Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WORDS Wednesday and Update

Thank each and every one of you 100 times for your purrs,
good wishes and support while my Grandpa Peep has been sick.
You are all so sweet and thoughtful.
This update is being written at 6:00 PM on Tuesday.
My peeps spoke to my Grandpa Peep's nurse this afternoon (Tuesday).  She read all the comments and instructions left by the Doctor this morning. The blockage is clear, the stomach tube has been clamped but still in place.  They will see how my G-pa Peep does through the night.  Another xray tomorrow before deciding whether to take it out.  Good news is G-pa Peep has been sleeping a lot today. I told him all the kitties and puppies say the more you sleep the better you feel.
He could possibly start on a soft diet soon.  As always, it is one day at a time and very tiny baby steps.
If you don't know Declan aka Deccy, the most handsome Greyhound, you should.  Yesterday he was reviewing a dog toy.  When Mom read Deccy's review, she said that was a purrfect description her over the last few days.  Deccy's review made her LOL and she needed that.
Deccy said and we quote:

He (a stuffed dog) has a squeak  in his head and a rattle in the  body.

Thanks for the smile Deccy,
 Madi and Mom


  1. Good news from the grand peep. Hope the other grand peep is doing well, too. We'll keep purraying. We will hop ofur to Deccy's blog, but haf to say this close-up pic of you is squee-worthy! Tell your Mom to give you a peck on the nose from us! XOXOXO

  2. That sounds like great news for Grandpa. We hope he continues to feel better every single day :)xxxx

  3. That is good news, maybe they can take the tube out soon. Sleep helps the body to heal so that is good. We hope both your Grand peeps continue to do well.

    That is a great quote, we're going to have to check out Deccy's blog.

  4. You are too kind Madi, mate! Glad to have made your Mum smile anyhow. Sounds like Grandpa is doing well... best go easy on making him giggle too much for a while though! May I just say, you look extremely furry, purry and lovely in today's picture *blush* ahem..... Deccy x

  5. So glad things are going in a positive direction. Prayers that it continues that way.

  6. Your father is in our thoughts and prayers. I hope everything continues to get better and he is home soon. Take care, my friend.

  7. So thrilled to hear that you Granpa is doing much better. We'll keep sending purrrrrs to make him even better than that. Can't have too many purrrrs.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. We like the good news about Grandpa! That is a beautiful pic of you Madi!!!!
    Lovies,Miss Mindy

  9. God news! Keeping you and the entire family in our prayers

  10. Well, that's great news about grand-peep! I hope he can start soft food soon!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Yes, my mom is super paranoid about the floors. The former owners had refinished them right before they moved out. My silly mom seems convinced they are already getting scratched up - what's a few scratches, right! And about the table, would you believe my grandpeeps bought that at a garage sale a few days before my mom was born! It's lasted 87 million years!

  11. That is such good news about your Grand Peep Madi. We hope he continues to improve. We are sending more purrs and some big hugs for everyone. Take care.

  12. We're glad your Grandpa is slowly improve and continue to send purrs! Have a good Wednesday, Madi. :-)

  13. I'm glad to know he continues to improve! Slurpy kisses to you!

  14. YAY Madi that is such good news that your Grandpa is on the boys are sending their strongest healing purrs!!!

  15. Yaaaaaay fur good news on Grandpa! I am hopin' his soft food diet means icey creams. And I knows him needs plenty of sleeps and stuffs so he can get AAAAAAALL betters.

    Deccy cracks me up no matters what him says, I thinks everything he says is funny...dat just sounded very redundant.


  16. Madi, that is great news about your Grandpa! Yes, lots of sleep help us get better!
    Who would know better than a CAT! LOL/MOL
    I love that picture of you! I wish I could just pet that soft fur behind the ears!
    But what am I saying?! I daren't touch the Diva!! :)

  17. We are really happy to read some good news on blogville today. Tell your grandpa that we are still rooting for him!


  18. Baby steps are OK, Madi. Just takes time. We are glad to hear that there is more improvement going on.

    Super pensive pic of you today - love those eyes.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Thanks to share news about your Grandpa. I´m sending my best vibrations, ok Madi and Mom!?

  20. Madi,
    I want to apologize to you and your mom for getting the news late about your Grandpeep...I know that had to have been scary and do hope that things continue to progress and go well for him. And yes, the small steps become mountainous if we just give them time!
    Give your mom a big hug from me and you take good care of her..maybe make some tea for her? Can you do that Madi?

  21. We are super happy about the news on your Grandpa peep Madi and I hope the news got even better as the day grew. WE are all still purrin. Kisses to you and your Mom.

  22. That is good news Madi. We are purring for your Grandpa to continue to improve.

  23. We're glad your grandpa is doing better, Madi. He's smart to listen to you about sleeping lots.

  24. Thank you for the update and paws are still crossed that the news keeps getting better and better.

    Loveys Sasha

  25. So glad that grandpa is doing better. Still have paws crossed here for him.


  26. Oh Madi you have been having troubles we sorry we did not check in sooner. We are glad to read Grandpa Peep is doing better and we will pray he continues to get better each day.
    Sweet William The Scot

  27. I hate hearing Grandpa Peep is unwell.


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