could start charging folk to come and see all the wildlife in your garden. We wish we had chipmunks here, they look fun to watch :)xx


Always enjoy you in your sun puddles.
TWO?!!! Red foxes?---------wow, that's super.
And that cardinal image, it's great. I do so love cardinals.

That Gandalf plate, perhaps it's from Hobbit? Lord of the Rings?

Happy Sunday to you both.


Marg said...

You do have a lot of wildlife there. You will know soon whether that is Mr. or Mrs. Rabbit. Love the plates. The chipmumks are very cute. I haven't seen any of those around here. Have a great day.

Jill said...

My have s much lurking and playing in your yard. You don't have to go anywhere to be entertained! Great plates...I'm with Mom...#30 rocks!

Sandra said...

i don't think we have very many plates like this, if so i have not seen them. only one or two and they are names. i am a tad jealous of the wildlife in your yard. i have only seen fox 2 times in my life and that was about a year ago, we were driving to the gym at 5:30 am and 2 of them were standing by the side of the road. we stopped and they just stared at us. no camera with me. to dark anyway. but they were beautiful. we see racoons and possums in our neighborhood and we live in the city to

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Lovely wildlife pics you have there, Madi. We don't think those chipmunks would last long here - we would chase all three of them away.

Great plates! CurlyGirl would be perfect for our curly-haired Mom. And we love NOPL8#. Very clever. Mom says she may have to start writing down some of the clever ones she sees here.

We heard on the news about all the "weather" in your area. Hope those bad storms stay far away. Stay safe.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Tracy said...

Madi, how cool is that...all the wildlife right in your own backyard? the foxes and the chipmunks were unexpected. I think chipmunks are adorable and in Ohio we had quite a few of them but not as many here. I am glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine yesterday since we certainly aren't going to have any today!
hugs to all of you on this rainy, stay insdie kind of day!

The Island Cats said...

We're sharing photos of some of the birdies and critters in our yard too. We get mostly birds and squirrels...some rabbits too...and some vishus deers. Happy Earth Day!

Nerissa said...

The wildlife pictures are cool. The picture of you in your own private sun puddle is wonderful.

Kathy said...

Madi, you have so many cute critters in your yard, it must be like
satellite TV with a bazillion channels for you! :)
How about for plate #1: Dog Rescue 1?
Enjoy your sun puddle today on a lazy Sunday!

Ginger Jasper said...

How wonderful that you have all those cuties visiting your yard. Mum is so envious and it sure is better than bird TV..Enjoy Hugs GJ xx

Lorenza said...

Happy Earth Day, Madi!
Sure you get very interesting visitors!
Kisses and hugs

ABBY said...

Whoa look at all those (nommy) critters you have around Madi.
That keep you very busy!
Happy Earth Day!

Katnip Lounge said...

Madi can you please mail us some chippies. We'll pay postage...

Eric and Flynn said...

you have lots of exciting wildlife to watch.
#19 could be Bismillah which is Arabic for "In the name of Allah". or maybe a Queen fan (Bohemian Rhapsody).

missing moments said...

Madi,what a collection of critters out your door! And foxes! How cool! And to have nesting bluebirds! Please tell Mom to keep us informed of their progress!